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If You Plan to Fail, Your Plan Will Fail, Apparently. #BB17

So there was a plan hatched today for someone to throw the BoB.  But it wasn't Johnny Mac.  He wasn't nominated, and doesn't expect to be on the block at all this week.

He didn't quite know what to do with himself today, so he said he wanted to "just sit and eat crackers".  So he did.  One after the other.  Saltines smeared with peanut butter.

James was playing the BoB with Liz, and he was supposed to throw it.  That planned effort, along with the opposing powerhouse team of Becky and Clay, seemed to ensure that James and Liz would stay on the block this week, paving the way for Jackie to backdoor Austin this week.

(If you are wondering why Austin is the target this week, you need to get up to speed on this.)

But you can see by Becky's face that that plan didn't work.  Liz and James won, even though Liz later complained that "James didn't do shit out there" and she had to "pull him around".


The teams were connected together somehow, and there was a wall between the teams, so they couldn't see the other team's progress.  It sounds like they had to find letters to spell out BB16 house guest names.  Shelli said that Clay and Becky "had Victoria", but couldn't find the "H to spell Christine".

Vanessa:  They both froze out there.

(I think it is more likely that Becky and Clay were not familiar enough with BB16.  It's one thing to cram a bunch of BB seasons a few months after you are recruited for the show, but that might not be enough to win a comp where you had to solve for BB16 house guests' names.)

Vanessa is upset that James isn't playing along with the plan.  He was supposed to lose, but he won, but unfortunately he is not acting happy at all, and this is being noticed.  He is off the block and won some sort of steak dinner, but he's down there acting mad.  In fact,  Liz thinks James tried to throw the comp, and Austin came up to the HoH and told Vanessa that people are acting weird and whispering downstairs.

Austin thinks something is up.  And that is bad news for Vanessa and Jackie.  They don't want him to suspect that he is the target this week.  They are both praying that Austin doesn't pull a chip tomorrow to play in the PoV.

Jackie:  You know he will, though.

Vanessa:  If he does, then I'll try to get him to throw it somehow, so someone else can win and take Clay off the block.  But he can't find out what is really going on, because he will beast it out.

Clay is very dejected.  He lost and it hurts.  I think he is the only house guest who has not been on a winning competition team.  He has orange paint all over his back, and purple paint is on his face.

Shelli:  How are you doing?

Clay:  I hate to lose....but I couldn't see over the wall.  We just had to guess at it.  It is what it is, I guess.

The competition was very close...Liz and James only won by a few seconds. Vanessa and Jackie could see both sides and Vanessa said it was so frustrating to watch.  She could see the letters that Clay and Becky needed.  Shelli tried to yell out for Clay to look for letters "on the sides" and Production had to tell her to "stop coaching from the sidelines".

Vanessa and Jackie were left alone upstairs and Jackie is concerned.  They need everyone to keep their shit together and keep the story under wraps.

Jackie:  Am I okay here?

Vanessa:  Yeah, I think so.  I am the one who is in the worst spot, believe me.  I will still carry out the plan that we had, but for me to put Austin on the block, I'm swan diving right into a pool of blood.  It's poetic, really, for me to have to do it.  But it's the worst possible outcome for me.

(She used a poker analogy for basically rolling along fine, and then the one card that will mess you up gets drawn.  But I forgot it already.  But I guess we get her point.)

Jackie:  We just need to stick together.  If someone runs their mouth, we'll just get rid of them.  We have the numbers.

Vanessa:  I'm so tired. I'm running on about two hours sleep.  I really need to sleep before I start talking to people or I might make a mistake.

They look at the spy screen.

Jackie:  I'm scared to go down there.

Vanessa, laughing:  I am, too!  Let's just go hide in a corner!

Production has already shut them out of the second HoH bedroom.  Vanessa tells Jackie that she can sleep up there if she wants to.

I think Jackie looks Egyptian here.  Her HoH letter was from her father, who is living in Colombia now.  He went to Las Vegas earlier this year for some heart surgery and had one of the best surgeons in America.  In his letter he said he is recovering nicely and thanked Jackie for caring for him after the operation.

Vanessa's HoH letter was from her mother and there were pictures of her mom and sisters.  Everyone said that Vanessa's mom was a Smoke Bomb and James said she might replace his crush on Meg now.

Vanessa:  Oh, I heard my whole life about what a MILF my mom is...but she's a very smart and wonderful person, too.

(I love the story where Vanessa's mom slapped Vanessa's teacher across the face!)

Vanessa has a sister (Tisha) who is an eye doctor after going to the UF medical school.  They are planning her wedding to her long time boyfriend that she met in med school.  He is a podiatrist named John and Vanessa says they are a beautiful couple and work out together every day.

After Jackie left the room, Vanessa sat and thought for a few minutes before getting in to bed for some sleep.  Probably a good idea.

Downstairs James works on cleaning up his beard.  Vanessa had asked Clay and Shelli to tell him to start acting happy, and maybe they did.  He's pretty even-tempered, actually.  That is actually a map of South Carolina on his arm.  I heard someone, Jason, I think, say it was the most basic tattoo ever.

Austin says that everything this week will be just fine if "You Know Who" doesn't win the PoV.

(Austin thinks Steve is the target....but boy is he wrong.)

Liz is upset that she didn't get to color her hair during her brief time as HoH.  She says the last color job she had was poorly done, and she could see roots within two weeks.  Shelli agrees that it probably "wasn't blended well".

Austin met with Clay, and told him he would be safe this week, no matter what.  Austin told Clay about his suspicions that James tried to throw the comp, and thinks that "they" wanted the Twins out of the game this week.

Clay brushed that idea off, though.  He's a pretty decent liar, and Austin is a pretty self-absorbed person when it comes to The Twins, so that works in the house's favor right now.

Austin talks about all of the "beefcake on the roof tonight", and says that the "one who was hosing Jackie down was the man".

This is Clay's omelet that he's making.  I think the pantry is pretty sparse right now so they are looking forward to it being replenished tomorrow.  I don't know what all that stuff is on the omelet but James says it looks good.

Clay:  Those shorts I had to wear were so tight on my nuts...they really hurt.  I'm kind of worried right now.

Austin, maybe joking:  Well, if you want me to take a look later....

Upstairs Vanessa's nap didn't last long.  Shelli is assuring her that no one is talking smack down there.  Meg and Jason are up there, too, as well as Jackie.  It's a damn party up there, and James comes up and they laugh about how he was a deer in the headlights when Liz kept "hitting the button".

Vanessa:  No one is mad at you, James.

James:  Did you see me throwing paint everywhere?  The only thing I could have done is tackle her..

They had to spell Hayden, and Jocosta, too.  But "Christine" was the problem....they struggled with that.

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  1. Personally I think James was having a mental conflict about aggressively throwing the comp after he heard there would be a reward for the winners. I saw his eyes light up at that announcement. He was probably thinking way off the mark as to the type of reward...he had no idea it would be just a measly steak dinner and was seeing dollar marks in his head. So I believe that while doing the comp his intention was to lose but his inner struggle (angel vs. devil) was making him lust after the reward so he wasn't giving it his best effort at throwing it. At the end the devil won out as he quickly corrected Liz about the "i" in Christine and they ended up winning by a few seconds. His mood afterwards was more guilt than sadness that he failed to succeed in his given task. Therefore, I blame this whole fiasco afterwards with Vanessa/Shelli/Clay scrambling to reboot the backdoor scenario. It is here that I believe that although Shelli seems to be running things, including Vanessa, it is Vanessa who has an internal struggle with stabbing her friend Austin in the back but had no problem with letting Jackie do it (for her). That it ended up being Jason who ended up as the backdoor replacement is a lesbian, Vanessa did not want to be the one who backdoored Audrey because of loyalty to the LGBT community, but it apparently was okay for her to do it to Jason, a gay.


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