Sunday, July 19, 2015

Altercation! Altercation! Not Quite Fights, But Contentious None The Less. #BB17

This isn't the Main Event's just a warm up battle between Clay and Audrey.  I tuned in and watched them bicker at each other, simmering and almost at a boil, about the lies Audrey has said about him and Shelli.  And everyone else, for that matter.

On another camera, Julia roots around in the fridge, cruising before choosing.  While she moves around the silent kitchen, the cameras show a flash of Austin.

Like this.

Austin is sitting and listening to Clay and Audrey argue.  Whenever Audrey tries to bring him into it, he bows out, saying he's just listening.

(He's probably fantasizing about rescuing Liz from a moatful of dragons, but until humans think in thought bubbles we can't know for sure.)

I'm impressed at Audrey's ability to fight on her back, using her hands to count her reasons and general punctuation.

I got bored, so I started watching Rob Cesternino's Spyson Hour Periscope event.  I've never watched that podcast live before, and was fascinated to see their pre-show production meeting, where Rob basically ripped both Spencer and Tyson a new one about needing to focus on the topics at hand, and to remember to focus on the quality of the podcast, not the quality of their individual Periscope streams.

Spencer started talking about a particular topic, and Rob had to remind him to save it for the show.

Damn.  Rob isn't having it today.  He'll be a great dad, if he can verbally smack Spencer Pratt in line without cursing.

So, props to Rob. And congrats on Baby #2, Rob and Nicole.

But after a little while, I went back to the live feeds, and see the same view of Audrey, still arguing with Clay.  Damn.  That is stamina.

Meanwhile Vanessa is upstairs with Shelli and Julia, having a perfectly pleasant conversation, complete with natural laughter and absolutely no whispering.

Shelli says she loves both of The Twins' accents, and gives some examples of things they say that are just alike.  Vanessa says her sister's voice sounds exactly like hers.  Shelli talks about identical twins who are male and female and how fascinating it is.  They all want to research this when they get home.

Julia is delighted with this conversation and seems much happier this week.  No game pressure makes a big difference, I'm sure.

Julia left, and Clay comes in, breathing hard.  Vanessa asked if they want privacy, but Clay says Vanessa might as well hear this.  He claims he almost let Audrey have it outside, and starts to summarize the fight.

They see Audrey come up the stairs, and then Clay guards the door, telling her that he is having a conversation with Shelli, and she can come back later for her own private talk.  Audrey begged and begged, but finally agreed to sit outside and wait her turn..

The three of them stared at each other and pointed at the door, knowing Audrey was right out there, and could hear every word.  Suddenly, BB intervenes.

BB:  Audrey, please get fresh batteries in the storage room.

(They know Audrey will be talking nonstop for a few more hours.)

Shelli:  Oh thank god.

And they talk for a few minutes before letting Audrey in when she came back upstairs.  Clay stayed in the room, as did Vanessa.

Shelli, snickering:  Give me those sunglasses....if we''re all going to be wearing them, I am too.

Shelli was quiet most of the time, while Vanessa ended up going back and forth with Audrey about the lies she has told.

(Vanessa agreed earlier to finalize some concrete reasons for Shelli to put up Audrey to make things easier for Shelli.)

It just goes on and on. Audrey is like a robot, on repeat.  Clay is frustrated.

Vanessa gets a little too upset at the end, in my opinion.

Vanessa:  I wish you well in life...really I do.  But I can't do this anymore with you...I can't trust you in this game.

Vanessa:  Now that this has happened, my mind is going to roll through a lot of other examples of the things you've said and done that have betrayed us.

(Oh no....please.)

Audrey has clearly already conceded this battle, saying there is nothing she can say to defend herself now.  But I know she is thinking how she will get the votes to stay this week.  You just know she has a plan.  And it is sure to be good.

OK.  All right.  We've got it.

Shelli can barely stop smiling as she quenches her thirst.

Because the thirst is real today.  I can assure you that.

Vanessa goes downstairs in the middle of an Audrey Rant, so I leave with her, needing change, too.

Steve is telling the kitchen group that he "searched for nude BB pictures from last year, in order to learn how to protect himself".

(Bitch please.  C'mon.)

Steve:  Do you want to know who I saw first?  Which naked pictures I saw first?

Julia:  Cody!  Was it Cody!

Vanessa:  What nude pictures....what are you talking about?

Steve:  From the live feeds....still pictures.

They guess Nicole....Christine....but Steve says he could find no nude pictures of the BB16 girls.

Steve, finally revealing the answer:  It was Frankie.

Julia:  Where was he?  Where in the house?

Steve:  He was right up there, walking around the HoH room, with his hand over himself.

Vanessa:, holding himself?

Julia: Maybe he just needed to get something.

Steve:  Maybe he just didn't care...

Vanessa:  Oh my god.

Vanessa went outside and started to rehash with Clay the following sequence of Audrey altercations.  I did not hear her discuss Frankie's nudity, which might have been a refreshing change of topic.

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