Saturday, July 11, 2015

America's Voting - Did Jerky Jeff Really Jerk? #BB17

Well, if you care about this sort of thing, you probably  know that TMZ reported on Jeff's dirty business yesterday. You can see that here.

Today, they have included Jeff's little dirty deed in their daily poll, where the TMZ website readers can "be the judge".  As you can see, Jeff Weldon's picture didn't make the little montage below, but the poll about him is in the center square.  And you can see where Jeff stands at the moment....America thinks he s a Jerking Jerk-off.

Right now Jeff is a loser right along with the likes of Ariana Grande and Jared from Subway.  So you could say Jeff has really made it.  You can cast your vote here.

But Mark Cuban is not a loser.  Hell no.  I would leave Gronk for Mark Cuban.  I mean, duh.

If you don't know, Ariana Grande made a boo boo last week when she was caught on camera  licking donuts before they went in the display case, and then saying she hated America as well as it's many fine American people. Apparently it's all a big misunderstanding, and Ariana is sorry about those contaminated pastries, and for being a horrible person.


Let's just take a moment to remember just a few of the important stories TMZ has covered that touch our Big Brother universe.

*  TMZ reports that Frankie Grande is a self-important douche, who has an important sister.

*  TMZ reports that Jocosta's family hates Frankie Grande, and probably his family, too.

*  TMZ reports that Gina Marie wants to get nekkid and get paid, ya'll. (How did that work out for her?)

*  TMZ reports that Aaryn Gries...well, you know....she has bad pageant hair.

*  TMZ reports that Aaryn Gries is down with the swirl.

*  TMZ reports that fresh from being expelled from the BB house, Willie Hantz is booked into another Big House.

*  TMZ reports Evel Dick gets beat up, and is evicted from Ireland.

I'm sure it was all a big misunderstanding.

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