Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Da'Vonne Came Here to Play, and Puts a Move on Cruella #BB17

First of all, if you don't know about the whole Thickems and Cruella business, I don't have time to get into that here. You can go here, to catch up.

OK.  So I finally got what I am waiting for from Da'Vonne.  And it's better that I thought it would be.

 "Liz" was in the bathroom idly moving things around and messing with the baskets of makeup and grooming supplies.  Day was in the kitchen chopping, and thinking.  And as we'll soon see, getting ready to strike.

Da'Vonne went in the bathroom and motioned for "Liz" to sit with her.  Day started softly, saying she needed Liz to be calm, and that she needed her complete trust.

Day, whispering:  You can't go crazy....OK?

Liz, whispering too:  You're scaring me.

Day: Now... people are saying something is going on with you...a group of people...

Liz:  OK.

Day:  Now...I think it's funny, but a group of people are saying that you're a twin..

Liz:  OK.

Day: ...And they're trying to say that you and your twin have been switching in and out...and the point is that .....the people that are saying this, I have dirt on these people....cause they crossed me.  If they feel that way about you, they're afraid of you.

Liz nods, and appears unbelievably composed.  You know her little heart is beating like crazy.  (I wonder if Thickems can sense it....where ever she is.  Twins can be like that, you know.)

(And Da'Vonne is holding a knife in her right hand.  OK, it's probably a butter knife, but it's a knife.)

Day:  I feel like I need you, and you need me.

Liz:  Yeah.....

Day, banging the knife on the seat cushion as she speaks:  You

Liz, still whispering:  Yeah...

Day, still banging that knife and whispering:  I NEED YOUR VOTE.

Liz:  Yeah.

Day: I need to make it at least to Jury.  That's all I can promise you...that we can make it to Jury.

Liz:  OK....oh my god.  I can't believe people are saying that.

Day:  So you....I'm not going to say you lay low, but you've been keeping it like this..

Day:  And they're saying your sister is, you know, like bubbly..

Liz:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Day:  So....GET BUBBLY.

Liz:  OK...OK...OK...

Day:  You understand?  Because I need to trust you not to tell this to nobody (banging knife again), because if it gets back to me, that FUCKS ME and YOU TOO.

Liz:  OK.  OK.  I'm going to talk to Austin.  But you know you've got my vote.  I really don't know where he's at.

Day: OK.  Please try to talk to him and figure it out.  Because that's the ammunition I need to get them.

Liz:  Yeah.  That's fucking crazy....that they would..


Liz:  Yeah.


Liz:  Yeah.  That's crazy. Who the fuck would say that?

Day:  We can't talk about it right now. But we WILL talk about it.

Liz:  OK.

Day:  But I need you guys to vote for me.

Liz:  Oh, for sure I want you here.

Day:  Me and you started something, and we got crushed when Audrey got involved...and (banging knife with every word) I STILL DON'T KNOW TO THIS DAY HOW THAT CONVERSATION GOT OUT.

Liz:  I think someone must have heard through the door.  I know I did not say shit, and I know Austin didn' was crazy how it happened.

Day:  She told me that Steve came back to her and told her that he heard, but I don't know if that's true or not.

Liz:  I know Steve has been creeping around and listening.

Day:  And then she told me that you and Austin made an alliance to backdoor me this week.

Liz:  Are you fucking kidding me? is bullshit.

Day:  I don't think you did...I think this was personal and I NEED YOUR HELP.

Liz:  You gave me that password (??) and I won't forget that..and you did not have to tell me what people have been fucking saying about me.  WHAT THE FUCK?

Day:  I know.  And that's why I wanted to say something to you about it.  I wanted to build that communication between us.  I wanted to build trust.  And me telling you that Liz, if it ever came back it could FUCK MY GAME OVER.

Liz:  I know.

Day:  Because they will come for me AGAIN!

Liz:  But you can trust have my 100% didn't have to tell me that, so you know if it gets out, that I said something.  So I'm not gonna say shit.

Day:  Thank you.

Liz:  You didn't have to tell me that and I respect you. We need to work together, because these people are coming after you, and now they're fucking coming after me.

Day:  Don't show it on your face. Keep being the person that you are.  If you have to go in the DR and get it out your system, then do that.  That's what I have to do sometimes.  And then go back out there with your game face and play the game.

Liz:  Yeah.  Play the fucking game.

Day walked back to the kitchen to check out the traffic, calling out that she was just going to get her cucumbers.  She came back and sat back down, crunching them.  Liz was pacing in front of the mirror as the reality of what just happened sunk in.

Liz:  Oh my god.....and that fucking show tonight....(the Hot Seat)....I just want to go to bed now and go to sleep.

Day, whispering:  They are the king and queen in this house...but only for this week...and you need to remember that.  And I PRAY TO GOD this doesn't come back and bite me in the ass.  And I'm trying to help you out right now.

Liz:  I know.  We need to work together.  I respect you so much right now.

They started whispering about Austin and then Vanessa came in and started making chatter about the new curling iron.  "Liz" just snapped right into bubbly conversation with Vanessa about Vanessa's bad hair day and then they started talking about Ed Sheeran (Shelli's CD).  Liz knows that Ed was just a guy on the street and he got discovered.

Vanessa hadn't ever listened to Ed before, but likes the mix of genres.

I think Jason is on this plan but he doesn't know yet if Day has the Last Laugh or not.  But I'm not sure about that part---he certainly isn't acting as if he does.  Day has been working to get Jason and James (that's the tricky part) to vote for her.  Hopefully she enough insurance votes to make sure she can get enough to stay in the house.

Later, Day told Jason that she needed Cruella to stay in the house, because if Thickems came in (as the "heavy set twin") she would immediately get the third degree from everybody else and would probably freak out.

Day:  Because Thickems might go off, but I think Cruella can hold it together.


I love that Da'Vonne didn't ask Liz about being a twin...she didn't put her on the spot.  At first Liz tried to act like it was all bullshit, but it looked like she stopped doing that as the conversation went on.

Later, maybe she'll realize that Day knows, and she's trying to protect the Twin Twist.  At least for now.  I wish Da'Vonne had worked this angle from the start, but better late than never.  I think she needs to give Liz some pointers about how to turn Austin's vote without mentioning the Twin Twist rumor.  Particularly if the twins switch out before the live show....she needs whoever talks to Austin to be on point and persuasive.

I've got hope.  And tomorrow night is going to be good....


  1. I think it was fast forward, not password.

  2. You're right. It was the Fast Forward, which feels like four months ago.

    Audrey started a bunch of crap today and now Day is crying. And Audrey went to Shelli and Clay and things are getting ugly now.

    Hopefully this will still work out for Day---but it's hard to tell. Lots of drama.


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