Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The #BB17 Saga Returns (Triumphantly, I Might Add...)

Well, Wil Heuser (BB14) is clearly ready to go this summer, and has created a promo video to introduce the house guests, and to put Julie Chen on notice that The Saga will continue.

I can tell Wil is going to have fun with this cast, particularly Austin, Vanessa, and Steve.  He's already got them down cold.

And even though Clay hasn't given us much to work with, Wil captures his self-confident smirk perfectly.

It's a catchy tune, too.  Of course. We've come to expect that from our Wil.


To give you a peek "backstage" in Wil's life, the BB17 cast reveal was barely over when Wil sent out this instagram picture, showcasing what I'm sure is just a fraction of Wil's extensive wig collection.

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