Friday, July 24, 2015

Do You Smell Smoke? It's Just Judas, Blowing Up His #BB17 Game.

Vanessa has been busy with nominations and taking meetings this morning, so she finally got a chance to talk to Shelli and give her some blockbuster news.


Vanessa and Jackie are the HoH's right now, and even though they have barely had a relationship in the house, have managed to make a connection and are collaborating on the outcome of this week's eviction.

The plan at this point it to backdoor Austin, with a backup plan of backdooring Steve.

Jackie's nominations -  Liz and James
Vanessa's nominations - Becky and Clay

They have asked James to throw the BoB, and he has agreed to do that.  He is aware that Austin is the real target and both HoH's appear to trust James to carry out the plan.  If Austin wins the PoV (and saves Liz) then Steve will go up and out.

OK.  as soon as Shelli comes in the room, Vanessa sits her down and begins.  I can hear the HoH shower running,but I'm not sure who is in there.  They are speaking softly, though.

Vanessa:  You're not going to believe this....Julia just came up here and told me some things.  She is so mad at Austin for betraying their secret that she doesn't care who knows this.

(If you don't know, the Big Dummy told Jason about the Twins this week, including his plans to give Julia the boot so that he has Liz all to himself.)

Vanessa: Julia told me that Austin made that vote to keep Audrey...and he did it to cast blame on either Steve or Clay.

Shelli is silent, processing this.

Vanessa:  Are you with me?  He wanted to blame the vote on Steve or Clay!  And you know that big tattoo on his back?  The one that says J.S.?  I asked him the first week what it meant, and I should have known something was up because I feel like he gave me some bullshit answer.  But Julia told me that it stands for JudaS.....and you know who Judas is, right?

Shelli:  No.

Vanessa:  Judas!  The biggest traitor in the Bible!

Vanessa:  He's been going in the DR and saying 'Austin feels this, but Judas will do this" and that's been his whole thing this season.

Shelli is in shock, asking Vanessa to repeat things, like confirming over and over that Julia really told her all of this, and when she came up to tell her.

Vanessa:  She came up here right after nominations.  She's so pissed about what he did, and also pissed that she's on the block.

Shelli:  But why?  Why would he do all of this?

Vanessa:  He told me that he plays the villain for wrestling.  I should have known he'd play the same role on TV with us.  I've been trying to get your attention to talk to you, and Julia has been trying to get the two of us alone to talk but it's been hard.

Shelli:  Remember that first week when I said we needed a signal in front of a group of people to tell each other that we need to talk?

Vanessa forgot, but Shelli reminds her it is a "double blink" that they need to give each other when they have an urgent need to talk.

Vanessa:  Believe me, he's not thinking with the right brain.  Julia knows that he's been saying that she needs to go to Jury so Liz will pick him instead of her.  She said Liz doesn't even really like him, so she's pissed.

Shelli:  Yes! And they're freaking Twins!  They have each other's back!

Vanessa:  Believe me, I'm going to give Jackie some fucking poetry to say when she puts Austin on the block, in her backdoor speech.  But if Austin wins the PoV, then Steve has to go, because we need the Twins to come in here.  Keeping them is good right now, it's good to have them in our back pocket.  And they love you too, Shelli.

Shelli:  Yes. I want to have them here.

Vanessa:  And that will give us an extra week, too, while they are both here.

The two of them are still reeling from this news, and keep repeating certain things and laughing, glad to have figured it out.

Vanessa:  Who knows what he's been doing in here?

Shelli:  I know!  All last week when I was HoH I was telling Clay I didn't trust Austin, and that we had to watch what we say in front of him.  Remember when you were up here with me and we were talking about it?  And then he came in and I just sat there, not talking?

(Yes Shelli.  We remember that.)

Vanessa:  My girlfriend told me that I trust some people too much.  I guess she was right!  And that whole Judas tattoo...damn.

Shelli:  But he walks around here so peaceful, and so graceful.  Which is it? Is he Namaste or Arrrrrrw (making a monster noise)?

Vanessa, laughing:  I don't know!  I like him as a person, but in this game.  He's a man, at the end of the day, and not thinking right.

Shelli:  He's a wild card, a loose cannon.

Vanessa:  I've already forgiven him for shit he's done, because I thought he was just too emotional.  I should have known, because he walks out of here and starts spinning things like he's saving people, like a hero.

Shelli wants to tell Clay all of this, but Vanessa tells her to tell him privately---it would be too risky for the three of them to meet.

Vanessa: Remember in BB10 when that guy (Old Jerry) called that other guy (Dan Gheesling) Judas?  Because he lied and turned on him?  Judas is the biggest traitor in history...and that's his fucking nickname!  It's scary!  It gave me goosebumps!

The Twins are switching soon, so they plan to meet with Liz and tell her all of this.

Shelli:  Julia will tell her when they switch!

Vanessa:  No, Julia's instinct is not to tell her in the DR, because she will get mad at Austin and either say something about it to him or give it away by her actions.

Vanessa says Clay needs to be primed to "beast this shit" (the BoB comp) and then I think they plan to sit down with Liz after that and explain that to her.

Vanessa:  I just can't get over the J.S. tattoo....I knew that explanation didn't make sense.  Have you noticed that tattoo on his back?

Shelli:  No...I haven't paid attention to any of that...I know he has claw marks on his neck..

(ha ha ha)

Vanessa: He does. But on his back he has this big floral thing,  with wilderness, with a J and an S back to back.  He told me it meant Just Slumber but that didn't make sense with his wrestling background.  It fits in with his whole dark side...


Vanessa:  He doesn't even think about this game.  He's too busy thinking about who he's going to hook up with in the Jury.  Well good luck with that, because you might not even be there!

***giggles from the two girls***

Shelli may wait to tell Clay until after the BoB.  They want him to be in warrior mode with no distractions.


BB10 had a number of classic moments, including the one Vanessa referred to above.

Old Jerry blew up on Dan Gheesling, and called him Judas on live TV.  Enjoy this blast from the past.


  1. So glad to have found your blog. I love BIG BRO and watch AFTER DARK, but have never done feeds. I was so confused last night. I really liked when Vanessa confided in Shelli & Clay...twin twist. I agree Austin is a mess. I really love VANESSA and really love that she made agreement with JASON last week. I kinda would like to see twins come in and was actually hoping to keep Austin in the mix until then, so we could watch him melt down and all that mental mindfrickin going on. I guess I am glad Jeff is gone, cuz Jackie doing much better without him, but personally her LAUGH is irritating. Then Shelli and Clay, I like both of them but I think SHELLI doesn't think her poop stinks, which irritates me, but she is one smart cookie like VanessA.

  2. Maybe it is a generational thing, but do these dullards really have to have the name "Judas" explained to them? The apostle that betrayed Jesus to the Romans for 30 pieces of silver? The guy that sold out the son of God, not remember when that old guy called that guy "Judas"? Lol.

  3. Not everyone grew up reading that book, nor do they think that Jesus is the "Son of God".

    I don't think that makes people "dullards". On the contrary, I've been around people who talk about those stories constantly and that is rather dull.

    But I saw on another website that Vanessa told Shelli that Jesus is the biggest "trader" in the Bible. Now that is funny.

  4. You don't have to be a Christian, believe, be religious, or have read the Bible. If you are an adult in your 30's and you need someone to tell you what 'Judas' means, you are a dumbass.


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