Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Walls Come Alive at the End of a Long Hard Night #BB17

Loud sounds started coming from the walls...it sounded like a drill.  I thought it must be a mistake.  Johnny Mac popped his head up...he probably thought he was having a dream about work.

But the sound kept going....and going.  When it was over, the guy sleeping next to him (Jace?) said someone needs to stop farting.

Someone else:  Johnny Mac forgot to turn off his drill.

Johnny Mac:  My bad!

Everyone tried to ignore it and go back to sleep.  Then the banging started.  Loud banging, like hammering.  Repeatedly.

Austin struggled to get out of his dentist's chair and hobbled to the door of the Have Not room, muttering to himself.  No one else spoke.  He went to the WC in silence, limping a little.

But let's back up a little, and see what happened last night.  Because when people sleep all day, a lot of stuff happens at night.  That's just science.

Well, right before bedtime (at dawn), James made a roast beef sandwich with the biggest wad of mayonnaise that I've ever seen.  He even had to put some of it back in the jar (ugh).  As someone who has used My Fitness Pal for about six years now, I'd have to say it was about 565 calories worth of mayo.

But as interesting as this sandwich is,  let's go back further than that.  Around 3:30 am, Audrey and Jace had a big screaming fight in the backyard.  Audrey was waving her arms around just like she always does, but this didn't scare Jace one bit.

Jace:  I'm not scared of you!

Audrey:  Well I'm not scared of you, either!

Audrey told Jace that he got backdoored because he makes everyone in the house feel uncomfortable, and because everyone hates him. (I think those are the worst things you can say to Jace...)

Yadda yadda yadda, Audrey probably remembered that she swore to stop talking game for a few days, so she went inside to the bedroom.  (I think her plan was to see who won HoH, and what the new twist might be before having another multi-day episode.)

Later on Meg and Da'Vonne were sitting in the backyard talking, and Jace came out there and started rehashing the whole thing.  There are threats of a house meeting in the morning where Jace will plead his case to everyone, and expose Audrey as a liar and shit-stirrer.

Da'Vonne politely asked Jace to let her have a moment alone with Meg.  Jace immediately shut up and apologized, heading for the door.  He almost made it before Meg had to soften Da'Vonne's comment by saying there was just too much crap tonight and they needed to talk about it.

James shows up in the backyard and I can almost hear Da'Vonne curse to herself.  Because now Jace starts to repeat the whole thing again.  Then Jason shows up...probably in hopes of having a little meeting with his girls Da'Vonne and Meg.

As usual in these type of situations, Jason becomes the voice of reason who is not scared to say it:  Audrey needs to go, as fast as possible.

The turret on that sandcastle is taller than James.  His trusty visor is still attached to his head.

If he knew about Audrey before now, he says, he would have backdoored her this week instead of Jace.

Jace is all riled up again now, saying that he might be going home this week, but he knows the house guests will not say that he misled them and lied after he is gone.  Jace was raised to be a "Southern gentleman" and he does not believe that he made the ladies in the house feel uncomfortable.

Da'Vonne:  I'm gonna have to ask you to put that Bible down.  Because you're yellin' and cussin' and wavin' it around.

Jace:  Oh.  Okay.  I'm sorry.

(ha ha ha)

James:  Just know that whatever happens this week, she's gonna be right behind you.

Jason, in a raspy bedtime voice:  And if she makes HoH, she's still gonna go, because we'll all put up the fuckin' strongest and fuckin' smartest people to take her out (via the BoB).  Her ass will come down and then she will go up.

Jace:  Thank you brother.

James:  I'm sorry man....

Jace says he'll walk out with his head held high because everyone knows that he wasn't dishonest and tried to play an honest game.  That means more to him than anything right now.

James:  If anything, we'll be like, why didn't we put Audrey up there.

Da'Vonne:  Well, she might as well be packed in your suitcase, because she's goin' right after you.

Jace:  Well, IF I go...

Da'Vonne:  Right, IF you go.

Jace:  I might just have the votes to stay.  I know Jackie is prettier than me, but I think I have a lot to offer this game and you would all have fun playing it with me.

Jace apologizes for being down the last few days, but it was a tough situation and he was emotional.  He even got teary-eyed on TV, and that's not something he's cool with, either.

Da'Vonne:  Tomorrow is gonna be a long day.  And I don't think you need to stay up all night. Because that's just easy access.  You need to go to bed and recharge. (complete with hand motions)

Jace wants James to back him up in the house meeting tomorrow.

Da'Vonne:  Oh, we're having a house meeting tomorrow?

Jason:  What?  A house meeting?

Jace offers to be the one to call the meeting, so it doesn't look bad on anyone.

Da'Vonne:  Oh, she ain't ready!

James wants a sick day tomorrow.

Da'Vonne:  You already had a sick day today.

Jason:  All the assistant managers did your job today!

James thinks Audrey might be America's Player or the saboteur.

Jason:  Big Brother casting found her and was like OH MY GOD.  This is reality TV gold!


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  3. I have a 906 Day Streak going on MFP! I hate how they keep changing the app though.

    Love your blog!


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