Monday, July 20, 2015

An Unsatisfying End to a Day of Worried Speculation #BB17

OK.  So I'm sure you know the house guests have literally been waiting all day for the PoV Ceremony, but Audrey was M.I.A. for nearly 5 hours.  First she refused to get out of bed, (i.e. her Dental Chair) and then she went in the Diary Room and never came out.

Would she self-evict?  Was she hospitalized?  No one knew.

At first, this situation gave the cast a bonding moment, where they sat together this morning, waiting for the PoV ceremony.

Jason:  Every other week we've been a hot mess getting ready for this, but today we're ready and they're not.

So most of them gradually left the room in search of a good nap.  There was really nothing else they could do.

Steve Moses spent the afternoon having a really good conversation with Johnny Mac and Liz about all things reality TV.  They discussed previous seasons of BB, and Survivor.

And both Liz (really Julia at this point) and Johnny Mac really seemed to enjoy the conversation, asking follow up questions and getting into it.  Steve described how The Brigade broke Britney Haynes' heart, and how she said that she had ruined three months of her life only to go home empty-handed.

Steve said he understood that she felt she'd gotten played, but he would never feel like his time was wasted here.  He loves this game.

Johnny Mac told a story about how he left a Dan Brown concert as a storm broke out, and then he was stuck in a flood and had to abandon his car.

They also talked about Evel Dick leaving BB14 after getting his HIV diagnosis.  Johnny Mac says that you can't just tell someone they can't play the game because of that-----he knows the medical rules and you can't treat someone different if they have a disease.

Johnny Mac:  Ten years ago that probably would have freaked me out, but not now.....

(I think the problem is that Evel Dick didn't know he had HIV until told by Production.)

During the conversation, Liz recited the BB seasons she's seen...she saw BB2 "when it aired", then BB13 "with Porsche", BB10, BB15 and BB16.   Steve said that was a random assortment of seasons.

Then later they started talking about the Four Horseman and how Nakomis influenced the game, when Jase Wirey's name came up.

Liz: Oh!  Jase was the one with Holly!  I liked Jase.

(But Liz didn't say she watched BB5, which was the original Twin Twist season.)

Steve:  Did you see BB5 then?

***awkward silence***

Vanessa appeared from her nap and jumped in to the conversation, saying she watched all the seasons but can't remember names.  So she kind of bailed Liz out there, without knowing it.

Then this happened:

Vanessa:  So is she still in there?  Has anyone buzzed the door to get in?

Steve:  I have a bunch of times, but that was earlier.

Vanessa:  I need my meds, so I'll do it.

Suddenly they hear a door close behind the walls.

Everyone:  What was that?

Brave Vanessa gamely marches over to the door to investigate.

Jason and Meg aren't worried, or even aware that all of this is going on.  For all we know Meg is just an eager, slutty groupie who was hanging out in the lobby of the Whackstreet Boys' hotel.  Maybe the two of them are passed out on drugs.

All the kids are doing it.

Suddenly Audrey appears like an apparition, speaking to no one and making a beeline to the Have Not room, clutching a brown paper bag.  As soon as she's in there, she turned off the light.

It sounded as if she took the contents of that paper bag and spilled it out on one of the Dentist's Chairs.

I'm not saying it sounded like pills, but shit.  It sounded like pills.

And then that was it.


  1. Get rid of this creep. They don't need Audrey for the ceremony, decorate the chair, it will have more personality. This is obviously a ploy, so they need to put her up, even if it is in absentia.

  2. After I posted this, the feeds were FISH'ed out for an hour or more.

    Eventually they had the PoV Ceremony, but Audrey did not attend. As expected, Vanessa used her PoV to save Jason, and Shelli put Audrey on the block.

    I guess time will tell if Audrey can pull it together to continue life in the BB house and show up for the live eviction on Thursday.

    However she is feeling, being a Have Not is not helping things, I'm sure. The speculation is that she left the house for medical treatment.

  3. If she doesn't come out for the live eviction I suggest CBS wheel her out like Hannibal Lector.


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