Thursday, July 2, 2015

Clean Up on Camera Four, and Vanessa Talks About Life as a Loser #BB17

These are just random pictures from yesterday, along with some information I jotted down while I worked.  I actually had to earn a living yesterday, folks.

Sometimes I take these pictures and I'm positive I will remember why I took them, and why they were important.  But obviously I need to take better notes in the future.

Audrey just stayed in bed most of yesterday, or for that matter, most of the time since her confrontation with Da'Vonne earlier this week.  Basically, she called Day into the Have Not room to "clear the air" with her but got much more than she bargained for, or less than she deserved, in my opinion.

Even though Audrey has asked for and received some pretty good advice, she just can't help herself and has started to try and run the game again from her bed.  As an example of good advice, Austin told her to just lay low, and then reset her game on Thursday, that anything can and will happen with the new HoH and twists.  But Audrey is still planting seeds of distrust---sounds like she is throwing crap at the walls about Becky, Da'Vonne, Jeff and even Clay to see if she can deflect the trouble she's in.

Shelli brought her a sandwich in bed.  Steve popped in to ask if she needed food or anything.  At one point Audrey wanted to take a shower and asked Shelli to escort her up to the HoH room, using the excuse that the room "might be locked" and "all of her stuff was up there".  Clay didn't want Shelli to do that, and kind of made that clear, saying Shelli should walk up there with Audrey and come right back downstairs.  But James was in the kitchen and said he didn't care if she used his HoH room and that the door was unlocked.  He very generous about it.

After all, James probably wasn't planning on using the shower anyway.

Vanessa lounged and spoke with Jason about Audrey's wicked ways in the house.

At some point Meg kind of sidled up and sat there, listening.  Meg is a lurker, kind of like Andy Herren was in BB15.  She's friendly with everybody and can easily join any group in the house for activities or conversation without anybody thinking anything of it.  They all need to keep an eye on Meg, but of course no one seems to realize it.


James sidled up, too, but I always get the feeling that he's trying to bird dog Meg, rather than do any type of strategy talk.  Vanessa got a warning from BB about putting her pillow over the window and blocking the camera view during this conversation.

Jason:  What is that, a good angle right now or something?

Johnny Mac ate a container of yogurt, and then carefully inspected the box of Triscuits before selecting a few of them to crunch on.  Pretty sure he was looking for ants.

People around him often comment on what Johnny Mac eats, trying to be funny about whether the food is good for his teeth or not.  I would think that joke would get old for John, having to hear it for the next 40 years or so.


Two items that didn't relate to any pictures I took, unfortunately.

1.  Becky did confirm that she was recruited for the show, and had apparently never watched BB before then.  She immediately started binge-watching the seasons, starting with BB12, before moving on to BB16.

Becky:  Then I watched BB11, because I wanted to see Dan Gheesling...

Steve:  Oh, then you mean BB10.

Becky corrected herself, and said after BB10 she watched BB13 and BB14, and then says she only got through episode #4 of BB10 before she came in the BB17 house.

Steve immediately knew that Dan was the deciding vote in that episode and had to vote the way he was told to do as America's Player, sending Jessie home.

(I had to look that up on Wikipedia today because I can't even remember what Steve said about it yesterday....and you know I'm a BB fan, but my mind is much more cluttered than Steve's is, apparently.)

2.  Vanessa gave Jace a very heartfelt pep talk about what has happened to him this week in the house.  Vanessa apparently thinks Jace is talented, and can "reach people" with his exposure in the house, and she encouraged him to do just that.

Vanessa:  Do you have an agent?  If I could, I would probably represent you, because I think there is some money to be made there.

She went on to tell him a story from her "old gambling days", saying that as a gambler, she was always "looking for that edge" but you always win some, and you lose some.

Vanessa:  And sometimes you end up losing when you shouldn't have...maybe you had the best odds, or the best cards, but you still lost, and that's what happened to you this week.  And trust me, you won't lose that often in life, Jace, so you should learn something from this time.

She said when she first started gambling, she was a very poor loser, and after playing she would "throw a fit" and "throw her chips" in the hallway of the hotel, adding that "no one saw it".

Vanessa:  My boyfriend at the time, later my husband, said that the game might not be for me, because streaks are going to happen, and I needed to learn how to lose if I was ever going to be successful.  So I had to learn to be a better loser...I had to grow and learn that maybe things aren't so easy all the time.

Jace thanked her and seemed to get the very important message, but I have to say he interrupted Vanessa right in the middle of her speech to talk to Becky, who came out of the WC.  Jace showered her with compliments, saying she was cool and was one of the four good people in the house and they got over their issues.  Becky couldn't get out of there fast enough.

(Who are Jace's four good people?  Becky + Austin + Liz + _______  = 4.  Is Vanessa the blank there?  Or is it Jace himself?  I need help understanding Jace Math.)

Also, I like the way Vanessa has taken the power out of her gambling background by diminishing it and using it to help her in conversations.  Unfortunately for Da'Vonne she didn't cop to her own lies about her job, because I think Vanessa was ready to bond over that.  Maybe she still can, I guess we'll see.

(See bottom part of post here for Da'Vonne's big chance to confess to Vanessa.)

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