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Clean Up on Camera 2 - The Producer's Dilemma and House Guest Grooming Habits #BB17

Once again I have pictures left over from yesterday that I need to deal with.  So here we go.

Let's chat about Meg for a moment.

Meg is generally seen as a fun, peppy girl and is pretty popular with the fans of the show.  She is fun to watch and is the charming center of her little group of male worshipers.  (Of course, with James and Jeff in that circle, it is not hard to be the charming center..)

But there is an element of Mean Girl in Meg.  She clearly differentiates between who she thinks are the Cool Kids and Everyone Else.  Last week I heard her say multiple times that if she was a Have Not, she wanted to be a Have Not with the right people, so it would be fun.

She clearly did not want someone like Steve in there with her. I don't think Meg has been nice to Steve every day in the BB house, from what I've seen and heard.  And guess who's in the Have Not room with Meg this week?

* James  (check, on Meg's Cool Kids clipboard)
* Jason  (check, check)
* Steve

Now, I don't think Meg would ever speak to someone like James in her daily life in Manhattan, unless she needed him to hand her another napkin or maybe get out of her way.  But he's in her Cool Kid Club at the moment.

Yesterday she sat on the outdoor couches with James and they discussed how hellish life in the BB house would be without your friends.

James:  If you go home, I just want to go out right behind you.

Meg:  Yeah. Can you imagine being in here without your friends? What would we do all day?

(Boredom was one of Meg's chief pre-season concerns when she chatted with Big Jeff.)


This week, we still have the whole Last Laugh twist ahead of us.  Today is the PoV ceremony...I'm guessing the phone will appear at some point after that ceremony, and then the phone calls from Kathy Griffin will begin.  We all know that the 7th caller will have the Last Laugh by negating three of the voters on Thursday night's live show.

I'm not someone who wears a tin hat and bitches and moans about Production conspiracy theories, but I do realize that they can time Kathy's 7th call based on who happens to be standing near the phone.  And this is where the dilemma comes in.

Earlier this week Shelli was planning to put Liz on the block during the PoV ceremony.  And we all groaned at that.  Because even though Da'Vonne is Great TV and we all love her, there is no way they would try to save her and sacrifice the Twin Twist by sending Liz home.

But Shelli changed her mind after realizing that enough of the house guests were wishy-washy on Liz to provide the possibility that they could be persuaded to keep Da'Vonne and give Liz the boot.  So now Shelli is planning on nominating Meg Maley.

Yes, Meg Maley.

I'm sure Production loves Meg, and all of her funny moments in the house (She's a Friend of Frankie for god's sake!), but I think they'd rather have Da'Vonne in the house since she presents the opportunity for arguabley the best DR sessions of all time, as well as explosive conflict with the likes of Audrey, Shelli and Clay.

You know what would be the most interesting outcome this week?  If Jason won the Last Laugh, because Meg and Da'Vonne are both his girls in the house.  I've heard him say that although he loves Day, he knows she may need to leave this week.  But he said that in front of Meg.....he might feel differently if he can be the one to save Da'Vonne.

It's always good to leave a bigger target in the house, and Day might just be that for Jason.  But would negating three votes be enough to save Da'Vonne this week?  I think it might, if they have enough time to work the votes.

Steve's grooming habits were a topic for discussion yesterday.  Becky was talking about her hair color, saying she used to spend a ton of money on hair color and/or highlights.  She claimed that she would no longer be doing that, planning to just "let it go gray whenever that will happen".

Steve then shared that he has a "blonde spot" on the back of his head, and says he can't remember which of the guys told him to stop shaving in the BB house.  I think he said this is the first time he's let his beard grow out, and he wasn't sure how long he would keep it like this.

Clay immediately jumped up and gave Steve some Important Advice on how to start trimming it so that he could keep it long term.

Clay:  We can go do that now!  Want to go do it now?

Steve:  No.  I don't want to go do that now.

This led to a very detailed discussion of Clay pointing out exactly where and how Steve should shave now....something about shaving his neck up to a certain point.  Clay pointed out the exact point where Steve needed to shave, and Steve proceeded to ask him for clarification at least three times.

If Steve Moses wasn't Steve Moses, I would have thought he was effing with Clay and making fun of the advice.  But of course Steve was just being earnest and triple-checking to make sure he understood the instructions.

Then the topic returned to Steve's blonde spot.  Becky has seen it, and she says it's no big deal.

(By the way, that is the real deal maple syrup on the counter...not a cheap imitation-flavored variety.)

Shelli Poole had to come over and inspect Steve's head to see for herself.  She tousled the back of Steve's head and then pronounced it to indeed be No Big Deal.

(Does anything feel better than someone running their fingers through your hair at a random point in your day?)

Liz was talking to a small group in the backyard and had a wardrobe malfunction.  She knew it immediately and made the mistake of alerting the live feed crowd while it was happening.

So, that's out there now. But it wasn't too bad.  I don't post that kind of stuff here, but it's out there.

I don't think The Twin cares too much, but she clearly tried to mitigate damages.  I guess she will need to share this information with The Other Twin when they switch places in the DR this week.  Because you can't have people talking about a Nip Slip and "not remember", right?

Meanwhile Audrey was having a different type of wardrobe malfunction, wearing that hideous top.  Maybe she borrowed it from someone, but it was still a big fashion crime.  If Kathy Griffin hadn't either quit or been fired from E!'s Fashion Police (depending on who you ask), her first phone call may have been to demand Audrey cease and desist from wearing that unflattering rag.

And while we're talking grooming, Vanessa discussed her "flat" hair with Audrey yesterday.  She does need some lift and volume at the top, right?  But maybe a bandanna and sunglasses would take care of that.

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