Saturday, June 27, 2015

Today, in the Backyard --Tempers and Nostrils Flare .. #BB17

Clay trained Vanessa, using that black band that belongs to Austin (I think.).  They did a bunch of glute work that Vanessa kept saying was "so intense".  She would laugh when he told her what to do and say, "oh, this is killing me...that side of my butt is so weak".

Jace was working out alone, and he is now aware that he will be going on the block.  He kept going over to Austin in the backyard between sets and venting about it.  Such as:

*  It's going to be so bad to be the first out...he just can't do's embarrassing.
*  Austin says he'll try to help Jace, but Jace really needs to talk to James and Audrey.
*  Jace said, Audrey has nothing to do with it.
*  Austin said Audrey has everything to do with it...she's running things this week.

Jace was running laps around the backyard, using the lounge chairs as hurdles.  He's breathing really hard and it is clear he is angry, blowing off steam.

Liz, calling across the yard:  Jace!  You look great!

He did drills across the yard with those bands on his legs.  It sounds difficult, if Jace is having trouble with it.

Austin is doing some sort of lower body and back exercises with the weights.  "Why is this so hard today?" he says.

Jace does it now.  His breathing is very loud in the microphone.

Jace, to Austin:  I don't even know what we can do...

He tried to count the people he though would vote for him.  He thinks he has Clay's vote but Austin basically has to tell him Clay is on Audrey's side.  Austin thinks Jace should threaten to blow up James and Audrey if they put him up, saying that they made a deal with him and they're already breaking it.

Jace:  Hey, where is everybody?

They look around.  They are alone out there now.

Austin:  What, is there a house meeting right now?

They are silent for a moment, and then continue working out.  Meanwhile, back in the bedroom, it may not be a house meeting, but it seems like a house party.  Here is Jason and can just feel a nap coming down the hall to find them.

See the chains hanging on the wall?  Well, Audrey said that at night, when she sees the chains moving, she knows Shelli is farting.  Someone calls it a Fartnado and they all laugh.

There's Meg, Clay and Shelli, giggling over Audrey's joke.

Somehow Becky shows up in the middle of that nap sandwich.  They think the live feeds must be boring right now.

Jason:  Well, if we're being boring now, they can just rewind to a time when we weren't being boring.


Steve sits nearby in the bedroom.  He has band aids on his knees from the competition yesterday and is scared to just rip them off.  They had to crawl around and grab letters to make words.  Steve won by spelling "trombonist".

Meanwhile, outside, Austin, Jace and Liz/Julia sit at the hot to speak with no one  out there to overhear them.  Austin is a trainer, and said he passed at least one client to his brother while he's gone.

Austin:  It's probably illegal, because he's....(not licensed?) but  I told him to just have him do these things and then take the money and run.

Jace says he only trains during the week, and then works in a restaurant.  He says the clients can be a real pain, though, really flaky, so he wants to do less of it in the future.

Jace:  I want to get into......I don't know, more of the entrepreneurial stuff.

(He wanted to say acting, I think.....)

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