Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Chaos Erupts as The Twin Twist Secret Hits the Mainstream #BB17

I can honestly say the live feed footage from about 2:30 am BBT right up through at least 4:30 am BBT is some of the most fun I've ever had watching the live feeds.  I literally laughed out loud so many times and I'm not the type who does that willy nilly.

I'll try to give you a flavor for it, but if you have the live feeds you need to flashback and watch, or pray it shows up on You Tube someday.  Some of it will surely show up on the CBS show, but I can't imagine CBS will air all of the comments that are unfairly critical of the Twins' bodies.  Maybe their personalities, but not their bodies.

(I have to admit it is very funny to me, but I know it could be construed as cruel and I am sorry for that.  Blame Jason and Da'Vonne, who need their own comedy show. So forgive me in advance for being honest about what was said by the HG, and for probably cracking up again as I remember it. )

OK.  So Da'Vonne and Jason sat on the patio and tried to strategize about what could happen with the Twin Twist.  Because of course, Da'Vonne figured it out earlier in the week, and came clean to Jason earlier in the day when she was positive about it, and just couldn't hold it in any longer.  (You can read about that, and a bunch of other crap, here.)

The two of them kept having little moments when they would realize something they forgot that proves that there are two twins in the house, and they love how delicious it all is.

Before the end of the "scene", Da'Vonne and Jason were joined by James, Jackie, Jeff, Meg and Steve. And later in the house by Clay and Shelli.

They all kept calling them "The Fat One" and "The Skinny One".  Later Da'Vonne realized it wasn't nice to say that, so they switched it to "Thickems" and "Skinny", or some version of those names.  "Thickems" and "Cruella" were also used, because they all agree that the skinny one is a bitch who is unfriendly much of the time.

Jason:  Thickems is here to play this game....but the skinny one is just here to get an SI contract, laying in the hammock putting her butthole right up in the camera.

As Jason said things like that, other people would gasp and realize that yes, Liz's behavior did change regularly.  When Jeff joined them on the patio, Jason told Day that they had to wait to tell him until Meg was there, because she begged them to wait for her so she could be there to watch.  (Because they told Meg earlier in the day, apparently.  If James knows, then Meg is going to know, too.)

Jeff had a hard time accepting the truth, but he gradually came around.  A few tidbits:

*  Jason:  Jeff, think about it!  One has a booty, and the other has a booty that runs into thighs!
*  Jason:  Austin must be dumb as shit!  (Yes, I've said that...)
*  Jason:  Today she had on those jeans with the cut out holes in them.  I told her I liked them, but her skin was coming right out of the holes!  Then she went in the DR and came out with loose jeans!
Meg:  I did notice that she looked heavier sometimes...
*  Jason:  I told the skinny one the other day that she was looking really good and she was like "What the fuck" to me!
*  Jeff and James remembered that at times they would see "Liz" and be like, "Damn!  She looks good today!" and now they realize why.  Day assured them both that she just can't go in the DR and come out skinny like Jason.
*  Jason: We might have triplets in here!  A Mini-Cooper, an SUV and a mid-size!
*  Day:  The thin one has silky straight hair.  But Thickems' hair is sorta poufy.

They all agreed that they liked Thickems better, and that Cruella could be an unfriendly bitch:

*  Jason:  When I was upset the other day, Thickems came over and comforted me for an hour, telling me I could count on her, and the other one has never spoken to me!
*  Day:  The skinny one never says much to anybody...she just goes over to the hammock and rocks her bikini!
*  Jeff:  Thickems doesn't like Austin much, and said she would get rid of him.  She's grossed out by him.  But the other one is sitting with him every night!

They also noticed other behavioral changes:

*  Day:  And Thickems loves to play pool...she'll be at the damn pool table all night!  And the other one won't even walk over there!
*  During the Jeff and Austin "talk shows", Thickems would stand up and ask questions as "Ellen", but when they tested her earlier in the day, Cruella didn't know the name "Ellen" until Jackie "fucked up and fed it to her". (Jackie: Oh, I'm sorry.  Day:  No, it's okay...we got enough.)
*  Jeff:  No wonder that one is so stand-offish.  She didn't even laugh at my jokes!
*  Day:  Notice how short her work out session was today with Austin....Thickems be out here all night sweatin' her life away, but the skinny one don't do that.
*  Jeff:  I like the thick one better.
Everyone:  We all do!
*  Thickems wears the "damn cat beanie" every day, but the other one never wears it.

Steve came out, and they broke the news to him, too.  As a BB SuperFan, he was familiar with the BB5 Twin Twist, but he needed "several coats of paint" before he even began to accept the truth.  He got really caught up in the fact that one of the girls has bright green eyes---Day took him in to the memory wall to show him the eye color in that picture.  She realized that the memory wall picture displays half of each twin's face, and goes crazy.

Clay and Shelli saw everyone rush to the memory wall on the HoH Spy Screen, and came downstairs to get in on the story.  Shelli seemed to absorb it quickly, but was horrified at the "Fat One" and "Skinny One" descriptions.

They examined the picture on the wall, and could easily tell that there were two different facial shapes, and two different eye shapes.

James:  What girl would walk around with her eyebrows looking like that?

They want to have A Twin in the "hot seat" on the talk show tonight, and really grill her good to see if they can break her.

Really, it's the kind of thing that once you realize it, it's hard to believe you never noticed it.  Right now they plan to not tell anyone else (Right, like that will happen.) and just evict A Twin the first week possible.

Jason explained to them how the BB5 Fitness Twins screwed up everybody's alliances after they were both in the game.  For example, Natalie claimed all promises made were made by her sister Adria, and not her.

That scared the crap out of all of them....


  1. Oh Wow, Allison Grodner must be pulling all of her hair out, lol ... :-)

  2. I know, right?

    But at least they still have Audrey---this little situation has bought her some time. And I'm pretty sure she'll regroup and go crazy again at some point.

    And if the BB schedule was set up to bring Julia into the game, they will ned to start putting evictees in sequester so they can add another house guest in a few weeks.

    1. Even if Liz gets evicted, I wouldn't be surprised if they just put Julia in the house anyway. There's nothing that says they can't do that. Like you said, they can't really afford not to have the other twin come in - they need that extra eviction.

  3. Thick-ems is the new word from BB17. So funny to watch those hours. I sure wish Day could stay in the house. Her and Jason together really are fun.

    1. Right!!! I so agree with you!

  4. Fluck street talking Day and pussy talking Jas - enough of both of them - dump em now. Plus fire Allison Godner worst producer the show has had!

  5. Honestly, I would call a house meeting and out her in front of the whole house (because that would be better for viewers than keeping it a secret) and then tell her to go in there (DR) and ask them if she can tell them her name so they know who they're dealing with every other day. Entertainment at its best. And if BB was smart, if the whole house ends up knowing, then it's better for BB and the twins to let them play individually. They could, none has been evicted.

  6. Does is say she gets evicted if they find out or just that they have to last 5 evictions?

  7. Every time they have an early twist houseguest. Like the sabature or americas player. It alwasys ends early. Even joey who w as the the first member if team amerca became the first one out. Its a curse...


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