Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's Not Whether You Win or Lose, It's How Douchey You Look on TV #BB17

Yesterday we finally had somewhat of a normal BB schedule, with some drama during the day and people actually going to bed a few hours before dawn.  Once they start having more competitions and embark on weekly live shows, the house guests will have to start keeping a regular schedule whether they like it or not..

I certainly hope so, anyway.  Because my own business would go right down the tubes if every Big Brother week was like this week.

OK.  so this morning I started skipping around on the live feeds that I missed last night, and found this heartwarming little scene starring Steve and Jace, sometime around 3:30 am.  Steve was sawing away with his toothbrush and still keeping up a low level of conversation with Jace.

Jace is down in the dumps.  He knows he's getting evicted, he says he's over that, and he's kind of glad to be going home and is ready to leave the house.

Steve:   I have to say, I've had a few moments, particularly yesterday, when I felt the same way.

Steve hopes he's not right behind Jace, and thinks Audrey's behavior yesterday (and during the last 13 days, Steve!) may have bought him more time.  Jace tells him he might be able to stay longer than he thinks, but then tells him that he was the target this week and winning the PoV is what saved him.

(As they say, Watch the Tapes, Jace.  Watch those tapes.)


I caught a little bit of BBAD last night, and was ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED by a little meeting between Jace and Steve in the lounge area.  Jace was totally trying to humiliate Steve, by repeatedly calling him a pussy and blaming his own demise on Steve's lack of support.

Jace said the same things over and over, while glowering at Steve with obvious rage.  His look was a lot scarier than what he said.

I felt sorry for Steve, until he started apologizing over and over for not supporting Jace.

Jace:  Who do you think took up for you every time?  Whenever you leave a room, and I mean every time, everyone mocks you when you leave.  No body likes you!  And who do you think had your back every time and didn't make fun of you?

Steve:  That wouldn't surprise me.  I'm very sorry I didn't support you.

And so on.  It was excruciating to watch.  I understand that it's not in Steve's nature to lash out at Jace, and it's certainly not good for his game, but he could have at least hit Jace with a few truth bombs.  Like how no one likes Jace, either.  Or maybe something even worse, like giving Jace a brief post-BB career synopsis of Brendon Bacha and David Girton (two surfer types both evicted first during their seasons).  It wouldn't have taken long to serve up those bullet points.  Right?

At the very least, Steve could have left the room.  So that made me lose a little respect for Steve. And it's not like I haven't seen Jace isolate and verbally shred Steve before.  (Remember this?)

And now, about three hours later, Steve is acting like Jace is totally his bro, dude.


Steve made his exit, with his shiny clean toofers, and then Meg came in  and immediately noticed that Jace was feeling down.

Meg: Jace you played this game with a full heart!  You had crazy energy and laughter and it meant something.

OK.  I've had enough of that.

Now this looked interesting.  On the right is the bed where Audrey and Shelli usually sleep, with Audrey up against the wall.  Shelli's not in the bed though---she was in the bed on the left with Clay, having a WhisperFest about everything that happened today, and what they plan to do going forward.

The camera shows us Audrey with her eyes closed, and then with her eyes snapping open, listening to Clay whisper that he can't trust Audrey now.  Blah blah blah.

Then Jace came in got in the bed with Shelli and Clay like you see below, and took the whispering up a notch.

Well, the conversation went down a notch, actually, but the whispering noises went up a notch.  I'm sure you understand.

I think everyone is ready for Jace to stop talking about leaving and just leave.  Just go, Jace.

(I think we all expect Jace to get put into some sort of isolated sequester so he can have a chance to get back into the game with the next three or four evictees.  Do you think they will let him smoke his medical marijuana during that time?  Because if they don't let Jace have a few blunts, he's going to skip out, right?  God knows I want the world to legalize marijuana as soon as possible, but Jace isn't helping the cause by talking about it like a total faked-out, burnt-out loser. The anti-pot people could probably use Jace's BBAD footage in their commercials as every parents' and employers' worst nightmare.)

So then Jace went out in the backyard all by his lonesome and started kicking around the poor defenseless beach ball.

Big Brother told him to STOP THAT.  So he went inside and got some Granny Smith apples and did a little juggling.  I would like to learn to juggle one day.  Every few years I give it a try with my dog's tennis balls. I can juggle two balls, but three is one too many, unfortunately.

Then Jace took those apples and started building some sort of cracked-out sculpture right there in the backyard.

With a plastic wine glass, two tennis get the picture.

Really just a big mess for someone else to clean up, I'm sure.  Then, in case we missed it, he told us that he just made "live art" and told us all that if we ever get in the BB house, to "trust no one".

I think he threw some stones at Clay and Shelli by saying not to trust the "all american" people, especially.  He apologized to his family, too.

Maybe they're already changing the locks at their home and updating the security password on their alarm system.


Did you watch BBAD on Monday night?  When Jeff and James brought Liz in the HoH room and told her they thought she might be the biggest freak of the house?  And told Liz that they let Meg hang with them for 13 days but she was "played out"?

I can't even get into the whole thing here, and I don't want to.  But Jeff and James are TOTAL PIGS.  Good for Liz for sitting through that and maybe turning it into some new game connections.

You can hardly blame James.  I doubt he knows any better, based on what we know about him and all of the other ridiculously sexist and inappropriate comments he has made about the women in the house.  James is clearly a halfwit and the other house guests have only tolerated him because he was the HoH.  James will face some harsh realities this upcoming week but the blame should really fall on Production for casting someone so out of their element and out of their depth.  Sort of like BB5's Cowboy Ellis.  Sometimes it's not entertaining, it's just sad.

But Jeff?  I can blame him.  He should know better.  He's a CBS Company Guy now, with two prime time series under his belt in one year.  You're being filmed Jeff!  This is all being recorded!

And if you watched last night's BBAD episode and yesterday's live feeds, then you know that it's just about time for Jeff to TAKE A SEAT.  He now thinks he's the new game master in there and that he has so much clout.  If he can swallow his pride and make a secret deal with Audrey (if she can even have secrets, that is) then Jeff might have something there, besides making me roll my eyes all day.


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And I do a little live tweeting during the day when I watch the feeds, too.

I'll try to be in a better mood today and not be so hateful to the house guests. But they need to meet me halfway and not act like Cro Magnon men.


  1. Jace was an absolute douchecanoe last night. Honestly, I think Steve reverted to how he must have handled bullies in high school...quietly apologizing until the bully goes away. He was probably nice later to avoid another episode of ranting Jace. Just my guess.
    Okay off topic, but have you seen the #BeckyUpdate tag? It's hilarious. It looks like it may be the new #AndyHoldingThings.

  2. I actually heard about that from Andy! I just posted my first #BeckyUpdate and will try and look for more.

    She's an enigma, that Becky.


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