Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Clean Up on Camera #2 - Somebody Had to Say It, So Becky Did. #BB17

Were you out enjoying dinner with your family and friends yesterday?  Maybe playing tennis ball with your dog in the park as the sun went down?  Well, if you were doing anything other than watching the live feeds, this post should bring you up-to-date on the events of the late afternoon and early evening hours.

You probably know James is the prankster of the BB house.  He has been terrorizing people with honey, by smearing it on various substances like doorknobs, the toilet seat, and woke up Steve from an outdoor nap by squirting it into his open mouth.  He also put melted chocolate on toilet paper one time and horrified several house guests with that when they least expected it.  I actually thought several of the girls would DOR when they saw that, even after they knew it was a joke.

But yesterday he tried to make it look like a man was sleeping in the bed for some reason.  Probably to scare Meg, his favorite target.  He was trying to suspend Clay's boots at the end of the bed but they were too heavy.

Clay walked in while James was doing this, and started rushing around to help.  Then Austin came in and just laughed as he watched.  They ended up using Steve's shoes because they were lighter.

I didn't wait around to see what happened with this prank.  I had dinner to balls to toss.  But I'm sure you get the picture.  In James' defense, he has a great sense of humor and can not only dish it out, he can take it, too.  Which is very important if you are going to be a constant pranker.

I heard Shelli compliment him recently when she was talking about certain people in the house who couldn't separate playing the game from basic social interactions.  She gave James as an example of someone who could be nominated and still turn off that switch when it was time to socialize and have fun.

Liz came in and caught them at it, and I think they scolded her because she was laughing, but went over and messed it up while she looked under the hat, etc.  They told her to enjoy looking next time, but leave everything intact for the next house guest to find.

All I could think about was how many pieces of people's clothing were balled up under there, and how mad I would be at James for treating my clothes like that.

(No, I don't dish out pranks because I can't take them. I'm no fun at all.)

Meg has chronic back problems, so Becky showed her how to use that foam roller thing to stretch out.  Meg says her back cracked and it felt good.  Becky complimented Meg on those horrid pants she's wearing.

Meg said the "fairies" in the DR liked them, too.  I think I heard Jason say earlier that Meg bought them at K-Mart, which is the hipster version of WalMart right now.   I don't know where she bought them, but they do seem to fit right into the 90's week theme.

And I think I forgot to say this yesterday, but I heard the girls talking about the guys who work in the DR.

Meg:  I have the biggest crushes on the guys in there.  Robert's voice is so sexy...

Becky:  Yes!

You can just assume this is what Audrey is doing at all times right now.  Production has allowed her to have real food this week, even though she is a Have Not.

Let Me Say This:  If Audrey were seriously ill, she would not be in the house right now.  I think she is a Poor Sport who is probably horrified at being a Pre-Jury Boot.  I can't imagine that she is going to be light and breezy on the outside like Jace and Jeff seem to be.  (Da'Vonne has breezy moments, but also stormy moments which are just as good.)  Audrey wanted to be an inspiration and a hero this year, but it looks to me like she is going out of this game as the opposite of that.

I really think she could have at least tried to get a few votes to stay if she tried, using the Anti-Ken and Barbie angle.  After all, I heard Steve mutter to himself that Audrey isn't coming after him, so why would he want her out this week?

She'll get at least one hinky vote, right?  Steve better be careful with that...he's not very smooth and has a lot of nervous "tells".

Liz took off her Whackstreet Boy costume and enjoyed the pool for a few minutes today.  I heard Jason say that if he tried to do that, his beeper would start going off like crazy, setting off another performance.  He's probably right.  Liz has a way with those bikinis.

I also heard the guys explain the concept of Blue Balls to the girls yesterday.  Many of the girls think that concept  is a load of B.S. designed to get them to cave in, but the guys argued that the pain is real.  Jason even shared a story about when he was making out with a girl (!) and had some serious problems in that area.

In the early evening Liz and Austin made themselves another steak dinner. Liz said she was starving to death, and hoped that her beeper wouldn't go off before she got to enjoy her meal.

Austin:  Yes, no interruptions on a date meal...that's a Steve move.

(Oh, so it's a "date"?)

Austin:  Where would you like to eat? Maybe set it up in the parlor?  Or outside on a blanket?

Liz:  Oh, like a picnic!  Aren't we cute-ah!  But Vanessa is going to be with us.

Austin:  That's fine.

This picture is a sneak preview of what things might look like about 8 days from now...with two of them in there.  Wouldn't it be "funny" if Austin got evicted last week and had to watch the Twin Twist play out from the stage, watching the monitor with Julie Chen?

There was a lot of sizzling and frying going on in that kitchen.  Liz did most of the cooking, I think.

Are those olives in there with what I think is sliced zucchini?  Or kidney beans?  Either one of those doesn't appeal to me in this format, but whatever.  It's not like I have to eat it.

Vanessa came in with the Scottish accent and right away I noticed she was paying a HUGE amount of attention to James.  I mean, really going overboard to be his friend.  She tried to teach him how to use a Scottish accent, and complimented him PROFUSELY on his efforts.

(As you might imagine, James' Scottish accent was not that great.)

Then Vanessa started complimenting James' everyday Southern accent, saying how great it was. She was focusing on him completely and it kind of seemed like the way you would speak to a stranger in a bar if you were trying to put moves on them.

James seemed a little weirded out by it, too, thanking her in an overly formal manner.  I can only assume that Vanessa is using the information Steve gave her yesterday to try and forge some new bonds in the house to ward off Becky and Jackie, or maybe get a new source of information.

She even made a HUGE DEAL out of sharing her food with James, so now James is invited to the "date" meal, too.

To his credit, this did not appear to upset Austin. And you know I love pictures in front of the memory wall.

Liz got right down to business when her plate was dished up.  She knows another Whackstreet Boys performance is coming up and wants to be ready.  That is Johnny Mac's fedora with his microphone there in front of her, of course.

Liz mentioned the dream she had where they were playing BB on a cruise ship, and would get off on various islands along the way for competitions.

Liz:  It was an anxiety dream...I was so stressed out because there were like, 30 house guests for me to meet and it was crazy.

(Fifteen house guests to meet for each twin, right?  We don't need Freud to understand that one.)

Vanessa thinks that would be a great premise for a reality show...maybe Big Brother All Stars.

Vanessa:  You could leave someone alone on the island instead of evicting them, leaving only one person on the boat at the end.

Liz:  I'd just want to go on a cruise!

Austin said how nice this double date was, but mentioned that Vanessa was sitting a long ways from her date James.

Vanessa:  He got a little handsy earlier in the date, so that's why I'm over here.

(Vanessa is definitely up to something.)

Austin mentioned a few of his dreams that he's had in the house:

*  Jeff chasing Liz around Los Angeles. (I assume this was in a romantic sense, not with a chef's knife and rope.)
*  Jace was a bum in the alley behind the BB house.  All of the house guests were riding on a bus and Jace kept trying to run and catch the bus, but never could. (Vanessa:  Awww..You missed him.  Liz:  Ha ha ha.  Jace was a bum!)
*  He is trying to go to a gymnastics center and can't find it.

He tells them that he usually goes to a gymnastics center three times a week for about 3 hours each time.  He pays a per day rate of $10 or $15, because "adults can't buy memberships".

(So I guess he's in there working out with children?)

His friend Ryan is trying to master some sort of complicated flip sequence this summer so he can audition for "Circus de Soleil".  Vanessa did not correct Austin on this...that doesn't fit into her "chatty girl on date" mode right now.

Vanessa did the dishes, as you can see, with Liz helping to put things back where they belong around there.

Liz:  What about the pasta...should we take some in to Audrey?

Vanessa:  I think that'd be a nice thing to do.  Take some in there for her.  You haven't had any issues with her, have you?

Liz:  I heard she did know about the I don't know.

Becky came in and announced that she's starving now.

James: Yep, slop's getting to Becky now!

Becky:  Yeah...I can't eat the slop because it's tearing up my stomach....and the protein shakes just give you horrible breath....

Liz asked Becky about taking the pasta to Audrey, obviously trying to get Becky to "volunteer" to do it.

Becky  Audrey is on the block...she's not dying!  I felt one way when I thought she was on meds, but now that I know she's not...

Liz:  But has she eaten today?

Becky:  She's had three meals in there!  And the storage room is right there if she wants to go get something.

Becky:  She doesn't have to follow the rules, she gets to eat whatever she wants, she gets to turn the lights off during the day, she doesn't have to attend meetings....I think she's getting enough out of this.

Liz:  Oh-ah.  I just don't want to go in there....Vanessa tried to talk to her today and she ignored her...

Becky:  And she's terrorized people around here...she was really mean to Jackie when she was on the block and she's bending so many other rules.  So no, I'm not delivering any pasta to her Liz.

(I like Slop Becky.)


  1. James is one "wild and crazy guy"!!!

  2. Becky laying the smacketh downeth, she's hot when she's feisty!!!!

  3. Jame's roommate is on Facebook, and he posted a couple of pictures of the pranks James did to him while he was asleep. (Covering him in whip cream, drawing on his face etc. It was funny.)
    I couldn't live with a prankster. I'm a poor sport about it and am no fun either.
    I like Slop Becky too.
    I hope Austin and Judas goes home pre-jury.
    I dvr'd his Moving In show, but have yet to watch it.


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