Thursday, July 9, 2015

***BREAKING NEWS OVERNIGHT*** Vanessa Meets Julia and Hatches a Plan #BB17

Can't we just have one night when everything doesn't go topsy turvy in this damn house?

Just's the best thing ever, but it's just wreaking havoc on my day job.

OK.  The high points.

After 2:00 am, we see Vanessa and "Liz" in bed, whispering.  They're talking about all of the chatter about the Twin Twist in the house.

Vanessa:  Is it true?

Liz:  I can't believe I'm saying this...

Vanessa:  You can trust me...on my life in this game.

Liz:  It's true....oh my god I've been dying...I'm going to start crying...I don't know...

Vanessa:  I'll protect you....I'll figure this out...

Vanessa:  Look...I don't know which one you are,....but I'm trying to help you.  I'll protect you, but I'm hoping that when your sister comes in here she works with me and you and Austin...and maybe Shelli.  But they noticed one of you has a birthmark on your back, and you and your sister, or whatever the fuck need to figure that out!

(Ha ha ha love, love, love Vanessa)

Liz:  OH NO!  OH MY GOD!

Vanessa:  Just give me your word that you and your sister will be loyal and work with us.

Liz:  OK, well I'm not fucking Liz!

(Well, I should hope not.)

Liz:  My name is fucking....

There is a sound outside the door and they both stop.

Vanessa:  Your name is fucking?

They crack up.

Liz:  My name is ...I can't believe I'm saying name is Julia....another "J" name.

Vanessa:  Nice to meet you!

And tidbits such as these:

*  Vanessa told her "you CAN NOT trust Day....she's the one who's telling everybody..."
*  Julia said, "that's what I've heard...."
*  Vanessa told her that Day is really good, and noticed things the first time they switched out but didn't say anything.
*  Julia summarized her "secret" conversation with Day, and how she said she was trying to protect her.  She knows she can't trust her now.
*  Julia said they were supposed to switch out today, but didn't.  (We knew it!  We knew it!)  Julia said she's been in the house since Monday.
*  Vanessa said she noticed little things that seemed strange, but didn't put it together until someone told her.  She wouldn't tell Julia who told her, but we know Steve told her first, and then Shelli told her later, but Vanessa pretended she didn't already know.
*  Vanessa told her that "one of you sleeps more than the other, and I'm sure you did that to avoid talking".  Julia said that was her, the sleeper.
*  Vanessa says that she almost got caught at the Hot Seat last night, when she said she didn't want to discuss her bad blind date.  She says Liz already told the story in great detail without hesitation, and also mentions the whole "Ellen" situation and Julia says she knew that was a problem.
*  Vanessa says that Liz also says the word "boned" a lot, and Julia never says it.
*  Vanessa said, "it's not three of you, right?" and Julia said they were just twins, and swore she would be loyal to Vanessa.
*  Neither of them think Austin knows, and they kind of snorted about that.
*  Vanessa told her to tell Austin that he CAN NOT TRUST JEFF, because Jeff is always talking about how he plans to stab Austin in the back.
*  Vanessa: And you need to wear hats more, because you have longer roots than she does...and you need to eat more, because you are thinner.  (Julia:  Oh my god I know!  I know!)
*  Vanessa:  You need to tell your sister in there (the DR) that she needs to eat less, and you need to eat more...drink some shakes or some shit.  And you need to do something about that birth mark.  (Julia;  Oh my god I have that ugly birthmark!  And it's going to screw me!)  Well, you can't wear the bikini anymore....(silence from Julia, as that news sinks in).
*  Vanessa says she needs to think about it, but maybe the best thing would be to trust Shelli with this, and then start saying things like they checked the birthmark, and don't think they are really twins or something.
*  Julia said that Shelli is a sorority sister, so she feels that is a bond.  Vanessa said that next to Day, Shelli is probably the most observant house guest, so they need to have her on their side to get through all of the speculation.

(Damn Vanessa is good.  I feel sorry for her future children, trying to get away with shit.)

*  When Julia told her they needed to go five weeks before both of them can play BB, Vanessa kind of hit her forehead with her fist....because that is a long, long time from now.
*  Vanessa says they need to use that as a weapon, and a bargaining tool.

(I just want to stress that Day's game has been very messy, but everything could have been different if she confided in Vanessa when she had the chance, and then the two of them could have executed this whole "weaponize the Twins" move instead of letting Jason tell everybody about it.  Even though Day first broke the news to Jason RIGHT IN FRONT OF JAMES.)

While they were talking, Jackie came in and turned on the light.  They pretended to be whispering and giggling about how "Liz" didn't want to have to snuggle with Austin that night, and switched beds to avoid it.

Right before Jackie came in, Vanessa started talking about Jason, and I think she was going to say that every time "Liz" is called to the DR Jason plans to sit right there by the door, waiting to pounce.

The three of them (including Jackie) said that they thought Johnny Mac would be unhappy about the bed switch, because he usually sleeps where "Liz" is now.

(And who in the hell would want to share a bed with the gargantuan, hairy Austin?)

At one point Vanessa whispered that she can't trust Jackie, and Julia agreed.  I think they have already talked to Shelli by now, and Shelli was into it, wanting to have another alliance member in Julia.

There are some other Big Events that happened last night, so I will end this here in order to learn more about those.  But you get the picture.....Vanessa is all over this Twin Twist, right where Da'Vonne should have been.

And don't forget that Vanessa also has a secret Final Two with Steve, that she's not including in this Liz-Julia-Austin-Shelli group.  In one week Vanessa went from being a crying loner to the fucking gangster that we expected her to be.

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