Thursday, July 30, 2015

Clinging to the Edge of the Cliff. Still Hanging in There. #BB17.

Shelli and Clay are lucky to be next to each other, because they can talk to each other easily with encouragement and tips.

Clay is an athlete and that is a benefit, even if he is the wrong size for this competition.  He says his shirt feels warm once the rain stops.

I don't hear anyone talking about Julia being an official house guest yet.  I guess the whole Twin concept is old news by now. If I were Meg, I'd start trying to make a new friend.

James isn't talking as much, but he's still in the running.

Johnny Mac is alone on his part of the cliff, now that Steve and Austin and Meg have fallen.  The seagulls swoop in and hover, stalking their prey.

Becky laughs.  I think they can clearly see the guy on the roof whose job tonight is to man the attack birds, so they see it coming.

And here come those nasty birds...WHACK WHACK WHACK...six times in a row.  One of the birds has someone's make up on him, and Meg laughs about the "make up bird".  Austin says the Beefcakes are getting a lot of pleasure out of this.

Then another rainstorm.  And more tilting. The house guests still on the wall, and in the running for HoH are Liz, Clay, Shelli, James, Jackie, Becky and John.

Sometimes I get used to Clay like you would a brother or co-worker.  Then I see him in action and I am like damn, that is one good looking man.

The machinery cranks and Vanessa offers words of encouragement as the cliff goes further into a tilt.. Julia cheers them on, too, as the angle becomes sharper and everyone digs in, breathing and probably hating life.  The sound of water dripping is very loud.

The crowd watches, cheering on Liz and the others.  Meg even cheered loudly for Liz, if you can believe that.

The wall started to straighten up and then tilted again.  The crowd cheered loudly, telling them to hang on, they can do it, it will straighten up soon.

Jackie dropped.  I'm surprised.

They're cold and wet and trying to hang on.

Liz fell.  She's down.


  1. Isn't it eagles?

    1. Yeah, eagles on cliffs make sense.

      I guess I don't know my birds!


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