Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fight! Fight! Jeff's Blame Bus Comes Screeching to a Halt. #BB17

Meg and Jason huddled in the bedroom, trying to overhear the action and stay out of the way.  Voices start getting raised, so they ventured out to the kitchen in order to get their ears on it, as well as to reload on snacks.

As they hear Vanessa's chatter getting louder, they start muttering nervously.

Jason:  Jason needs to stay out of this....because he would be too loud.

Meg:  Yes, yes...oh my god.


There is a lot that led up to this little 4:30 am explosion, so here is a brief explanation of the preceeding highlights....we'll call it Jeff's Blame Bus Watch.


*  Vanessa wasn't sure if the PoV ceremony would be held on Sunday or Monday, so she wanted to put the elements of her plan together before Sunday morning so she wouldn't be caught short.

*  Vanessa had a good reason not to nominate Audrey (great use of the Gay Card) but she needed a believable reason to put Jeff on the block, because it's not just about who leaves this week, it's also about who will stay in the house, and how much credibility she can hang onto for the rest of her stay.

*  Vanessa called James in for a meeting, and brought up the bold-faced lie he told her about Jace's backdoor plan.  James admitted he lied, and apologized.  Vanessa was truly impressed by how sincere and forthright he was, and told him so, also telling him she didn't want him to be evicted this week anymore.  So James escaped from the path of Jeff's careening Blame Bus (for now), and walked back downstairs with a clear conscience.

*  Austin talked to Jeff, who knew James cleared the air with Vanessa, and was getting really nervous about potentially being nominated.  Jeff told Austin that Steve should go on the block, and said Meg could go up there if she wasn't already safe from the BOB. So now Meg's under the wheels of Jeff's Bus.  And Steve's already been there---he has tire tracks all over him at this point.

* While Austin is walking back upstairs to update Vanessa, Jeff is in full panic mode, and tells Clay that Austin is being really weird, and is potentially orchestrating this whole thing.  Austin needs to go next, Jeff declares.  So now Austin has been thrown under the bus, which surely must result in moderate-to-severe damage to the rear axle and drive train. (or whatever...ha ha ha)

*  Up until this point, Vanessa had little interaction with Jeff in the game, but he did speak with her during the Last Laugh outdoor lockdown, asking her who she trusted in the game.  She said she trusted Shelli, and he then said he wanted to speak with her later, implying that he wanted to approach her with a deal.

* That discussion never happened, but Jeff did come up to the HoH room after Vanessa was crowned, and when Vanessa jokingly asked him about the meeting that never happened, Jeff told her he had been thinking about pulling her into an alliance with a few house guests including Shelli and Clay. But he said that he felt he could trust Shelli and Clay separately, but not together.  He said this right in front of Austin, and did not seem to care at all about confidentiality.  So now Barbie and Ken are under Jeff's Bus, along with Meg, Steve and Austin.

*  Vanessa told Shelli and Clay what Jeff said, of course, about them being an untrustworthy team.  Vanessa is aligned with Shelli and Clay (Sixth Sense & Sleeper Cell)  (Study this for info on these alliances.)

*  I know you're probably here for The Fight --- your patience is about to be rewarded, because we're almost there.

*  Around 4:00 am, Shelli and Clay are splayed out on the bathroom lounge, and asked Jeff about how he slurred their trustiness as a couple.  Jeff tried to pin the blame on Jason.  So now Jason is part of the road kill under Jeff's Bus.  (I believe Jason and Meg overheard this before they went and hid in the dark bedroom as seen above.)

*  Austin joins this trio in the bathroom and asks Jeff if Jeff has been throwing him under the bus.  Jeff immediately said James was the one who threw Austin under the bus.  So now James is under Jeff's Bus, too.  At this point, it would be easier to say who's not under Jeff's Bus, right?  Austin then asked Jeff to confirm that he told Vanessa earlier that Shelli and Clay needed to be separated.  Jeff denied it, but at this point he had no one left to throw under that bus.  (Once again, Jeff seems to forget about Jackie....)  Jeff pulls Vanessa into the discussion, too, and this is where the Fight begins.


(Johnny Mac and Becky might as well be eating hot wings at Chili's for all we know, because they certainly don't appear here.)

OK.  Austin then asked Vanessa in front of the group to confirm what they both heard Jeff say up in the HoH room about not trusting the Shelli-Clay twosome.

By now, Jeff must be longing for Gronk to come over the intercom and announce that Jello Shots were available for everyone out by the hot tub.  But even Gronk can't save him now....

Vanessa:  Yes, Jeff you said that when you came up into the HoH room, that didn't want to start an alliance with Shelli and Clay because you couldn't trust them.

Jeff:  You mean when you asked me to enter YOUR alliance.,,

Vanessa:  WHAT did you just say?

Jeff, backing up a few steps:  When you asked me about the alliance...

Vanessa, stepping forward:  When I asked you about MY alliance...Bro, I'm HoH right now...ARE YOU TRIPPING?  YOU'RE GOING TO FUCKING SAY THAT RIGHT NOW?  OH MY GOD, YOU MUST BE SILLY!

Vanessa continues to step forward, stepping up to Jeff, while he backs up slowly.

Vanessa:  You said MY ALLIANCE? told ME you were going to pull me into a meeting.  Don't you DARE imply that was my idea.

Jeff tries to bring up "the hammock talk", but he's already defeated, and he knows it.  He tries to bring up their planned meeting, but Vanessa slaps him right in the face with the facts and Jeff is a mere shadow of his shit-talking, female-besmirching self.

Vanesssa:  And NOW you're trying to imply that I approached you about an alliance?  Buddy, that never never did..

At this point Meg and Jason are stirring their drinks in the kitchen.  This is bad news, and they know it.

Meg:  This is our worst nightmare.

Vanessa:  You want to jump up and challenge me?  Well have fun!

Jeff, a man with no bus now:  Okay....okay...

Vanessa:  That's're a liar... straight to my face.

Look at Shelli in the picture below.  Shelli has a Southern Belle exterior, but she's a gangster, too, who knows how to keep her composure at a time like this.  She and Clay just kept their cool during this whole exchange, and let Lady Maverick take the stage.

Even Tony G would have to concede, at this point.

Jeff turned to Shelli and Clay and said Vanessa was right about what she said, but there was little he could do to put lipstick on this pig.

Vanessa marched through the house, as the kitchen crowd tried to act like innocent extras, immersed in their 4 AM feeding.  Vanessa stopped on the stairs and turned, telling the group that she was sorry to yell, but when someone lies about her, she has to tell the truth.

Kitchen Crowd:  Oh yes...absolutely....we understand...(please don't hurt us...)

Audrey was waiting for Vanessa in the HoH room, where they celebrated their good fortune.

To Summarize:  Jeff Weldon just backdoored himself.  All Vanessa has to do is stand up and say the words during the PoV ceremony.  And Audrey's name never even came up in all that, in case you didn't notice.

Audrey:  Can I go downstairs now?  I've been hiding up here, trying to take a nap.

Ha ha ha ha.

And just a few hours later, Jason sits alone in the backyard with his cigarettes.  He and Meg will need to find some new friends now....

Jackie came out and made it clear that Jeff certainly didn't ask her for help last night.

And FYI Austin and Liz think that Jeff and Jackie might even be engaged, or married, and that keeping their real relationship a was another twist that has been exposed.

Austin:  They probably get a million dollars if they get to the end of  this thing!


  1. Vanessa is controlling this house using all the individual strengths of each houseguest all mastered within herself. She's had a near-perfect setup every step of the way, and she's guaranteed to get out one of the two people she set out to get, and she's lined up a shot at backdooring the most untrustworthy person in the house.

    Jeff is Audrey v.Beta pre-debugging,

    All that Bull-in-a-China-shop overplaying that Audrey made us fall in love with,
    without all that messy unnecessary Human Decency,
    minus any ounce of social awareness,
    minus any viable gameplay (at least Audrey made moves that might have worked in smaller doses),
    minus respect (Audrey definitely wants to have genuine human relationships, she just can't shut her Game off nearly enough),
    minus tact (Audrey manipulates, Jeff steamrolls),
    minus social intelligence (Audrey doesn't know how to keep her reads to herself, Jeff can't even make reads),

    just add Misogyny and stir.

  2. I don't know if I would sip that drink, but I might use it as insect repellent, or perhaps to unclog the shower drain.

    Good work, my friend.

  3. I do feel bad for Jason, I like him and now he's gonna be all alone.

  4. This is pretty weak. You can't swing a cat in that house without hitting a liar. If Vanessa wants Jeff out she should just do it instead of all the gymnastics trying to provoke him into an argument. It is embarrassing to watch, especially when the biggest fantasist in the house, the lizard Audrey, is safe napping in her cave..

  5. Fantastic recap! Best BB blog on the internet. Jeff the superior male being run over by a measly girl is the best part of course. And he'll never know what hit him until he gets home and another girl explains it.

  6. Awesome update, thanks for that! Can't wait to watch on tv!


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