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Audrey: Same Outfit, Same Old Crap, Different Day. #BB17

OK. So on Wednesday around 5:00 pm, Audrey emerged from her self-imposed exile and obviously tried to start playing again.  She came out of the WC and Jackie was nearby, primping (of course).  Jackie said hello to her and asked how she was doing.  At first I thought Audrey would ignore Jackie, but she finally whispered that she was fine.

And then it was game time.

Audrey:  So what's going on?  (wanting to know how the house was voting)

Jackie basically said that everyone was worried about her and hoped that she could leave the game with her head held high, a strong beautiful woman.

Jackie:  How is your health?  Are you okay?  Everyone has been worried about you and I hope you are feeling okay.

Audrey doesn't have time for small talk like that, and apparently feels no need to even refer to her crazy actions in the last few days.  She wants to get right back to the issues at hand.  She wanted to know if Vanessa planned to use the PoV from the beginning, and was Shelli in on it.

Audrey:  So, was it basically that thing with Jason?

Jackie said yes.

Audrey:  Why did Vanessa feel like she needed a reason to use the PoV?  Was it like it was with Jeff when she created a reason to put him on the block?

Jackie told her yes, that the plan was already out there, but after all of the drama went down it became clear that that was what needed to happen.  It was clear that Audrey was trying to get Jackie riled up about the Evil Vanessa, but Jackie didn't take the bait.

(And I know some of you are going to scour this picture for signs of Jackie's extensions.  I believe you all that they are there, but I just don't see them.  I need them to pop out of there or fall on the floor before I can spot stuff like that.)

Jackie:  I just want you to be able to walk out of here like the strong beautiful woman that you are.  Everybody wants that.  And you played a hell of a game...everybody thinks that.

I think Audrey thanked her for being honest, but I'm not sure.  Audrey gave her a half-a-half-a-hug, barely using one arm, and left the room.  I don't think that went the way Audrey wanted to to go.

She went back to her Dentist's Chair, passing Johnny Mac on his way out of the room.  They did not speak to each other.

A few minutes later Jackie and John were up in the HoH talking to Clay and Shelli.  Jackie described her interaction with Audrey, and Shelli and Clay were not surprised.  Shelli immediately started going on and on about how hard this week was on her, having to be the HoH, and that it is unfair for Audrey to make it seem like she planned to evict Audrey from the start.

Then Audrey appeared and asked Shelli to come talk with her.  Shelli got up and left.

Clay:  I have no words for her.

Jackie:  Shit!

They made their way down to the Hammock Room.  The house was eerily silent.  It must be nap time.

I heard that Austin was describing Audrey's look as "The Grudge".  (ha ha ha)

Audrey waited for Shelli to use the WC, and then got right into it.

Audrey, in a shaky voice: There's a few things that I want to clear up before I leave.  I thought you were my friend.  But I learned there was a big plan to get rid of me a long time ago.

Shelli:  That's not true, Audrey.

Audrey:  I feel that I've been most vulnerable to you, and it feels like you've put strings on those emotions, and spun them to make me feel bad about things.

Shelli:  Audrey that is so wrong!  Who has told you these things?

Shelli:  You've been saying to me that when I get home and watch the tapes, I'll see how wrong I am.  Well now I'm saying that to you, that when you get home and watch all of this, you will see that when I won HoH, I did not intend for you to go home.  You'll see that.

Audrey:  Well, I need to know. When you were on the hammock (?) and you heard that I said you and Clay needed to be split up, did that come from Vanessa's mouth?

Shelli:  No.

Audrey:  Well, who then?

Shelli:  Is this safe?  I don't know if I should say that or not.

Audrey:  Well, I'm already going home.

Now Audrey brings up things that Vanessa said in the HoH, about Audrey making a big move in the game.  Shelli doesn't remember that particular comment being said, and Audrey says that was said when Vanessa was yelling at her. She asked again if Vanessa is the one who told her about splitting her up with Clay and again Shelli said no.

Shelli:  Vanessa never said any word about you, any seeds of doubt.  She stayed very loyal to you.

Audrey:  Then why did Vanessa need a reason to justify using the PoV?

Shelli:  Audrey, you gave us a reason to use the PoV.  It' wasn't Vanessa.  This is where it's dangerous because I want to tell you everything that happened this week, but after we spoke yesterday and I heard the things that you said about me, and the way you spun my conversation around against me I am very worried about saying anything to you.

Now Audrey denies talking to anybody about Shelli, other than James to tell him about Sleeper Cell, and Jackie to try to talk about the vote, but Jackie said she liked both of them.

Audrey:  And after she said that I went and got on meds immediately.

Now Audrey describes how Vanessa went to Jackie to cover up her actions to frame Jeff and how Jackie thought that was so suspicious because Vanessa "hasn't spoken to her for the whole game".

Shelli is very calm and composed and starts telling Audrey about the things she has heard Audrey say about her in the game.  Audrey denies all of it, even blaming some of it on Jason.  Audrey admits to telling people that she was in an alliance with Shelli, Clay, Vanessa and Austin, along with "Austin's dime piece on the side".

(WTF? She can't say the name Liz?)

Now Audrey brings up how she knows Becky wanted to backdoor her during the Bicky-Shelli HoH week and is hurt that Shelli didn't tell her about that.  Shelli said she wanted Da'Vonne out, and everybody knew that, and that Day had attacked Audrey, too.

Shelli: Everybody knew that I cared for you, and never wanted to hurt you.

Now they go in circles again about the things Shelli heard, and the things Audrey denies.

Shelli: I really want to tell you this, not for you to blow up the house on your way out, but because if I were you I'd want to know, so..

Audrey:  I'm already dead.  I'm on Ativan.



Shelli says she knows that Audrey made a Final Two deal with Johnny Mac. 

Audrey:  I only promised to put in a good word for Johnny with you guys, if he watched my back as far as Steve is concerned.   But Johnny Mac is Jesus Christ in here so of course he wouldn't lie.  But I forget his name half the time in my DR's.


And so on.  Audrey loves to argue and claims she will leave the house knowing she is right.

Audrey:  I feel like I got screwed out of at least $50,000 and you got screwed out of $500,000.

Shelli:  And why is that?

Audrey:  Because you chose the wrong person to trust!  

It sounds like Audrey is trying to point fingers at Vanessa on her way out of the door.

Shelli: Didn't she save you last week Audrey?  Didn't she keep you safe?

Audrey:  She made my life a living hell, calling me up there and interrogating me.

Shelli:  Well, she was trying to be sure she could trust you....


I am ending here because I think it will be the same thing over and over and neither Shelli nor Audrey will change their way of thinking.  Audrey later said that she had "so much Ativan in her system that she is literally numb".

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  1. Austin, at times, looks like "Weird Al" Yankovic.


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