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Cleanup on Camera 4 - Is Making No Move Better Than Making a Bad Move? #BB17

They have been playing a lot of chess in the BB house in the last few days.  Last night Vanessa played John, and beat him soundly twice.  Shelli was sitting there, too, watching the game, and as it turns out, the dynamics between Steve and John, too.

She talked to Vanessa and Clay about it today, saying that Steve kept moving his hands across his face and fidgeting.  She said the movements seemed out of character for Steve, and then she noticed that Johnny Mac looked at Steve right in the eye, and did some of the movements back.

Shelli thought they might have some sort of signals to each other, the way Shelli and Vanessa agreed to do a "double blink" at each other when they are in a group and need to talk privately.

Vanessa asked Shelli to repeat all of that, and then said she may have noticed that too, now that Shelli brings it up.  Shelli plans to keep an eye on the two of them during the next few days while everyone is locked in the house.  Then Vanessa brought up something else...

Vanessa:  I listen when people talk about their favorite moments from past BB seasons, because there is a reason why they like those scenes.  Steve has talked a lot about BB3, where Danielle and Jason had an alliance where they sat and played poker together every day..

Shelli:  I thought it was chess.

Vanessa: No, they played poker, and Steve told me that was the only time the two of them ever spent time together, and that is where they ran their alliance.  No one ever knew, and they made it to the end of the game together without anyone knowing.  I kind of thought that might be the deal with Steve and John, playing chess together.  He tried to have that kind of relationship with Da'Vonne, but now that she's gone, maybe that's Johnny.

(Vanessa is right about Jason and Danielle.  There used to be a tiny table with two chairs in the bathroom, and that is where the two of them played cards.  No one ever suspected the two of them had an alliance, and Steve does talk about this as one of the best duos in BB history.)

Vanessa also brought up something else today about this particular chess match.  She used it as an example of John's shrewd social skills.

Vanessa: After I beat him Steve, who does NOT have good social skills, yelled out something about how brutal those two wins were, and the people downstairs wanted to know who won.  I hesitated to answer right away, because I didn't want to admit to it.  I caught John's eye for a second and he said, "I won one of them", kind of bailing me out.

Shelli:  You know how everyone always talks about how a BB player would be a "Dan"?  Well, I think if we leave John in this game too long, they might start saying someone is a "John".

Vanessa thought about that, and agreed with her.

Clay, in a crappy mood after a horrible night in the Have Not room:  Johnny Mac doesn't even know who Dan is...

Vanessa:  That we know, he doesn't.

Clay:  He's only seen one season of the show, and is only here for the money.

Shelli:  I think that's kind of weird, too.  Doesn't it seem strange that some random dentist who doesn't really watch the show would end up here?

(They are doubting John's story of how he came on the show....John is really a SuperFan but lied about it to everyone in the house.)

Clay:  He has $700,000 in loans to pay off.

Vanessa reacted to that, saying that can't be true.  Even if he went to Harvard for every year of undergrad and medical school he wouldn't owe that much, she says.  Clay said that maybe that dollar amount included John's house, too, and dental equipment but Vanessa is skeptical. The three of them think the double eviction would be a great time to take John out.

Note that Johnny Mac is keeping that chin strap.  I think it adds some flair and takes away some of the blandness, so it's a good idea for him.

Meg made some egg sandwiches for James, Jason and Jackie.  The sight of this, as well as even thinking about the phrase "egg sandwich" makes me nauseous.  So I'm only doing this part for you, my friends.

While this group was in the kitchen, the group playing chess upstairs started shrieking and cheering.   And Shelli was the loudest, of course, with her piercing squeal.

Jason:  I'm going to kill myself.

Meg:  I can't even pretend to be interested in that.

(Note that the shrieking was related to Vanessa beating Johnny Mac in the two chess games back-to-back as mentioned above.  She really trounced him good.)


The first sandwich was for James.  Meg tried to re-arrange all of the the components to get them in the proper order and ended up messing it all up.

James:  What the hell?

(This is one of James' catchphrases and makes them all laugh.)

James ate it anyway.

Becky keeps her clothing in her drawers all neat and tidy, rolling up items and sorting them by color.  While she works she talks to Jackie about the upcoming double eviction.

Becky:  Steve would be the perfect target for that....he needs to go and you wouldn't really get any blood on your hands for that.

Becky says that she has her plan all set in case she wins HoH, but the problem is that you don't know who will be HoH with you.

I think it is important to note here that there is a decent chance that Jackie will vote for her friend Becky to be evicted this week.  In fact, Clay and Shelli might tell Jackie that they will vote that way if she does, and then actually vote for Jason to be evicted, so that Becky will know that Jackie voted against her and hurt their friendship in the game.

(Delightfully deceitful.)

Jackie forgot that Meg was making her a sandwich, so Jason had to come back there and get her when her food was ready.

Outside Austin taught Liz some wrestling moves.  It was fun to watch and Liz really enjoyed it.  He taught her a "Ground Hold", "Ground and Pound", "Clotheslining", and a "Body Slam", but admitted that he needed to work on his "submissions".

Austin said that they used to have co-ed practice in the WWE, and he's practiced with girls even smaller than Liz.  It sounded like a good workout and they were both breathing hard.

He also taught Liz how to put on a show with the moves, making sounds that simulated hitting, and stringing moves together into short routines.  She was really good at it (from my view, anyway) and seemed to enjoy it.

As the chess players and the breakfast sandwich eaters came outside, all of the guys thought it was cool that Austin was teaching Liz wrestling moves.

Jackie wanted to learn, too, and ended up doing a little routine with Liz where they took turns "slapping" and "punching" Austin while he faked dramatic reactions and falls.  Meg yelled across the yard that she could watch that all day.

I guess Austin had already taught Vanessa a few of the punching moves, because when they went inside later to start drinking their booze Vanessa and Liz did some of the punching moves.

Vanessa mentioned how tricky it is to stamp your foot at the right time to make it sound like a slap.

And the rest of these pictures are from this morning.  This is Clay Honeycutt waking up in his Very Bad Mood, enjoying a beverage.

Vanessa did her morning routine, too.

Liz was irritated that Production won't tell her anything about when she will switch with Julia.  They were supposed to switch earlier this week (Monday, maybe?) but the DR told her it won't happen today, and refused to tell her if it would happen tomorrow.

Liz has so much to tell this point Julia probably still thinks they are up for nomination and is not aware that she won the BoB.

Speculation from the internet community is that Production wants to wring the maximum impact from the Twin Twist by showing their meeting live on Thursday.  Maybe the two of them will get a chance to talk privately, but maybe Julia will just walk out of the DR and right into the HoH competition.

Austin thinks that the HoH will be something physical, because it wouldn't be fair if it involved some sort of questions that Julia couldn't answer.

Liz:  Both of us work out every day when we're sequestered so we'll be as ready as we can be.

Vanessa:  Did you notice how everyone was working out yesterday?  Everybody wants to win.

Later in the day Vanessa put on a little chess clinic for Johnny Mac, Shelli, Clay and Liz.  She played them, but described each move she made in advance, explaining why she wanted to do it and what her goal was.

And she still won.  She even pointed out that she has the same general strategy every time, and once you see it, you will know. (She "sets a trap" and everyone always walks right into it, she says.)  While she was playing Clay once she asked him, "are you sure you want to make that move?"  And when Clay said, "yes, I do" she put him in checkmate.  It was funny.

Shelli was very interested in learning, and asked a lot of questions along the way.  Vanessa told them that her father would hate the whole Big Brother concept, but ironically would probably love watching this part of the live feeds.

Vanessa:  I've only seen my father once or twice a year for my whole life, and all we ever did was play chess.

Liz, missing the point:  Awwww.  That's so cute!

Meanwhile, Jason and Meg slept the day away.

That's not the way to win, Jason.  I know you may think you went to bed with a plan in place, but people have been up all day plotting and scheming against you.

Maybe when Jason is invited back for a future season he can heed these important lessons.

(I love Jason, but after what I heard today I don't have much hope for him.  He needs to pull out a miracle tonight, but sleeping all day is not conducive to making miracles happen.)


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  2. I've already given up on Jason, I really hope im wrong but he probably gonna get evicted Thursday. Hopefully im wromg!!! But I hope the twins align with opposite sides of the house against each other. The likliehood of that happening is small but still it wouod make for good tv wouldn't it?

  3. Jason did nothing to try to secure votes!! all he did was sit there and smoke and bitch! He knows the show but I'm sure is now understanding how difficult it is to actually play it! And he was the one who was the loudest agreeing with Da' about the Twins! He screwed his own game very early on! Thanks Again..XooX

  4. Jason had some good information this season, but unfortunately he blabbed it away without trying to figure out how that information could help him. In the first week of the game Vanessa was profiling everyone, to see who would be best to work with. She decided that Jason was smart and knew the game, but was too much of a blabbermouth to be dependable.

    And that assessment was correct, unfortunately. Fun to watch, but not someone who you would want to align with.


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