Saturday, July 25, 2015

Clean Up on Camera 4 - Wake Up and Get Ready to Shake Up

I took these pictures Friday morning, before Jackie and Vanessa made their nominations.  It feels like a million years ago, though.  I'll try to remember what was going on in there.

After many hours of discussion, Vanessa and Jackie came together and agreed that they wanted to target Austin this week, and shared this idea with most of the house guests.  I think the only people who did not know the actual goal at this point were Austin, Steve, the Twins, and Johnny Mac.

James agreed to go up on the block with a Twin, and to throw the BoB to keep Jackie in power as the HoH, and also to keep Liz on the block.  Then they are banking on using the PoV to save somebody, and put Austin up.  Steve is the fallback plan, though, but Monday's PoV ceremony is a long, long way from now in Big Brother time.

That is Jackie's teddy bear James is holding.  She got it in her HoH basket and says Freddy the Teddy has been her bear since she was a little girl.

Shelli is in all of this, of course.  She has managed to work behind the scenes in every HoH scenario so far this season.  I realize many fans are very irritated over this, but you have to give the girl props.  She came in the house with everybody thinking she would be a typical blonde floater, but she has proven herself to be very smart and observant.

Now that that Audrey mess is behind her, I think she needs to try to fade back into the background if she can.  But I heard a conversation she had with Vanessa where they agreed that it was too late for them to pretend they weren't competition threats---everybody already knows the two of them can win, so they might as well keep on winning.

(I think they have's not a choice anymore if they want to stay in the game.

This is Julia, soon to be nominated by Jackie.  All she and Liz need to do in order to survive the Twin Twist is to survive this week's eviction.  Based on what Julie Chen told us, if they survive the first five evictions, both of them will be official house guests from that point on.  So it would seem that we will see that go down on this week's live show.

But Julie Chen also told us that we'd have a BB Takeover every week....and now it looks like Production may have abandoned that whole concept without even telling the audience about it, so who knows if all promises made to-date will be kept.

Austin told Julia that he is the one who cast the hinky vote to evict Johnny Mac this week, telling her he hoped to frame Steve or Clay for it. He also told Julia about how he takes on the "Judas persona" in the Diary Room, so she is chock-full of damaging info about Austin.

Yep.  And she's going to spill it all to Vanessa....right after she is nominated and realizes she and her sister may be in deep doo doo.

Don't believe me?  Well, please see here.

Austin spent a lot of time perfecting his look today. He knows Liz is switching out with Julia later today and wants to be sure he looks his best.

(Yes, I'm cringing.)

Meg isn't really part of the action this week, so far.  She and Jason look like they will have a week without being nominated, but they are certainly in on the plan to boot either Austin or Steve.  I don't think either one of them wants to spend time with either one of them in the Jury house.

I think that last sentence makes sense, right?

Johnny Mac made the morning pilgrimage to the HoH to talk to Jackie and Vanessa.

Johnny, to Jackie:  Well, what's up today?

Jackie told him to relax...she has no plans to put him on the block at any time.  Johnny was very happy and gave Jackie a very clingy hug.  Not one of those fake, ceremonial hugs, but a strong, thankful hug that was very sincere.

Vanessa wasn't in the HoH Suite at the time, so Johnny planned to come back later.  I'm sure he was still plenty worried about what Vanessa's plans may be, even though she promised him the last time she was HoH that she wouldn't nominate him or ask him to throw another BoB until at least Jury.

I took this picture to show that Meg slept in Jason's leopard-print pajama pants.

Meg slept in her contacts and was experiencing a lot of pain around that.

Upstairs Jackie and Vanessa thought about their nomination speeches.  Jackie planned to say she was just nominating people that nominated her.

Unfortunately Vanessa brought up the whole Jeff situation again, trying hard to get Jackie to understand why she needed to evict Jeff, and that there would be no hard feelings.

Or at least, that Jackie wouldn't have enough hard feelings to target Vanessa.  Jackie ended up conceding that Jeff got caught in his own lies, and seemed to want to move forward and not dwell on it.

Johnny came back up to touch base with Vanessa, and she assured him that her word was good, and that he would not be nominated by her at any time this week.

Johnny was elated.

Johnny:  Let's pound it out!

Vanessa:  We'll go to Final Nine!

Vanessa wanted to see a full length view of her outfit, so she stood on a chair to catch her reflection.  With anyone else, I'm sure Production would have said "STOP THAT", but they seem to trust Vanessa's judgement.  After all, she's all about managing risks.

Even with her head in the clouds like this.

Unfortunately the Green Beanie came out, too.  Jackie got that red top in her HoH basket, and decided to wear it today.  It's really nice and that color works on her.

Vanessa:  I never get clothes in my HoH basket!

Vanessa got Ginger Beer in her HoH basket, but wanted rum to go with it.  She explained that Ginger Beer is non-alcoholic, and is usually used as a mixer with booze.  Becky said she always orders Moscow Mules when she goes out, and those are made with Ginger Beer. Vanessa also got a bottle of Moscato wine.

(Vanessa likes the sweet booze, apparently.)

Jackie got Cheez-its and Diet Dr. Pepper, which she had for breakfast.  She said that that is usually her pre-performance snack (the Cheez-Its), along with a Red Bull in the blue can.

As they get to know each other, they realize that Vanessa has seen a number of shows that Jackie has performed, like "Vegas, The Show".

They also seem to know a few people in common, but it seems clear that Jackie doesn't have too many connections in the gambling scene.


I watched Audrey's live interview with Jeff Schroeder yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised by how candid and self-aware she was.  They even used a blanket as a prop to joke around with.  Audrey admitted that she didn't carry out any of her pre-season plans and says it was hard to stay calm and centered in there.  She knows she played way too hard, too fast.

She compared her actions to the "Acme" big weight thing that always falls on the Roadrunner.

Audrey said that Vanessa is killing it in there, and is a master manipulator.

Jeff:  So do you know about the poker?  That she plays poker?

Audrey:  Well she told me she used to play....what...isn't she a DJ now?

Jeff:  I don't know about that, but she plays poker.  She's good, too.  She plays on TV.

Audrey: Well, now I feel better.  Because I knew that something was up about her and I tried to sound the warning bells but no one would listen!  Vanessa speaks beautifully, so if she gets to the end I think she will win.  She may not need the money, but I hope she wants the title.

(Jeff didn't tell Audrey how much money Vanessa has made, nor her world ranking.  Audrey just guessed that Vanessa had financial success.)

Audrey was very down on Clay, saying that his "Southern Gentleman" routine was an act, because he wants to look good on TV.  She thinks Shelli can go to the end with Vanessa if she gets rid of Clay.

Audrey: She's better without him.

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