Thursday, July 30, 2015

It's a Cliffhanger, All Right. #BB17

They are wet and cold.  Teeth are chattering.  Some of the house guests talk, and some of them don't.  James is making constant patter and jokes.  Austin is already hating life and complaining softly to himself, saying "dammit", and "fuck".

They've been splattered with something that is probably meant to resemble bird poop.  Everyone is still hanging in there.  I'm proud of them.

Shelli's got her game face on.  That tough part of her is going to come in handy tonight.

I think that hoodie is going to be tough for Steve in the long run, if it is made out of cotton.

This twin isn't getting splattered too much.  I think it is Julia.  She's being very quiet, suffering in silence.

The birds swoop in and slap the house guests with a loud THUMP.

The machinery behind the wall clanks and they wall tilts forward at a sharp angle.  Everyone breathes hard and you can hear the pain in the way they all stop talking.

Steve falls.

Austin falls.

Vanessa comes over and points out the hand placement of Jackie, who shows no sign of fatigue yet, but Austin points out he's too tall for that.

That's why it's a short person's game tonight.

Steve is a quiet loser, sitting off to the side.  I saw him struggle when the wall tilted..he just doesn't have the bicep strength for that.

But maybe he threw it......

Meg is down now, along with Julia.  Steve greets her by calling her Liz before he is corrected.

Meg struggles to climb up the the waiting area...she doesn't have her glasses on and there is "bird crap" in her eyes.

Meg:  I can't see!

Vanessa helps her to safety and hands her a towel.

Jackie is still going strong, and Becky sounds like she's got a lot of time left in her, too.

Shelli says she is freezing, and the Have Not shower will seem warm after this.


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