Monday, June 29, 2015

Scenes From This Afternoon - A Big Day of Nothing #BB17

The house guests woke up earlier today, but most of them got up and changed their batteries, and went right back to bed.

Steve was alone in the back yard for a short time, laying in the hammock, with a pillow over his head. I thought he might be crying, but I think he was actually trying to keep the sun off his face.  Eventually he started talking to us, but it was awkward and halting.  Just like you'd think it would be.

Steve:  The PoV was just a short-term solution to a long-term problem.  I have a lot of work to do.  I've been making week-long deals with people like Vanessa.  I don't even want to win HoH next week.  The two sides are lining up against each other and I don't need to be in the middle of that. And Jeff is so desperate to be a part of a group.  He's at the bottom of the totem pole in their group.  I need to talk to Day about that.

(That was a good start Steve.  Tell us some juicy info next time.)

The backyard is empty...just little Steve on the hammock.

Clay had a sore neck so Austin worked on it a little.  It sounds like Austin's girlfriend may be a masseuse or a physical therapist---he mentions techniques he learned from her.  They hear the cameras spinning around them.

Austin:  Just two men on the couch partially dressed, massaging.  Nothing to see here.

Clay's back is tight, Austin says.  Lots of tension there.

Liz had a little conversation with Steve in the pool. I wish I could remember what was said, but I remember she was laughing way too hard, in a forced type of way.  Both of them need to make friends right now in the game.  No one would expect the two of them to connect, but one of them needs to pop the question to the other one.

I think James is going to be very lonely after his HoH reign is over.  It makes me sad to watch him on the live feeds. He's just such a fish out of water.

Jeff is making breakfast, and there's Jace in the background, working on his breakfast, too.

Jace is really quiet.  All three of them are quiet, actually.  There is tension on the air.  Jace looks up at us a few times quickly.  The real Jace is very sad about all of this.

The bacon is sizzling.  Jace pokes at it with some orange plastic tongs.

You'd think that bacon grease would pop and hit their bare skin, right?

This is the second time in the last two days that I have watched Jeff make eggs, and have trouble making eggs. Last time he broke a raw egg on the carpet, and then ruined his omelet and had to settle for a scramble.
This time his egg is sticking to the pan.

Jace:  Did you use oil?

Jeff:  Yes!  And I cooked sausage in the pan before that, so you'd think that would be even better.

James said he would eat the nasty egg, as is. Jeff gave it to him and started over with a new egg.

Meg supervised, but it sounds like she's not very good in the kitchen, either.

Clay had to come over and help Jeff flip the egg.  Of course Clay the Golden Boy knows how to cook an egg.

There was a fair amount of commotion in the kitchen when they discovered that James had dumped his uneaten cereal in the sink before leaving the kitchen.  They don't have a garbage disposal, so the soggy cereal was just sitting there, clogging up the works.

Jeff wasn't going to stick his hand in there, he says.  Meg wasn't going to clean it up, either.  Becky came in and started fiddling with it.  I thought she was going to take one for the team and clean it, but Vanessa went into the bedroom and found James and described the situation.  James got up and said he thinks he's the one who made the mess, so he went back to the kitchen to deal with it.  So good for him to admit it.

But even with a garbage disposal, who would just dump the food in the sink and leave it there?  Especially with the ant problem?  Doesn't everybody go ahead and run the disposal to clear the sink?

Maybe it's just me.

Hi Jackie.  So full of sunshine.

But she's on the block and just trying to stay out of the way.  Easier said than done, I'm sure.

Jason was being really funny, telling the girls to be careful in the backyard, and to be very careful in the lounge chairs to keep their legs together.

Jason: Those live feeders are just waiting for you to slip up and get too comfortable.  You won't believe what you'll see on the internet.

The talk turned to Jackie doing her dancer's stretches in the backyard.  Jason said she would get out of the house and find a calendar featuring all of her camel toe photos.  Then Jason started calling it "C.T." and someone thought he was talking about CT from the Real World Challenge shows.

Steve:  What exactly is the point of the Real World?  Do you win anything?

Jason:  No, but you have to do the Real World before you can do The Challenge.  And you can win the cash on The Challenge.

(Damn this conversation makes me feel old....)


  1. Any idea what the tattoo on Jace's chest could be? At first I thought it was the triangle for a pool table, but now I'm not so sure.

  2. I thought it was a pool table rack at first, too.

    It looks like a foreign traffic sign, or a nuclear plant warning symbol.

    Don't people realize that tattoos are permanent?

  3. It looks like Austin's tattoos are mainly giant tree limbs. I heard he has song lyrics on his side that BB is making him keep covered up.

  4. I noticed that they were blurring out part a small section of his left ribcage area on BBAD. I'd actually be just fine with Austin wearing a shirt, because in hi def you can see little balls of deodorant handing in his pits. At least, I think that's what it is.



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