Friday, June 26, 2015

The Trouble With Steve #BB17

So I'm still skipping around on last night's live feeds, trying to get up to speed on the tone and situation in the house.  Some of the timing of the pictures is out of order, but  I promise to do better with that in the future.

Steve is giving John advice about what to look for in the house.

Steve:  I know you're smart, and I don't want to offend you, but you have to look around. Look at who's sleeping next to each other...because that is always a sign.  And that's how you get to know someone....just get in bed with people.

FYI, Johnny Mac's voice is just how we expected it to be, but not as loud.  While they were talking, John wondered if someone was in the lounge and may have overheard them.  Steve knocked on the door, and it was Jace.

This is where the conversation between Steve and Jace took place that I covered in my last (first) recap.  Jace is upset and is reading his Bible, apparently.  Jace says he's stressed out and some things are bothering him.

Steve:  You're not the one on the block.

(This Steve is already in big trouble, with his obvious lack of social skills.  He may be bossing people harder than Becky.)

And here is a sneak peek at the Have Not Room.  I think it's a DENTIST OFFICE!  And John and Vanessa are Have Nots, as well as a few others I'm sure.  I will find a good picture of the Have Not Room as quickly as I can.

Jackie, Audrey and Jason hung out in the bedroom and then decided to go up to the HoH room.  Those two girls seem thick as thieves already.  For what it's worth, Audrey's status as a woman doesn't seem to be a topic that she is going to obsess on this summer.

The cameras show us the empty HoH room, while the three of them trudge their way upstairs.

Jackie and Audrey on The Bridge.  Audrey tells the living room crowd that she actually met the Two Girls and One Cup girls and they are "surprisingly down to earth".  She might be kidding, but she might not.

(If I start getting weird visitors based on typing in the name of that disgusting video, I will come back and blank it out....)

The three of them settle in the HoH and soon they are talking about Steve and his tone of voice.  Jason says that Steve made a few comments to him that he didn't like and he set him straight right away.  Jason says that if you point it out to Steve, he will quickly correct himself.

Jason:  Did you hear about his fraternity story?  It's so sad...apparently he pledged a fraternity and didn't find out until much later that all of the guys HATED him.  They even proposed new rules and he didn't find out until later that the rules were passed so they could exclude him from things.

Audrey & Jackie:  OMG.  That's so sad.

Big Brother:  Jason, please come to the Diary Room.

Jason, getting up:  What for?  I already went off in there earlier!

I don't think BB wants Jason to put Steve's fraternity on blast.  Just a guess.

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