Friday, June 26, 2015

When in Doubt Deny, Deny, Deny - Post PoV Chaos #BB17

As a live feed updater, I don't even know how to describe what has happened in the last hour.  So I'm not sure I'm even going to try.  It's just too much pressure, way too much action. And I just started drinking a Friday afternoon beer on an empty stomach.  So I'll do my best.

OK.  The first PoV competition is over.  And Steve won it.  And Steve needed to win it, since he was on the block and people have been talking all kinds of smack about him.

So the tension is high.  And Audrey was told in the last few days some things that Jace said about her....that she was playing too hard, that she might be a mole in the game, etc.  Nothing that we're not all thinking, and nothing that I am aware of outside of the game.  So Audrey called Jace and Austin into the lounge area and grilled the crap out of them.  Then she called a bunch of other people in, one after the other, waving her arms all around and trying to beat the truth out of all of them.

When alone for a second between interrogations, Jace and Austin wondered who ratted them out.  (Although they swore up and down to Audrey that they didn't do it...ha ha ha)  They think Clay told Jeff, and Jeff told Audrey.

Anyway, this is what misery looks like.

And here is Steve, the PoV winner.  They joke about it, asking Steve what he plans to do with it.

Steve:  I definitely plan to save myself!

And there's Vanessa.  Audrey DID NOT call her into the Lounge for an interrogation.  Hell no.  Vanessa is staying out of that crap.

Someone asks Steve if someone has ever needed to use their PoV, but did not.  Steve starts telling them about Marcellas in BB3, and how he messed up his game.

Jackie has a pair of shorts---I think the ones she wore in the PoV.  She says they are way too big and I think she gave them to Clay.  (Does Jackie not know about Ebay?  And the pervs who shop there?)

Becky is out of the shower and is donning some fairly slutty attire, I think.  She must have gotten it from Hot Topix, right?  With the Britney Spears school girl maxi skirt?

Clay moisturizes.  Don't think he doesn't.  Maybe he learned that from watching his fave house guest Cody last year on the live feeds.  You know, because Clay is such a SuperFan.

Meanwhile. Jace collapses in bed with Julia.  I think it's Julia and not Liz, based on her eyes.  But it's one of them, that's for sure.

They laugh about the whole thing.  To his credit, Jace doesn't seem stressed at all.

Liz/Julia:  I'm not saying one damn thing from here on out.

Jace:  Me either.  Not one damn thing.

(Good luck with that, Jace.)

Clay meets with Austin and they whisper for a long time.  That's the BB sign of dishonesty...the whispering.  It seems that Austin is suspicious of Jeff, but Clay like, totally wants to vouch for Jeff.

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