Thursday, July 2, 2015

Clay's Good Deed Gets Punished. Well, Sort Of. #BB17

Some of you know I love to watch the celebration when the Have Nots are finally allowed to eat.  It always happens at midnight, and in the early weeks of the game there is much preparation and anticipation over the feeding frenzy.

So I tuned in at 11:45 pm, and there was much sizzling and banging of pots and pans in the kitchen, as Clay seemed to be working to turn out a big meal.  But the cameras were on Jeff and James, as James went on an on about how Jace was a douchebag, and how he fucked himself over in the game.

Note that they had some sort of "BB Prom" in the backyard a little earlier, and Jeff won Prom King, so that is why he is all dressed up, wearing a foil crown.

Jeff rehashes some of Jace's antics in the last day or so, including him going up to a large group of house guests and telling them this was the "worst season of Big Brother ever" due to no one's ability to maintain an alliance with anyone.

At the time, Jace was angry at Austin and Liz, too, and lashing out at everybody.  Just take a look at Austin's memory wall is just so awesomely bad and perfect, all at the same time.

Jeff just goes on and on and on about Jace, while James just "uh huhs" him repeatedly.

Take a damn seat, Jeff.  You might be the next Audrey around there if you can't learn to shut your mouth.  We get it, Jace is going home.

(Or is he? I think Jace will be leaving, but I'm not positive about it.  He's certainly made a last minute push to stay.)

Meanwhile the cameras flash over to Jace, who is reading his Bible all alone in the lounge area.

OK Jeff. give it a rest.

Becky is making herself useful in the kitchen, fetching things when asked.

People start getting excited when they hear there are 8 minutes left.  The Have Nots hover around and start to strategize about their eating plans. There are turkey burgers and steak, and baked potatoes are in the oven.

Someone is putting bacon on their burger, and Vanessa wants to get in on that action.

Austin checks the potatoes in the oven, saying they feel done enough to him.  (Nothing is worse than starting to load up your baked potato with goodies and finding out the center is still hard.)

I would feel more comfortable if Austin would wear a hairnet in there, or at least a pony or beard tail.

Liz moves down the hall beaming in her prom gown, followed closely by Steve.  She lived the Have Not life this week and she's ready to eat.

Liz:  YUM!

Steve announces that they should all let the Have Nots build their plates first, before the rest of them descend on the platters of food.   But Vanessa and Austin are already way ahead of Steve.  I don't see Da'Vonne she in the DR now?  Because I know she is ready to shred some food....

Johnny Mack just sits, basically, laughing when something is funny.

Meg was crowned Prom Queen tonight.  I mean, obviously.  Duh.

Jackie doesn't seem to shine socially when she's in groups.  I don't think she knows the Art of Chatter.  Who is she friends with in there?  Anybody?  It's kind of ironic if she gets to stay this week, because the people who have failed to build relationships are often the ones who are booted first.

Jace has built a lot of bad relationships, but at least he has them, right?

And Johnny Mack is often alone, too.  But he seems to be everybody's favorite quirky house guest in there.  People seem to perk up when he comes in the room.

Jason fixed his hair differently for the Prom.  Meg likes it, but it sounds like Jason can't wait for things to get back to normal  Da'Vonne was indeed in the DR, and comes out with only a minute or two to spare before midnight.

Jason:  Day!  Come make your fucking plate, girl!  Go get your life, bitch!

(But in a nice way..)

Clay also made spaghetti and meatballs.  The excitement is building as someone yells it is 11:59.

Liz has her burger in her hands, ready to go and Vanessa giggles.

Liz: I'm not even joking!

They made it.  They're giddy.

Finally, it's time.  It's midnight and the long Have Not week is over.

Liz:  Mmmm.  Mmmmm.  Mmmm.

Vanessa: Oh my god.  No one talk to us for like 10 minutes.

Liz:  Mmmm.  Mmmm.  Don't talk to us...we're eating.  Oh my god Clay I'm obsessed with all this.

Meg congratulates everyone on making it through the Have Not week.

Liz:  I know!  I didn't even cheat.  I can't believe  it.

Everyone continues to talk about Austin's plate, and how there is enough food on it for two plates, but of course the cameras do not give us a shot of that.  I think they change crews at midnight, so this moment is always short changed by Production, in my opinion.  I would have liked to see a Pro Wrestler's buffet plate after a week of starvation.

Vanessa:  Damn.  I just ate that burger in one minute.

Someone:  Yeah...gone in 60 seconds.

Becky:  No, it was two minutes.  It's 12:02  now.  (#BeckyUpdate)

Becky likes the pasta sauce and the fish.

So everyone is eating, and telling Clay that he outdid himself in the kitchen.  Clay starts to say that "when he's a Have Not..." and all of a sudden everyone starts squealing and running.  Apparently BB told them to check the storage room.

They expected wine, and said it was great timing.

Check out Becky, running like the house is on fire.  They all crowded in the room and said "they brought us food".

Shelli, squealing:  CHINESE!!!  THEY BROUGHT US CHINESE!!!

There is a note on the food that says the Live Feeders sent them the Chinese food.  Apparently they've all been talking about wanting Chinese food all week and think we heard them.

(Well, that may be, but that's not the case.  If that makes sense.)

Shelli:  They've been watching us!  They heard us!

They start grabbing the containers and taking them in the house.  I didn't hear anyone bitch about not getting any booze, but I'm sure that will come up, sooner or later.

Sorry Clay.  The live feeders apparently don't give a crap about all of your cooking efforts.

(I'll bet that's the last time anyone does any elaborate cooking for the end of Have Not week.)

Jace walks in last to get his suitcase, looking morosely over at the counter where the food was.  Jace is going through an Eeyore phase, apparently.

Meanwhile in the kitchen there is a lot of excitement, as everyone returns to their initial plates to apparently shovel down that food before digging into the Chinese food.  People are screaming to be heard.


(So at least she appreciates Clay's work.  But she's also said it isn't fair that Old Shelli is poaching the young guys in the there's that.)


Day is thrilled because some dish with peppers that she's been talking about is there.

Day: And beef with broccoli?  Ya'll just don't understand.

They keep thanking us and saying they love us.  That's probably going to change at some point, right?

Someone yells out (Jackie maybe?) that they love In'n'Out and that is what they want if they are a Have Not.  They even yelled out their order---blah blah blah Animal Style no onion.

Da'Vonne:  That In'n'Out line at the drive-thru be around the corner!


You know who the real winners are here, don't you?  The ANTS.  Because, slobs.

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