Monday, July 13, 2015

Austin and Vanessa: Is It Too Late To See Our HoH Room? #BB17

I know Vanessa and Austin won HoH about a million years ago (or Thursday night), but I wanted to do a little research about the items from home in their HoH rooms.  As you know, Austin and Vanessa came in first and second playing Gronk Pong during the live show, respectively, but Vanessa's nominations lost the Battle of the Block so she remains the HoH for the entire week.

Why do I care?  Well, I noticed a change in Austin this week.  Before, it seemed like he mentioned being attached to someone back home frequently.  I've never heard him talk about his girlfriend like other people do (exp: Vanessa), but I assumed Austin's Lady didn't want her specifics discussed on TV.  However, I have heard Austin allude to being attached outside the house, quickly mentioning that something may or may not be appropriate, and keeping an arm's length away from Trouble.

But things changed last week. Here are two specific examples:

1.  After the BoB comp, Austin was quite buzzed (along with everyone else) and he was extremely vocal about wanting to get with Jackie, and continued to pester Jeff for help with this well into the next day.  (See him with his hands on her here.)  The next day, Jackie told the other girls how creeped out she was by Austin, and how she had to sit his dark bedroom with him while he massaged her back for over an hour. (Did she really HAVE to do that?  He wasn't the HoH

2.  And you all know about Austin blowing a gasket after Liz chose to sleep downstairs with James in that crowded, stinky bedroom, rather than enjoying the relative privacy and luxury of Austin's HoH room.  You know, the one with the Fish Tank Table. (What a Sophie's Choice that would be, huh?)

So I wondered....did he hear something from his girlfriend, or NOT hear something from his girlfriend when he got his HoH room on Thursday night? Did Austin's outlook on his relationship status change in some meaningful way that we all need to know about?

I thought we would learn something from last night's CBS show, but all we really got there was a few camera shots of Vanessa's hot girlfriend.  And let's face it, that is what most of America wanted to see, along with the house guests.

In the picture below, this is everyone rushing over to see Vanessa's pictures the second the HoH door was unlocked  Vanessa has been talking about her hot girlfriend (and uses that term, too) but I'm sure everyone wanted to really see it to believe it.  So they all ran over there and ogled pictures of Mel and also Vanessa's two dogs Bear and Maverick.

And Austin had some baby pictures of himself.  Yep.  And some sort of family picture with his sister cropped out.

Austin:  My sister doesn't want to be on TV.

No girlfriend pictures.  And I didn't hear anyone ask about them, either.  But maybe they were too engrossed with the hot lesbian pictures.

Jackie wanted to know where in Las Vegas one of Vanessa's pictures was taken.  Vanessa named some park where she and Mel like to visit, and then practically gave out the intersection where she lives.  Jackie said she lives just down the street and wants to come over and visit. (Just wait until she sees that big mansion, huh?)

Liz:  Oh my god...I'm obsessed with Bear!

Bear is a dog that Vanessa and Mel got as a couple about a year ago.  He is a mastiff and will not be full-sized until he is two years old.

Vanessa skimmed her letter before reading it aloud but Austin was the one who read his letter from his family out loud first.

Everyone gathered around to listen.

I don't remember who Austin said wrote the letter (or IF he said who wrote it), but it sounded like it was his mom or dad or sibling.  There was a lot of talk about weight-lifting and how many pounds someone was able to squat.  Or lift.  Whatever.  ***yawn***

Then there was one line that was of interest:  "Jen sends her love.."

Austin:  Oh...good.  I guess I haven't done anything wrong yet.

And that was that. No other mention of his love interest.  Not at all.

But I do love the sky scene on the wall...if I ever have a beach house that will be the theme in one of the bedrooms.

Vanessa:  I'm so happy!

In contrast to Austin, Vanessa Rousso does have an officially legitimate significant other, so of course her letter is from her girlfriend Mel.  Not her mom, not her sister, but Mel.  If Vanessa wins multiple HoH competitions, she may get letters from those people, eventually though.

She started to read her letter and her voice broke a few times, particularly when Mel mentioned the dogs.

Vanessa, reading:  Bear sits and waits by the door for his mommy to come home almost every day.  And Bear is sitting here now with his nose on my hand as I try to write this letter.

The girls poked through Vanessa's HoH basket like it was a shopping trip.

Liz:  Oh!  She got little face masks!  She loves her face masks!

Austin got four bottles of beer and said he planned to chug all four that evening. Austin's CD is from Clay Aiken and everyone made fun of Austin for that. Austin said Clay's music really touched him and that he was one of his favorite artists.

Vanessa's CD is Moby's "Hotel".  He is one of her favorite artists, she says.

I'm not familiar with "Hotel", but I used to listen to Moby years ago. "Porcelain" is probably my favorite Moby song.  I've never seen the video before's kind of trippy.  I went to Amsterdam for Thanksgiving a few years ago and my friend and I went shopping while we were tripping on brownies. We were in the back of a clothing store that had mirrored walls and a rocking sound system when Porcelain started playing.  I remember dancing around and having fun until the strap on my friend's purse caught on one of the racks of clothes and knocked it over.  And then she fell right along with it....


  1. this is a Pic of Austin and his girlfriend... she's pretty... :-)

  2. Well, I'm not really sure we know that that is Austin's current girlfriend, but she is very pretty. And he looks almost normal, wearing normal clothes and keeping all that hair out of the way. How do we know that is not his sister?

    But I find the people in the background just as interesting, if not more.

    Where are they? A Bingo hall on a Tuesday night? The brunch buffet at a nursing home on visiting day?


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