Friday, June 26, 2015

The #BB17 Have Not Room - Don't Worry....This Won't Hurt a Bit

So, the Have Not room is a dentist office.  I haven't seen it with the lights on, but I think we can all get the overall idea from these pictures.

There are four dentist chairs, and just look at those great X-rays on the wall...that is super cool.  I hope we get to hear Johnny Mac comment on the health of those gums, and the alignment of the molars, but since they've been in the house for a week already maybe we've missed it.

That's Vanessa, in the room talking to John.  I don't think he's a Have Not---he's just visiting her.  He obviously would feel comfortable in that environment, right?  She's wearing a hoodie and calmly discussing matters with John.  They're friends, it seems.

(No indication yet that anyone recognizes Vanessa.  But that didn't mean it hasn't happened.)

They are talking about how some people in the house get recharged by being in groups, and others need time alone.

Vanessa:  I feel you, bro.

John and Becky were nominated by Jason, so they both played the first Battle of the Block and won.  John is saying that he didn't want to have to do so much so early, and wouldn't have minded not playing in the PoV. (I think he may be playing in that PoV, which should happen later today.)

Vanessa:  I really can't wait to compete.  The closest I've come is pulling the chips out of the PoV bag.

(For Vanessa, having to lay back and wait before playing must be EXCRUCIATING!)

John:  Did you want to play in the HoH?  Because if that had gone on for much longer, I would have volunteered to sit out.

(If you didn't watch the CBS show, someone had to volunteer not to compete, and you could tell no one wanted to forfeit their chance to play.  There was a long silence while everyone just stared at each other.  Vanessa finally spoke up and so she sat that competition out...and did not get snatched up by aliens.)

Vanessa:  Yeah, I wanted to do it.  I think I would have done well, but in retrospect I really don't know.  It's not like I've spent a lot of time hanging onto a pole while somebody tries to pull you's not a normal ability!

John laughs just like Seth Rogan.

Vanessa isn't sure if it was a good thing or not to volunteer like that.

John:  I think it was!  Because you're gonna be here.....and someone else isn't.

Vanessa:  Yeah.  From that perspective, yes.

They both want the backyard access back, and hope they will have it tomorrow after the PoV.  John mentions the hammock, and how much he likes sitting in it.

John: I think I told you about my parents' lake house....they want to tear it down...but  it's so nice sitting there and rocking...

Vanessa agrees the hammock is nice, but it gets really hot out there in the sun.

(I heard that Vanessa won some sort of prize by not playing in the HoH competition and gave it to Austin, but I can't confirm that.  I think it was safety of some sort, but don't quote me yet, please.)


I later heard Austin say Vanessa gave him safety.  I think it's just for this week, though.

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