Saturday, July 11, 2015

Becky Will Cut a Bitch for an NBA Player #BB17

I think we need to have a special meeting about Becky.  As in, what the hell is Becky up to?

After the BoB, James and Johnny Mac were laying around in the bedroom.  They had both been nominated earlier today  by Vanessa, and they just lost the BoB competition.  Jeff was in the room for awhile, and he asked Johnny if he and James threw the BoB.

Johhny:  No....we didn't.

James:  We might want to start saying we did, because...

They both snickered....I guess Jason and Meg really tore up the competition and are now safe for the week. But meanwhile Becky is in the middle of the room stretching....and sighing....and talking about how sore she is.

Why?  She didn't play in the BoB?  Did she strain herself playing GronkPong?  No, I think she was just stretching.

Johnny Mac lost, and he's on the block, but he looks pretty calm to me.  Gronk promised that this week would be fun, so it sounds like the BoB was a foam party, with a number of swimwear-clad people acting as extras to go through some maze.

Johnny Mac: I hope I don't get sick....some of those bubbles might have gone in a bad place.

But upstairs, Jeff visited Austin in the HoH to rehash the competition and, how like totally awesome they are.  Note that Jeff is the backdoor target this week, but Austin is still pretending to be best buds with him as long as possible because Jeff is suddenly a virtual font of valuable information, now that Austin is HoH.  (Recently deposed, but still a good friend of the remaining HoH.)

Jeff's little cuddle buddy Meg won the BoB today, and now Jeff starts talking her up to Austin, saying she really likes Austin and he should spend more time with her.  Austin agrees, but wants Jeff to put in a word for him with Jackie, so he can get with her.

(Austin also told Vanessa that once Jeff was gone, he would have Jackie "all to himself".  I guess he's not too worried about his relationship at home anymore.  Apparently he is absolutely entranced with Jackie, whom he thinks resembles a vampire.  Or maybe Austin is the vampire who wants to bite her. I don't think anyone understands what Austin is talking about, they are probably just hoping Production properly analyzed the medical reports.  I'll admit, Jackie does look juicy.)

Jeff and Austin  are having trouble getting any action with the girls in this house.

Austin, with a leering grin:  These girls are waiting for Jury....but did you see their eyes light up when they saw the alcohol?  Becky wanted every last drop.

(I'm dying...dying.)

Jeff:  And how about Becky?  How is she not the biggest gold digger ever!

Austin: Yeah, because she only dates NBA players.

(Note that last week I heard James tell Audrey that Becky could not possibly make racist remarks, because she "dates black guys".  I saw no good reason to post that remark at the time, but that is what he said.  I heard later another guy say that Becky only dated "non-white" men, who were "CEO material", so I'm not sure if that is intended to be an expanded definition of Becky's target market, or a confirmation of the earlier speculation.)

Jeff:  But did you hear what she said outside?

Austin:  She said she'd self-evict for an NFL player.

(Like Gronk?  Who wouldn't?)

Jeff:  It's like, Becky first of all, you're not that hot.  And those guys can get whoever they want any day of the week.  You're Monday night at best.

And so on another camera, Becky Burgess is just putting on a little show for James and Johnny, as they talk about the various random people who were roaming about the backyard.

How is Becky's back so sore?  She didn't compete today,and Thursday's comp was basically beer pong. Why is she stretching like that in front of pervy guys like James and Jeff?

For the BoB foam party, there was some blonde chick in the backyard who thought Jeff was an extra like her, but then she found out that Jeff was a house guest, and had to stop talking to him.  She was supposed to give Jeff her sunglasses when he asked for them, but flirted with him at  first and refused to do it.

Jeff:  Do you think she was thirsty? That blonde?

Becky:  Well....she did come over there three times.

The feeds came back and forth as Becky talked about Production.  Apparently Becky had a little meeting with management about their grocery list.  She spoke to them about the amount of ground beef and roast beef they have been getting. No one really eats it, and the'd rather have chicken or turkey.

(They have so little use for the frozen tubes of ground beef that they use them for props on their "talk show".  And "Liz" made a roast beef sandwich earlier this week and noticed after eating it that the meat had been expired for a week  Liz tried not to think about vomiting for hours afterwords.  All of this is ammunition for Becky to prove that they house guests have more red meat than they need.)

(I wonder if Johnny Mac finds this interesting.  I think he might be more into the vampires like Austin.  I heard him say he'd "be into" the Suicide Girls look.)

And Becky likes to win, dammit.  Even if it's just a squabble over their grocery rights.

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