Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You Can Stick a Fork in Audrey, Because She's Done #BB17

After Jace went to bed (after all of this), the group outside on the patio at 4:00 am just kept getting bigger and bigger.  Clay went out there, and told the group (Da'Vonne, Meg, and Jason) that they had to pretend that they weren't wise to Audrey's lies, or she would jump ship to the other side.

Da'Vonne told Clay that Audrey went from Jace, to Jason, and then to Clay, suggesting who should be backdoored this week.  Clay took that information calmly, saying that it didn't surprise him.  Clay says the whole other side of the house wants Audrey out, naming Austin, and Vanessa.

We saw that in the dark Audrey sat up in bed and told Shelli (who sleeps beside her) that everyone is outside talking to Jace, so Shelli gave up on sleeping and came out to the patio.  She plopped down next to Clay and was clearly exhausted.

 Shelli:  I hope ya'll know that I'm in the worst fucking position, because I have to hear what all of you are saying, then I have to hear everything she says.  It is going to be a long couple of days trying to get through all of this.

Meg:  She told me that she wants to come after all of you!  It's Crazy Town!

Talk turned to Audrey's lies.

Da'Vonne:  She told me that her occupation was a psychic...and that she read tarot cards.

Shelli:  She told you that?

James:  She told me she was a Communications Major, or something like that.

Jeff:  She told me she was a toll booth worker!

Everyone cracked up. Da'Vonne pointed out that the way she introduced herself to each house guest was through astrology, and talking about their sign.

Jason:  What is going to bond this group is the fact that she made us all mistrust each other by putting on her salt of lies.

Now they think that Audrey must be getting information from Production, because she just seems to know too much about everything, specifically the BoB competition.  Audrey told Shelli that she had a dream that the BoB involved climbing, and putting a puzzle together, and then Jason dancing in the river. And then Shelli was sitting next to Audrey during the BoB and Audrey kept giving Shelli a look, like "See?".

Jason: Do you remember we were talking about this, and they nipped it in the bud?

Shelli:  She's getting called in there at suspicious times.

Jason, in a very excited tone:  In the Diary Room!  Can anyone remember the first couple of days you were here?  When you looked at the camera, there used to be folder behind it... a black brief........


Shelli tells a story about how she was in the bathroom lounge area and Audrey came in and asked her, "does anybody know a Matthew?"

Meg:  She said the same thing to me!

Shelli:  Then Audrey said, "I think there may be a twin in the house".

Shelli:  I said, yeah, I have a twin, and Jeff has a twin.  And Audrey said, Jeff has a twin?  And I said, yeah, his brother Eric, and they just had a birthday in Tampa...and then Audrey said...she said that "they" had been asking her in her "sessions" about someone in the house named Matt...


Shelli starts to repeat what Audrey told her, about seeing a psychic before she came in the house...she didn't say she was a psychic, but she said she saw one before coming in the house.

Shelli:  She started telling me about some of the connections between the different people in the house..and she named...

Da'Vonne:  Wait....wait....before you finish...did she tell you that the psychic told her that she would be closely attached to a girl in this house, and that a gay guy would come between them in the game?

Shelli doesn't even speak.  She just nods and puts her head down as Jeff cracks up.

Jeff:  I can only laugh!

Shelli:  She also said...I can't believe I'm telling this because to me, I felt my loyalties were with her, so I'm having a hard time detaching that.  But she told me she was going to have a conversation with someone in early July, like right now, and he was going to be covered in sleeves.

Meg:  Austin.

Shelli:  And he was going to be working with someone who had a foreign connection....

Meg: Vanessa.

Da'Vonne:  French.

(Vanessa has dual citizenship, if you don't know.)

Basically Shelli thinks Audrey is going to be an upcoming twist in the game, and all of this drama has been stressing her out regarding how to behave around Audrey.

Meg: But you have to understand that she acts like that around everybody.


  1. I hate that I don't have feeds. I would have loved to have seen this conversation. Why can't things be this interesting on AD? I kind of think Audrey will be there for a while. I think she provides too much drama for production to let her walk out the door so early. I hope I'm wrong about that.
    I think my favorites so far are Vanessa, Jason, and the dentist. They would make such an unlikely alliance.

  2. Depending on who wins HoH on Thursday, you might want to get the feeds, at least for the free one-week trial (if they still offer that).

    For only $5.99 a month, it's a pretty good value, at least at this point in the summer...

    John hasn't really started playing yet...he doesn't need to. But Da'Vonne and Jason are always fun to watch. So is Meg, and when Vanessa is in a chatty mood it is always interesting to listen...


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