Thursday, July 30, 2015

And We're Back, as the House Guests Cling to The Cliff. #BB17

Julie said it would be a grueling endurance competition.  It's the classic "wall" competition, except they are hanging off a crumbling cliff.  The wall tilts forward, and there will be occasional stormy rain.  Of course.

And each house guest has a seagull on a stick that will periodically slam into their torso.  If history serves, this competition will go a long, long time and some of the seagulls won't make it.

***UPDATE**  I have been informed that the birds were eagles, a protected species.

Due to the angle of this competition, the shorter people have the advantage.  Previously house guests like Matt Hoffman and Danielle Murphree have won this, and Ian Terry almost won, but made a deal with Danielle that was actually a better move for him.  Big guys like Austin and Clay really don't have a prayer. Nor does Meg, who has arthritis and has recently had knee surgery.  I expect her to be off the cliff before the live feeds return, to be honest.

Shorter, lighter people like James, Jackie, and Shelli probably have the biggest advantage.  I think the Twins are going to be too tall to make it in the end, due to their height.  That is going to put a lot of pressure on Shelli, since she is likely to wind up trying to beat out people who will probably put her on the block.

The live feeds are back now, so let's kick back and enjoy this competition, which is truly a Fan Favorite.  Jackie has the Zen Face.

Liz promised Austin a kiss if he wins tonight.  Something tells me he won't get it.  The angle he has is just too difficult to maintain long term.  As the wall tilts he's already groaning "oh man...".

The set is stunning from this angle.

These are Becky's feet.  The ledge looks like it is a decent size.

Austin is adjusting his hands and saying this is hard for him.  The cameras close in on his discomfort.

Meg is still hanging in there, so I apologize for doubting her.  She's complaining, though.

Steve: I've been waiting a long time for stand on this ledge.

The birds swooped in and smacked them right in the chest.

Jackie:  My tits are on fire.

Meg:  They're fake!

Jackie:  I know, but that is brutal.  Can we go a little lower with the birds, please?

John: If it was lower it would kill the guys.  We'd drop off.

Jackie:  That's the idea.

James makes it look easy. He jokes, "anybody want to make a deal?"  No one bites, and not many laugh.

A sudden downpour drenches them.

Steve:  Keep it coming baby...keep it coming.

Planes fly overhead, and the machinery groans and clicks as the cliff tilts.

Clay:  I love it!  (then much lower) I really don't.

Shelli snickers.

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  1. Was this the "Helen was pushed" comp? I remember Dan, Danielle, and Ian doing this. Dan kept trying to make a deal, but it was obvious he still wanted to won. He had on that red shirt that, probably, the only time it was washed was during this comp.


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