Saturday, June 27, 2015

Shelli Breaks Down - This Game is Hard, Ya'll #BB17

OK, so it was just a standard Saturday afternoon, and in the kitchen Shelli just suddenly started sobbing.

Shelli:  I don't know why I'm crying!

Like a secret service agent, Clay moves her quickly down the hallway to the bedroom.  I think Becky was in the bed, but Clay asked her to leave and she got up and scurried out.  But then I think she left her mic pack on the bedside table, so she had to run back in and get it.   She didn't even say anything to Shelli or was like she had to just clear the set for the main players.

Shelli said the game is so much harder than she thought it would be.  There is just so much commotion sometimes that she doesn't have time to think about everything.  She's not a mean person, and this game is requiring her to be who she isn't.

Shelli:  I just feel so bad about Jace!  My heart is breaking for him!  I have to say it.....I want to have him around!  Some of the people aren't so kind to me, so it might not bother me if they had to go, but I do want Jace here!  It's killing me to watch this..

You can see Clay's nail polish in these pictures.  He's murmuring all of the supportive things, saying he's had a bad day in the house before, and he knows how she feels.

Shelli knows how lucky she is to be in there, and she's grateful for the experience, but it's a lot harder than she thought it would be.  She starts to calm down.  Clay makes her laugh when he says there's no need to worry...he won't be getting rid of her for a few weeks.

Shelli:  I'm just older than a lot of people here, and I see things from a different angle.  And I just have a hard time with some of this.  And I don't see you guys (Clay and Audrey, maybe?) that much, so when I do see you and we have a moment, there's just a rush of information coming at me and it's a lot to take in..

They get up and get ready to go back out in the house.  Jeff came in and was rooting around in his BB duffle bag and he ended up ripping the handle off.  They joked about how strong he is and I don't think Jeff even knew Shelli had been upset.

When they walked towards the door Clay said they should try to walk out with a really sketchy walk.

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