Monday, June 29, 2015

The Story About Becky and Her Injury #BB17

Like you, I've heard the chatter about Becky saying that she was "hit in the face by a train".  At first, I thought this was going to be a similar situation to last year's story of Victoria being carried off by a crow.

But Becky is no Victoria, so I flashed back on the live feeds to get the scoop.  A group of house guests were sitting in the kitchen, playing "Never Have I Ever" and someone joked about breaking a bone.  Becky kind of chuckled about that, and then Shelli jumped in to help.

Shelli:  She got hit in the face by a train.  Don't you all remember that?  She told us that story....

(Apparently Becky told the group before the feeds went live, a simpler time when they could say a lot of things without fear of retribution.)

Becky:  I can talk about it now, but not the name of it (the train) or the location.

People start settling in to listen.  It's going to be a good story, and they know it.

Here are the details, from Becky herself.

*  She was walking to work on a snowy February morning (2014) at about 6:00 am.  She says she was really hit in the face by a "street tram", not a train.  (I immediately knew that Becky got hit in Germany, where she was working at the time.  Jackie remembered hearing Becky's story, and told Jeff that they both rode on that train, but she can't say where it was.  Jackie and Jeff were in Germany for TAR, so there you have it.  I've not been to Germany, but elsewhere in Europe I've seen those street trams.  They are very modern-looking and quiet, and the tracks are usually incorporated right into the streets, along popular routes.)

*  Becky was wearing a fur hood, and was hurrying along to get to work so she could get out of the cold.  She says she had no alcohol in her system, no drugs, and was not wearing earbuds with a phone or an iPod...nothing like that.

(Once again, this is another Jennifer Garner moment for Becky.  At least for me, that is.)

*  Becky was walking along a "skinny sidewalk", and there was a big van blocking the sidewalk in order to deliver a piano.  Becky stuck her head out about six inches to look for traffic before stepping out into the street, and the tram was going by and hit her right in the face. That's the last thing Becky remembered before waking up in Critical Care, where she stayed for three days.

Becky is very animated telling the story, and has everyone's attention, of course.

*  A few of Becky's teeth on the top right fell out, and I think she said they went through her skin.  She had to have her top lip "sewn back on" and she broke her nose.

*  She also had a fractured skull.  When the tram hit her, her body flew 15 feet in the air, and when she landed she broke her wrist (the left one?) and also her leg and part of her feet (?).

*  Becky says that during the period in Critical Care, she just assumed that she would never be pretty again, but was more worried about brain injuries.  She was more concerned with having a normal life, and the part of her brain that was damaged in the frontal lobe is the part that determines personality.  There were two doctors who disagreed over treatment---one of them was worried about brain swelling and bacteria, and wanted to operate.  The other didn't want to do that, and Becky is glad her family listened to that doctor, because now she is virtually back to normal.

Becky:  It's funny.  I gave up on being pretty right away.  I thought, I've been pretty my whole life...I'd rather be able to speak and think.  It was just like choosing a different sandwich for was that easy for  me.

*  They are all amazed by the fact that Becky has had no plastic surgery.  She says her nose, teeth and face still look exactly the same after the emergency surgery.  (I'm assuming she did have dental surgery, though.)

*  She says she is very lucky she didn't have her head turned, because if the train had hit her on the side of the head the outcome would have been much worse.  Getting hit in the face where she did was one of the best options.

*  She still has pending legal issues, however, which limit what she can say.  (If she's getting a settlement from the tram company or even the city, though, she will likely never be able to talk about the specifics publicly.)

Becky:  So that's why I've said that I've been in a slump for the last 18 months....just sitting around and not working or anything.  That's how I got fit...working out so much.

Liz:  So, I guess you didn't make it to work that day!

Everyone laughed.

Becky:  No!  I was like, there's been a train accident....I won't be there today....


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    1. Yeah, I know the exact street she got hit on. It's absolutely a plausible story, and she was working at Hollister in Germany. Americans can work in Germany with a residence permit. So yeah. You're just a hater so keep on hating.

  3. What she says about Gernany makes no sense (I know, I am German). She would not be able to work in Germany (Americans do NOT get work visa, as standard of education is much lower in the US, and no retail employees are needed in Germany in the first place). She uses German words incorrectly AND in incorrect context. And the tram hitting her would not a law suit make... since she was the dumb one, having her face on the same level as the tram, which runs in the MIDDLE of the street, not next to the sidewalk, where she would have been to stick her head around a truck.. Piano delivery in Germany.. lmao... ditz wants to feel important, that's all. Everyone in the BB house has a life and stories to tell.... so she got hit by a tram, had everyone captivated, as nobody knows any different... now she is SOMEONE... NONE of her "Germany stories" are correct.. she makes them up as she goes along. Some people lead such a boring life, they actually have to make shit up to feel important. She must have read a magazine about Germany... LOL.... Germans generally do NOT have a high opinion of Americans (whereas "Ms Important" stated 7-4-15: "Germans LOVE Americans... ").. All of her "When I was a Manager in Germany" stories can be ripped apart for being totally made up..... And anybody actually buying into her miracle survival story and all the other stuff she made up, proves the point - Americans are way too gullible.

    1. And yet you are watching/commenting on the U.S. version of a REALITY TV show......

    2. She's just telling a story to feel important eh? Seems to me like you're doing the exact same thing....
      You weren't there, you don't know what happened.

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    4. You will see that Becky is receiving congratulations for doing a great job on the grand opening of that store in 2013.

    5. Sounds like someone is a little sore over getting beat in WW2. Germany makes some nice cars, and decent lenses. So I guess you got that going for you :)

    6. I would think that if you believe what you say.....than why are you anonymous? That's called a coward. Stand behind what you say! And you don't walk in her shoes so don't judge!

    7. Well I can say from an Americans point of view we don't think of Germans very highly. It's an honor in my mind to hear that a nation full of crazed genocidal manics thick very little of us Americans

  4. She does appear to have an upper lip scar, looks like hyperpigmentation, and looks like one side of her body is
    slightly shorter than the other.. I have to believe her as why
    would she go into such grave
    detail (while not being able to
    say SO much). I think she is an
    awesome girl however anyone
    who says they r pretty usually
    isn't or very VAIN ..... U mean come on, so u
    ever hear Gizelle, Cindy

    Crawford and VS models saying how pretty they r? NO. Maybe she feels not as confident and wanted all to know she was prettier b4?
    Who knows...I must say though I WAS a huge fan of hers until
    she started talking lately. She
    seems to be brown nosing and
    all of a sudden a "player
    "instead of floating the previous
    4 weeks. She told Vanessa her
    "game plan" was to be quiet, reserved
    and now she's nearly
    hyperventilating while
    stabbing her allies in the
    back.I'm glad she is speaking
    out about the WE alliance (Clay
    and Shelli, who never talk to anyone
    without acting as they r one...
    Lmao. Funny how they changed
    so fast as to be the underdogs FOR ONCE. Anyway, Becky HAD a good game but she ruined that when she started being worse than Shelli running and tattling.
    My vote is for James for being the ONLY one to say what he means and no holds barred... Completely being himself, it's a Southern thang that should be admired.
    The prettiest, or those who think they are... Shelli's... The jocks.. Omg.. Austin and Clay both need to step back and realize looks DEF are not everything. Clay acts like a teen AND Austin like a 40yr old Virgin with his stalking behavior and pushy actions towards Liz.. (poor thing) ... I want all of them gone cept Johnny Mac and James... The only HONEST, real deal ppl in the house.. The others spend more time LYING, playing with their hair, putting on make up and doing their nails than anything... When my 2 guys r playin it, playin it well without all the "I wanna be Famous" BS. Peace and One Love y'all ❤.. May the best J win!!! 😉

  5. I studied German in highschool. Didn't like it. That's all.

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  7. And James is awesome, he's a wild and crazy guy!!! :)


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