Friday, July 31, 2015

Hey Twin! Let's Get Ready to Grumble! Or Whatever. #BB17

Liz and Julia finally get a moment alone to catch up.

Liz:  Look, we're not in a good spot right now. James might put us both up. I'm worried.

Julia:  I've had six days to marinate on this, and I need to tell you everything that happened before I left.

Liz tells her she needs to whisper and stop talking in her normal voice. Lucky for us, they whisper in a very loud way.

(Unlike the Dani Donato-type whispering of yesteryear.  Good god that was bad.  Good whispering, but bad for people trying to overhear...)

Julia starts telling the story about how Jason pulled together a big group in the bathroom, telling them that Austin wanted to target Julia as soon as she came in the house.  (Not sure if she believes Jason, though.)

Julia:  Vanessa and I both thought she should tell you later, so you would be able to focus on doing well in the competition...which you did, anyway...

LIz tells her the thought process behind keeping Austin in the game this week, that their alliance needed to keep a number, and that he will be on their side.

Liz:  Look, he's obsessed with me.

Julia:  I just hope you are going to be more loyal to me than to him.

Liz:  Of course!  That's why I told him I'm sleeping in the bed with you now!  I don't know where he's going to sleep now.

Julia:  I don't trust him.  He disgusts me.  I can't be nice to him.  I can't fake it and I don't believe anything he says.

Liz:  But listen...we're not playing Bad Girls Club.  You have to be nice to everybody in this house.  Remember that...

Julia:  I know.

Liz:  You can't just go around saying "I'm going to punch him in the face".  That's not the appropriate way to play the game.  I know you hate him, but you have to suck-it-the-fuck-up.

Julia, breathing:  Okay.  But what is he saying?  Everything he says is so stupid!

Liz wishes she could have talked to Julia after the BoB.  She says James is "the enemy" and she's really scared right now.  She goes through how big their alliance is, and says they added Steve, but they lost power this week.

Liz:  This is the worst thing that could have happened...I'm shitting bricks right you understand that I put him up on the block?  And now we don't have BoB anymore.  We do have the PoV, but it was so hard last week!  I got randomly picked to play, but it was so hard!  And the comps are only going to get harder from now on!

Liz:  I only found out about everything after the comp...and he's all over me, rubbing me and everyone says we fight like an old couple.  I don't like him!

Liz:  I always hang out with him when you're not here...he's my best whatever.  I wish we had more time to talk.

Julia:  We have lots of time.  Everybody knows we haven't seen each other in days.

Liz:  If Johnny Mac had won we'd be fine...that's why I hate this game, you can go from Cloud Nine to this!

Julia: Whatever Liz.

Julia wants to hear everything about the BoB competition. Liz starts talking but jumps all over, telling her about the paint and Outback Steakhouse.

Julia:  You're all over the place.

Liz tells her that the other team was guessing BB16 names but they both had trouble.  Production told them that if the either side hadn't gotten anything in 15 minutes, they would receive information.  We get periodic FISH as she describes the Production intervention to move the comp along.  She describes how James went slow on purpose, and how she knows he tried to throw it.

Julia: So, if you didn't win....

Liz:  Yeah, we'd be out. I think James threw it.  But whatever.

Julia:  Whatever.

Liz:  This house is so divided right now.

Julia:  It wasn't like that when I left.

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  1. Lol but like whatever!

    But what's with the don't talk in your real voice thing all about?


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