Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bro Code #435 - Forgive Bros Who Have Bro'ed Out Against You. #BB17

Jace and Jeff's bromance has been there and back and now they've patched it up and are ready to move on.  If we get to see Austin hit the bricks on Thursday, will they show him the same welcome?  Will they want to be seen in public with him?

They need to hook up a Big Brother live event at a sports bar or something.  Get a percent of the action.  I'm sure Jeff knows how to negotiate the swag.


  1. Wait, what?? Liz kissed Austin? Did I miss something?

  2. who's more delusional at this point Caleb or Austin? Lol

  3. Austin grabbed Liz'f face and kissed her. It's not her fault, but I do blame her for letting him grope her. Once that horse is out of the barn it's hard to shove it back in there.

    She could have taken a cue from Shelli and told Austin that she wanted to wait until the game is over, to make it special or something.

    And Brian, Caleb wound NEVER behave like Austin does with Liz. I can understand making the comparison, but no. Just no.


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