Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Yay! Let's Take HoH Pictures! What are HoH Pictures? #BB17

I feel I must share that Austin uses a hair straightener.  But today it was too hot and he had a hard time getting the job done.

I mean, obviously.

Jeff brought Liz and Austin up to speed regarding last night's revelations about Audrey telling certain people that she was a psychic, and about all of her psychic premonitions about the game. (You can see that here.)

They scoffed and laughed about the absurdity of it all, and how it has disrupted the entire house and all of the relationships.

Jeff:  I have a premonition that is's going to be a five-flush day!

John sat quietly this morning, alone in the backyard.  Is he having fun so far this summer?  Frankly, it's hard to tell most of the time.

Jeff is cultivating Liz for an alliance, and tells her that the events of the last day have really boosted his standing in the house.  He feels like it has exposed him as being someone people can trust, and help him build credibility with several people.

He tells Liz to just stay calm, and that he needs to start separating himself from Clay.

Jeff:  Look, lots of people are looking at Clay right now...lots of people.  It's crazy how the people that you hang with can ruin your game and fuck you up.

Liz:  Believe me, I know.

James had to write his blog and now he has the camera for HoH pictures.  He tries to explain this to the house guests and it is just painful to watch.  He says it's for "the social media thing, with the blog and all, and we need to take selfies".

Jason: Oh, it's the HoH pictures.

So many house guests had NO IDEA what that was, so I guess that weekly tradition was not part of their Super Fandom.  Jeff had the biggest issue...Clay and Shelli immediately wanted to pose with him but he said he "looked like shit".

A few minutes later he said "you're taking them right now?", whining that he needed more time to get ready.  (Really, what is Jeff going to do to himself?  We've been looking at you 24/7 Jeff....you're on TV bro.)

James:  Oh no...I'm taking pictures of butt cheeks!

A few of the guys want pictures with Austin giving them fake wrestling punches.

James:  Whatever!  Do something crazy!   I only have an hour with the camera.

Jeff:  Mama's gotta go put her face on!  I'll come back all dolled up!

Audrey wasn't interested in posing...she was in bed, apparently.

These two don't need any further instruction.  They are both ready for selfies.

That is some group, huh?  It was funnier before Austin bent down, but I guess he's used to doing that in pictures.  Meg took the snap, by the way.

Liz:  Oh, it's so cute!

Austin:  We have to get one rocking out with Johnny Mac!

You can't see him from the camera angles I had on the live feeds, but Johnny is in between Austin and Clay, all playing air guitar.

Clay  We killed it!

Johnny:  Yeah!

Everyone was rushing around and Meg finished her snack.  I think she put cereal in her container of yogurt because it crunched when she ate it.

Shelli took the camera in the Have Not room and James came in for the pictures.  I think James thinks he needs to be in every single shot, since he's HoH.  (Fucking casuals.)

Vanessa:  Here, I'll take a selfie with you.

She had to bend down, too.  Way down, because he looks taller than her in the picture.   James wanted to look at all of the pictures but Day had other plans.

Da'Vonne:  C'mon James.  Hurry up.

Vanessa, laughing: Just do the damn thing.

James initially went to Day's other side, but she grabbed him by the shoulders and moved him, saying "this is my good side".  She bent down, too, to pose with Wee James.

Vanessa:  What is this for James?  Ha ha, I just went with it...I have no idea what it's for.

James did the whole painful explanation again...it's for social media blog, for a social media thing they want to do, and it's going to be on the internet...blah blah blah and painful blah.

Audrey sat up in bed but apparently doesn't want to play right now.

Outside, Jason explained the HoH blog concept to Austin and Liz.

Jason:  If I didn't like the HoH that week, I damn sure didn't read their blog.  I'm a skimmer.

Austin:  Yeah, I'm a skimmer too.

Liz:  Yeah.

(Is anyone shocked?)

Make sure you get a load of Jason's leopard print leggings.  They look like boy's (or girl's) PJ bottoms that are about a foot too short.  (No shade, just describing.)

Liz is wearing fake Ray Bans because she didn't want to bring good shades into the house. It sounds like Jackie already learned that lesson the hard way.  Austin got prescription shades for less than $40 from a website.

I actually like listening to Liz speak.  She has a strange cadence, and lingers on the last syllable of her sentences, almost like she's dragging it behind her.  I picture her words all tattered and frayed.

It's really hard to do what she and Julia are doing right now, so we should give them credit for it.  Even if everybody else is way too self-absorbed to really notice other people.  It's kind of an insult, isn't it?  That no one has really looked close enough to see how different the two sisters' faces are.

It seems like you'd spend your whole life trying to have a separate identity than your twin, and now this happens.

James says he looks fat taking pictures next to Steve.  (What about Clay, James?  Damn.  I'm sure you look chunky in those pictures, too)

James says he already wrote his HoH blog and it was inspiring.  (Don't worry, I'll post it here when it's available.  I'm sure they're still trying to decipher it in the Production office.)

Steve:  Gina Marie didn't really successfully communicate any of her ideas in her HoH blog.

James:  What do you mean?

(Ha ha ha ha.  Steve just won some points from me.  Here is the blog he is talking about.)

I'm sure Steve isn't expecting much from James' blog.  Steve did a remarkable job keeping a straight face and a closed mouth during a conversation with James yesterday.  James actually told him that the thing to aim for is to be the last member of the Jury, so you don't have to spend too much time in the Jury House.

Yes, he said that.  I'm sure Steve knows by now that most of the people he comes into contact with in life will be much, much less intelligent than he is.  He will need to learn to just go along and get along, so maybe this summer will be good practice.

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