Monday, July 20, 2015

House Meeting: Let's All Get Audrey #BB17

Just look at all of the happy faces in these pictures.....the joy....the elation.

It can only be one thing...a House Meeting, held in Shelli's HoH room last night.  The topic:  Audrey, and all of her evil lies.  Shelli has a lot to say about how she's tried to be nice to Audrey, but Audrey's behavior makes it impossible to support her any longer.

Shelli:  She's going on the block, and we're all voting her out...that's it!

(Well, that might be a bad omen.....saying that.)

James chimed in, saying that Audrey told him that Shelli had been planning to backdoor Vanessa this week, until Vanessa won the PoV.  Vanessa got a big laugh out of that one.

Steve, looking like a deranged fan stalking the Whackstreet Boys.

Meg cautioned everyone that whoever is on the block with Audrey is going to be the subject of a lot of trash talk.  She experienced it herself, being on the block herself, and it isn't fun.

Jackie:  No, it isn't fun.

Meg:  So we're all gong to hear a lot of stories, and I think we need to prepare for that, and try to disregard what we hear...some of the lies.

Ohhhh..then  Becky says that Audrey told them that Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Austin and.....(obviously struggling not to mention any twin-related info) had one big alliance, and created that whole drama with Jeff last week in order to have a reason to vote him out.


Vanessa jumped in on that, saying there is no way she could have gotten Jeff to make up the lies he did about her, and in order to do that they would need to be masters of mind control.  She started kind of shrieking about it....defending her actions last week and denying what Audrey said.

(Calm down Vanessa....stop bringing that up. Even Jeff has forgotten about it, crawling the Tampa bars like it never happened.)

Austin, pondering over the important things: Should I wear a bun tomorrow?.  I wonder if Liz likes apple Liz tat shall be placed over my heart, if I can clear the space...must put zip ties on my HoH request list......

Just kidding. (?)  No one really knows what is going on in that huge noggin.

So creepy.  Ha ha ha.

Someone brings up the possibility of evicted house guests coming back into the game.

Jason:  Oh, if Day is standing outside this house with Audrey, Day will choke that bitch to death!  She will choke that bitch to death!

Steve, who can't just laugh at that obvious joke, assures everyone that if house guests may be coming back in the game, they are sequestered and can't watch any of the episodes or live feeds.

They wonder about the votes to evict James last week.  Vanessa thinks one was Audrey, maybe as America's Player, but they may never know about the 4th vote until the season is over.  (She better shut up about that, too, because surely she's done the math and the 4th voter is sitting right there in the House Meeting.)

Jason thinks that if one of the evictees came back in the house with Audrey still there, they would be able to tell that she cast the hinky votes, because she would be sucking up to the former evictees, reminding them that she tried to help them.

(But of course we know none of the evictees (to date, anyway) are coming back in the house.  Jace even left the country, for god's sake.)

Becky did a little speech about how once they get Audrey out, they can all be happy to be in the Final Twelve and all be better off for it.

Jason says that if they walk out to a competition and all of the evictees are "hanging onto a rope", he can guarantee that all of them...Jace....Day...will hang on with their lives and "not let that bitch back in here".

Clay wants to put it out there that if any of the evictees come back in the game, they need to turn around and go back out the next week.  (Clay saying that out loud is stupid for so many reasons.)

You can see this is all getting to Vanessa...all of this sassy talk.

Vanessa:  Look....I don't want to be part of anything cruel. I am going to be a total tool and say this....I'm a tool....but let's not be mean, like a mob mentality...straight up ..I don't even mind telling her that this is going to happen, so can we just stop talking game and enjoy each other's company while we can...

Everyone murmurs their agreement, probably realizing what this will all look like on TV...a big mob.

Jason:  There's no reason to ostracize her.

Meg:  Where she lost me is that the last time it was like this, I reached out to her like that, and she slapped me in the face.

(Not literally, of course.)

Becky:  We don't need to go out of our way to bully her, but we don't need to show her any comfort either.

Meg agrees, saying that's what she meant...she won't go out of her way to help Audrey feel comfortable.

Jason:  That's her strategy...she told everyone she was going to lay in bed and she did that so everyone would feel sorry for her..she was never bullied in this game.

Jackie:  Just so you know...we're going to be in the Have Not room (with Audrey) because we have to be in there...nothing's going on...I promise you.

Now Shelli chimes in about Vanessa being correct about not starting trouble, and everyone starts some general chatter, relieved that the meeting is nearly over.

Steve:  I need to get going....because I'm scared!

Jackie:  Don't be scared, Steve!

Steve: No...I have a pizza in the oven, and I'm scared I'm going to burn the house down!

(Ha ha ha.)

Meg jokes about using the buddy system in the house around Audrey.


(Sorry to shout, but I get excited when worlds collide...)

Jason:  Audrey knows when she's in trouble, and you get about three days worth of charm and humor from her, so let's just have that charm and humor.

They all agree to try to include her in group activities and meals, to try and get through this week as easily as possible.  As they leave the room, the Have Nots are ready to have some gravy, and Jason is excited.

Jason, walking out:  Jason loves gravy! Oh, it smells like burning pizza out here!

I don't think Shelli should take a big meeting like that, lying in the HoH bed.  Because after Monday's PoV ceremony, her power for the week is over, and she needs to start blending in again and cut the imperious routine.

And during the meeting Shelli referred to what would happen "the next time she was HoH"....not a good idea to talk like that in front of everyone.


  1. Sharpen your pitch forks, houseguests!!

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  3. honestly ur summaries are making this season even better! Thank you so much!! Oh and sry about the austin link I posted. You can go on you tube and lookup Austin Devlin (his wrestling name) and find some interesting stuff.

  4. to youtube I go!! lol Thank you again, was watching this and hubby wondered why I turned on the comp, "duh because the real info is on a blog!" ;) XooX


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