Wednesday, July 15, 2015

HoH Picture Time, and Jeff's Amazing Resume #BB17

Yesterday the house guests enjoyed HoH Picture Time.  They were all locked down outside while they had the camera, so Vanessa had an easy time getting a 100% participation rate.  Shelli complained that she had a hard time last week, because so many people were napping during the hour she had access to the camera.

Shelli:  I had to keep taking pictures of the same four people...over and over...

(Just wait until later in the season...last year the HoH often took pictures of sleeping house guests because that's all they could get.)

Oh....the house guests have noticed that certain items are disappearing in the house, which could be happening during these outdoor lockdowns.  BB scholars like Steve know that this could be related to an upcoming competition, but it also might be a disgruntled house guest bogarting souvenirs.  For example, when she knew she was headed to the Jury, Dani Donato hid some of the chess pieces, as well as some people's stuffed animals.

Shelli always smiles big for the cameras, and posed in many of the shots.

Meg:  Shelli, you're a camera whore!

(I'm not sure Shelli would take that as a joke.....and she is not the type of person who would smack Meg right back with a stinging put down.  Because Meg Maley likes to be in pictures, too.)

Vanessa is the type who wants to do a good job with every endeavor.  She directed each shot and rearranged people, telling them what their motivation should be.

Like this shot of Jeff, Austin, and Clay. After some initial posing, Vanessa had them put their arms up and then said "the ladies of America will love this one".

Meg, snorting:  The ladies of America....

(probably thinking that her gay friends at home would also be a target market for this)

The BB cameras gave us a close up on Steve when Vanessa said that.  What are they trying to say to us?  I'm sure Steve knows that there are people who want to see his pictures, too.  He's actually been working out with the guys here and there, and both Clay and Austin are very patient with him as they explain the various moves.

Lots of ab work has been going on in that backyard.  Johnny Mac is into it, and Steve is getting there, too.

I heard that Becky scoffed at the idea of a showmance with Johnny Mac.  She made some sort of comment about how she'd like to see him in a "line up with the other guys she's dated", and added that "her last boyfriend was 51".  From what I've also heard from her, her pool of dates are all close to 7 feet tall, and none of them are white guys.

Being the outlier in a police lineup could cause you to get chosen, right?  Because it's easier to pick you?

I listened to Neda from BB Canada 2 on Rob Cesternino's podcast this week, and she sure was hating on Jackie.  She made some sort of comment about how obvious Jackie's weave is....isn't that all Jackie's real hair?  Does it look like a weave to you?

I don't know much about that, to be honest.  I usually assume that everyone's hair is real, and am often shocked when I find out that is not the case.  For example, I knew one of my neighbors for a full year before she told me her long red hair was fake.  She had a hard ridge on the back of her head from ear-to-ear where the fake hair was sewn on.  Wouldn't that freak someone out in an romantic situation?

Anyway, part of Jackie's success as a dancer is her physical look---I would think she takes good care of her hair and body and it looks natural to me.  Whatever.

Vanessa's hair is real, right?  And Shelli's too?  I know Da'Vonne wore a weave, because she told Big Jeff that the Zingbot might have something to say about it.

When Jeff and Meg were holding James up for this picture, James made some sort of comment about how the "outline of his penis" was showing.

Sorry if you're trying to eat lunch or something.

Note that Steve got as far to the side as he could, and wasn't really involved in holding James up.  Smart.

Another Jennifer Garner moment for Becky.  Last night on BBAD, Vanessa and Austin were talking about Becky.  Austin noticed that Becky likes to give advice, and Vanessa did, too.

Vanessa:  I asked her what I should do after making my nominations, and she told me that my job was done, and that I should just lay low and not campaign.

They agree to play into this with Becky and give her chances to give information.  They think she is really out there on her own right now, and is the only house guest who is not in alliance.

In this picture, Vanessa, Meg and Becky blew kisses, while Shelli talked on the "Shell Phone".

Meg:  Vanessa looks smoking hot in this Vanessa you are really photogenic!

Where's Liz? Over there on the far right, wearing the long-sleeved shirt. She's been trying to cover up more, after that whole Birthmark-on-the-Back situation.  I haven't heard anyone making a big deal out of this since Monday.  I guess Jeff being nominated and that big blow up the night before took a little of the heat off the Twins last night.

Liz really wants to win HoH this week, not only for the safety of herself and her sister, but because she wants to see people scramble and start sucking up to her.  She noticed people doing that with Vanessa and thought it was funny.

Johnny Mac made a funny last night.  Jeff was out on the patio holding court, talking about how great his resume is and how great he is at networking.

Jeff:  I put that I was on TAR on my resume, and it opened a lot of doors for me.  People ask a lot of questions about that and I point out that thousands of people try out for that show, but I was one of the few selected.

Everyone:  Wow Jeff.  That's really cool.

Jeff thinks they should put Big Brother on their resumes, too.

Jeff:  Because otherwise they'll be wondering what you did all summer....were you just sick of working and took time off? What were you doing for three months?

Johnny Mac:  We were entertaining America....that's what we were doin'!  Hah hah hah!


Last night Vanessa and Austin were having a quick conversation to catch up on what is going on in the game.  Austin assured Vanessa that he really wants to win HoH again, and is going to try very hard.

Then this happened:

Austin:  Becky told me that Jackie likes me.....she wanted to know what my status was with my girlfriend.

Vanessa, clearly dumbfounded:  Uh....really?

Austin:  Yeah, dude.  I'm going to try and get closer to Jackie...just check in with her more.  But I don't want to upset Liz.

(ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)

Of course you remember Saturday morning, right?

They discussed Jeff, too, and their concern that he will try to blow up people's games on his way out of the game.

Vanessa and Austin also helped Liz drill information for the HoH competition.  Vanessa is positive that all of the Gronk parties they had over the weekend will be a factor in the competition.  For example, they had around 11 different required "parties" and Vanessa wanted Liz to memorize the order and content of each one.

Liz, looking at camera:  I just want to tell you how fucked up it is if you have one of us do the comp when we weren't even here at the time!

Vanessa and Austin helped Liz visualize things to help her remember.  Like this:

1. For the second Gronk Party, Vanessa had her remember two as Tuna and Togas.

Liz:  I can remember the togas...but what does that have to do with a tuna?

Vanessa:  Just imagine a big tuna, wearing a toga.

Liz:  Oh okay...ha ha ha ha.

(Are you thinking about Charlie the Tuna, Vanessa? Charlie had the hipster frames before we even knew they were hipster frames.)

2.  For the sixth Gronk Party, Austin told her it was a costume party, so she should think about Halloween.

Austin: know..Halloween.

(Maybe one of Austin's tattoos is the mark of the beast....if you think about it, the days of easily spotting the mark of the beast are long gone, with all of the tattoos covering people.)

And so on.  Vanessa planned to drill Liz later with Before or After questions featuring the various Gronk Parties.  You've got to think that Production would love to see A Twin win HoH, right?

We all would.  Just so we can hear them speak.  ("What the fuck-ah.")


  1. I think I remember seeing a picture of Jackie with her hair partially up, and you could clearly see the clips that attach the extensions to her real hair. These days I just assume anyone with hair as long as hers is fake now. Unfortunate.

  2. Oh so she clips it in like Victoria did?

    I guess I need to start assuming long hair is fake, too.

    I wish Austin's hair was might look healthier and better cared-for.

  3. More like GinaMarie's clips. Small individual metal clips where there's like 100 of them.

  4. I've never seen someone spend so much time on their hair for it to not look any better when he's done (Austin).

  5. Great Job!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, you help keep me up to date. And I found ur blog from Jokers. Best BB recap ever!!! Again thank u so much !!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Oh, and I'm watching the feeds right now and Austin keeps referring to his relationship back home and we keep getting fish. Kinda annoying. So it's obvious the GF didn't sign the papers and can't be referred to on LF. I hope they ask him about it in the DR, and there can be a little segment about his crushes on Liz and Jackie and he can answer this question. 👍🏻

    1. There def has to be a segment on austins "loves" in the house, the girls he thinks are in love with him, Jackie, liz etc. lol

  8. Austin is delusional, they guy could be as delusional as Caleb ...wait..he's not that delusional, Caleb said unbelievable things, but Austin just trips me out he is so stupid but in a ignorant innocent way ya know, I think him beating jeff in that dating game or whatever went to his head. Anyway, thanks again for the updates!!! This blog is awesome.

  9. Where was Audrey during picture time?
    Gina Marie's Deathrace weave was the first time I'd ever was able to see the inner-workings of a weave. Terrifying. I have long hair, and its all mine. I doubt anyone will confuse mine for a weave though. It's partly curly, partly straight, and I have to fight the frizz when the humidity is high. I don't think anyone would actually pay for hair like that.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Of course after what Jackie was saying to Jeff last night on BBAD u can totally tell that she has the hits for austin!!! Shes busted caught red handed (said with a sarcastic tone)


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