Friday, July 3, 2015

After the Live Show Ended, Another Show Started #BB17

A few minutes after the live show ended, the live feeds came back up, with a view of the living room where it seemed most of the house guests were sitting, slowly coming down after the excitement and tension of the live show (and the entire day, for that matter).

They knew there were technical issues during the show.  Instead of hearing the (annoying) "Get Ready for a Takeover" jingle, they heard a guy's voice on the PA reading the line, and telling them to go in the living room.  (ha ha ha)  Apparently one of the cameras had an issue as well...there were very loud squeaking noises.

Shelli said it freaked her out when Julie Chen said her name when it was her turn to vote on the live show.

Jeff said he blanked out when he went in the DR to vote and almost said "Jackie" because he couldn't remember Jace's name.

The first group to play the HoH didn't have much time to acclimate when they went to the backyard, but the second group got to sit on the sidelines and look around at the other elements of the competition set.  They saw that behind the HoH competition there was a dentist office set up and Jason started speculating about what that could mean.

You can tell Vanessa is already moving on to her next hand.  She wonders out loud what the "Power of the Last Laugh" could mean anything, everybody says.  I'm sure Vanessa is calculating her odds of going on the block --- Becky is a wild card as an HoH, I'm sure.

(Although I heard later that Becky was aware that Audrey was trying to start rumors that she made offensive racist comments, and certainly was not happy about that, to say the least.)

Jackie said she was so nervous, talking to Julie Chen.

Jackie:  I was shaking so bad when I sat back down.  I couldn't even hear what Jace said in his speech.

Jason asks Big Brother to please let him go outside before they start building the BoB set so he can have a quick smoke.

Jason:  I'm not gonna be that whiney bitch asking you for nicotine patches!

Jason also joked about how bad he did in the competition, saying the live feeders were saying "there goes Jason...he's the dumbest again."

Meg could just feel the family vibe from home tonight.  She says she felt her family sitting to watch the live show at the same time she was on the BB couch, and the feeling was incredible.

The West Coast house guests started yammering about their delayed PST broadcast, but Meg is an East Coast girl.  She knows her people at home were watching her and she felt it.

Jason admits he was a little sassy when he voted to evict Jace (but what about that brazenly rude good bye message he left for Jace?).

I've missed the good old days when the house guests regularly left mean good bye messages for each other.  So thanks to Jason for that.  America's Favorite Stock Boy.

Da'Vonne was quiet, and sat eating on the couch.  She wondered out loud when the nominations would take place.

Da'Vonne:  I want to get that shit over with.

The house guests heard the audience laugh when Da'Vonne voted to evict Jace.  She told them that she said "Bye" after placing her vote.  (I wonder if Production will rip Clay a new one for all of those shout outs he did for the folks back home after he voted.  That is a major no-no, if you don't know-know.)

The house guests were talking about how Derrick and Frankie didn't spend much time in the Have Not room last year.

WTF are they talking about?  Derrick was a Have Not at least three times, maybe four.  Frankie is the one who claimed he couldn't sleep in the cold room due to health issues.


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