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Clean Up on Camera 1 - Other Stuff That Happened Yesterday (Besides the Twin Drama) #BB17

There was so much hoopla over the Twin Twist situation yesterday that some other stuff kind of passed by the wayside.  I will include it here, along with any other newsy tidbits that come to mind.

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OK.  Let's go.

In the wee hours of Monday morning, Da'Vonne took her turn in the "Hot Seat" on the "Jeff & Austin Show".  Or the podcast, or whatever they are calling it.  As much as I hate to compliment Jeff, I have to say he does a very good interview and is good about asking follow-up questions that really delve into the issue.

Da'Vonne really went there, and started to cry when talking about how her father abandoned her and never really spent any time with her.  I think his name is Kevin.  She also talked about "Pooter", who is also known as James, who has been her love interest back home for years.

(I'm pretty sure this is the guy who is Cadence's father whom she told Big Jeff she just broke up with during her pre-season interview.  But clearly the relationship is not over and done with.)

Her voice broke as she said she knows she has a really tough exterior, but explains that she puts that out there so that no one can hurt her as bad as her father did.  And she has been thinking about James while she has been in the BB house.  James is very affectionate with her, but she has not really been able to reciprocate like he'd like her to.  She's been reflecting on that and is looking forward to seeing him again because she feels she has a better understanding of what he needs.

A "caller question" really tried to lift the room because everyone was tearing up, so they asked what her dream vacation would be.

Day:  I'd like me and James and Cadence to be on an island together, with little Cadence's tiny toes in the water.  Just the three of us...a family.

Jeff:  When is the last time you've taken a vacation with him?

Day:  Never.  (the crowd gasps, as they know she's been with James for over 8 years)  But remember that I just had a baby 7 months ago, but still...we've never been able to take a vacation.

Jeff:  Why?  Were there scheduling differences or financial issues?

Day:  Yes.

Becky is smiling here when she pictures little Cadence playing on the shore....not because of Da'Vonnes family drama, just so you know.

Before leaving the stage, Day addresses us on the live feeds and told the girls watching to never let their daddy or man issues keep them from trying to reach their dreams, that they are worth it, and should never feel otherwise.

This was a very powerful moment and everyone got teary-eyed again.

Before I forget, I want to point out that Austin thinks like, dude, Jeff is his bro now that Jace is gone and like, all of the drama is like, over between them.  But Jeff is openly derisive of Austin in the house, and has frequently been imitating him using a very "gay voice", often "ordering" fruity cocktail beverages.  I think Austin has heard him do this a time or two, but I'm not sure.

Jackie actually spoke on camera a few times yesterday, and it is refreshing to see her wear clothes that cover over half of her body.

I heard Becky say some interesting things one time about Jackie's show girl job.  Apparently a woman who is Jackie's boss at work (or was her boss, not sure) is a real unpredictable bitch, and will just fire the girls seemingly on a whim every week or so, and then re-hire them again the next day.  Becky used this story to justify Jackie's daily routine of putting on full makeup every morning.  I think most of the girls may have started doing that for the live feed cameras, but most of them have backed off on that, putting most of their cosmetic energy now into getting ready for the ceremonies and live shows.

So does Jackie wear those big showgirl headdresses in her show?  With pasties or maybe topless?  I would think that it wouldn't be too scary, since there are so many of the other show girls on stage with you doing the exact same thing, in sync.  As opposed to being the only stripper on the pole.  Not that Jackie is a stripper.....just trying to put myself in her strappy high heels to understand her life better.

(If she would talk about herself more, I wouldn't need to do that...)

Jason and Meg are eagerly awaiting the end of their Have Not week.  A day or so ago, Production confiscated all of the extra pillows and blankets they had relocated to the Have Not room, making life just a little tougher in that dentist's office.

Meg told the crowd that she wore this exact outfit for what sounded like the BB semi-final audition process.

Meg:  They thought I looked like a fattie in it, so the next day I wore a little crop top so they could see me.

Jason was shocked at this, because Meg is so slim.  Jason also says Production told him he is the smallest male player they have ever cast.

Jason:  Andy Herren looked like he had a gut on him....I think he used to carry more weight as a child.  But Ragan (ugh) was always very trim and lean.

And Jeff still has a DadBod.  And he seems to be in every alliance, trying to boss people and call the shots, and no one seems to be putting all the pieces together.

But Jeff's time will come. It always does.  Unfortunately it may be his time as HoH sooner than his time to sit in the nomination chairs.  Just a guess.

(Also, there is NO WAY Production can expose what a PIG Jeff is when he talks about women.  Let's not forget Jeff has been on TWO PRIMETIME CBS programs in the last year.  And they fucking set him up on a blind date!  So no way will they expose Jeff as someone who talks openly about banging and double-teaming and salad tossing the other contestants.  Just sayin'.)

This picture was such a happy accident for me.  I was just trying to snap a shot of Clay counting on his fingers and this is what I got.  I apologize to the entire Honeycutt family because surely this is not a gesture that Clay Honeycutt had ever done on the reg.

(Shout out to my Home Boy Frank Eudy.  Love, love Frank the Tank.)

Jeff and his DadBod were actually perched on the bed talking to Shelli and Clay about the vote this week, and I guess Clay thinks they will be #1.  Or something like that.

Shelli and Vanessa met in the backyard to work out in the morning.  And these girls weren't messing around.  They ran sprints as hard as they could, and also did interval training exercises that they learned from Clay and Austin.


When the Twin Twist info was exposed, and the information was splashing all over the house, I heard Da'Vonne say several times that "Vanessa CAN NOT know this!".  She was very clear on this thought.  But let's get real....if Shelli, Clay, Jason, Da'Vonne, Meg, Jeff, Jackie and Steve all know a "secret", how long is that "secret" going to last?

Well, I didn't hear Shelli share the info with her friend Vanessa, but I watched Steve wake up Vanessa from a nap last night on BBAD to tell her about the Twin Twist.

Yes, Steve Moses squealed to Vanessa.  But they have a secret alliance that is all fresh and shiny, and they plan to keep it a secret.  As Steve pointed out to her, all of the best alliances are those that are not apparent on the surface, using Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy from BB3 as proof.

Steve came up with the alliance name...S.O.S, for "Students of Sound", and Vanessa came up with the hand motions of conducting a little symphony.

So Steve came in and abruptly woke Vanessa up and as expected, was not exactly the best orator for the information.  He had to keep repeating it, and said "this is what is being said in the house, so I'm telling you to build trust".

Vanessa was like "what the fuck?  why the fuck would they have twins switching out?" and Steve had to keep repeating the info about BB5 and the Fitness Twins.  I'm sure Steve is in DESPAIR that he was not the SuperFan who discovered this twist, which has been right under their own noses every day.

I later saw Vanessa munching her way through a bag of microwave popcorn, sitting and staring at the picture wall.  And then Cruella the Skinny Mean Twin came and sat by her at the table.  Uh huh.  Don't think Vanessa isn't calculating the percentages of the house guests who apparently know all about the Twin Twist and didn't tell her....because she is.  She's going to Flop them and send them Down the River.  Or however the sayings go...

Also....Rebel Steve also apparently told Becky about it....and told Becky to tell Johhny Mac.  I haven't seen that with my own eyes, but how great would it be if Audrey is the last to know?  Ha ha ha ha ha.


I took a picture of Jackie from another angle for you, but unfortunately my damn watermark covered up the best part.  Sorry!  I will try to be more considerate next time.  You can take my word for it, Jackie looks great.   And Clay never so much as sneaks a look at the "assets" of the girls like Jackie or Becky.

Nope.  Not Clay.

In the first week of the game, I heard Da'Vonne discussing this with Jason, noting that it wasn't natural for a guy like Clay to have eyes only for an older gal like Shelli, with those other hot bitches in the house.

Day:  And he don't even look at Jackie or Liz....not even a glance.

They discussed the idea that maybe Shelli wasn't really 33, after all.

Day:  No.  I've seen her up close...she looks old.  She's 33.

Then they discussed the idea that maybe Clay isn't really just 23, after all.

Day:  Maybe that's why he's always putting on face cream in the mirror.

Jason:  And not looking at Jackie and Liz is how an older man would act, not how a 23 year old would behave.

(We can mock this conversation, but these two observant house guests are the ones who broke the whole Thickems and Cruella story this week.  They're watching.  And talking.)

And then it was HoH picture time.  There was some FISH involved at first.  Apparently Production wanted everyone to participate this week.

Vanessa had a wicked case of food poisoning the night before, but she put on her smiley game face and got in a few of the pictures.

Da'Vonne and Jason took a few together, and Day was getting emotional already about her friendship with him.  I think she has a shot at staying this may be a long shot, but she does have a chance.

Vanessa told her yesterday that she "has a tool to stay...she just has to find it and use it".  I think that tool is Meg's popularity and strong bonds with guys like James, who is not exactly going to win Most Popular in that house.

Meanwhile, Cruella don't care.  She's just there to get her Sports Illustrated contract, according to Jason.


  1. I agree there were lots of missed opportunities this week, but I also enjoy the irony that Audrey is one of the last to find out about the twins!
    Is "Cruella the Skinny Mean Twin" actually Liz or Julia? You'd think after all that antisocial sunbathing, she would be noticeably more tan than the other one.

  2. The house has it all worked out-- Liz is the friendlier, "thicker" twin (they SAY her booty is bigger), who first entered the house with them, and "Cruella" is Julia.


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