Sunday, June 28, 2015

PoV Ceremony Aftermath - People Expose Themselves #BB17

If Jeff had played TAR as hard as he's playing Big Brother today, he'd already have his half million dollars.  He'd be too busy for all of this mess today.

He and James strolled out on the bridge to assess the damage of the PoV Ceremony.  (Steve saved himself, Jace was put on the block).

Jeff:  Liz already came up to me and threw Austin under the bus. She told me he threw my name out last week.  She's trying to jump ship now.

James:  Well, she knows the people she's with are in trouble.

Jeff:  Yeah, but how can we use that?

James:  Huh?

Jeff:  How can we take advantage of that in the game?

The cameras pull back to show us how they can see the bridge up close, or far back like this.  The boys are just a few stick figures over the TV screen, to the left.

And up close from this side.

The thing with Jeff is, right now he's just throwing his cards around all over.  He's not in fear of being caught playing the game.  It's fun to watch.  James better solidify with Jeff and a few others outside of Team Audrey, because if their side isn't in power next week he's going to see how ugly things can get.

Apparently Liz had some sort of wardrobe malfunction during the ceremony.

Jeff, rubbing his eyes:  I was like, what?

James:  I know!  I was like, can we get an instant replay?

(ha ha ha)

Da'Vonne looks pretty today.  They're all concerned with Jace and his reaction to this.  They're worried for him, but also for themselves.

Da'Vonne:  That was awkward.  You don't even know where to look during that ceremony.

Meg:  I sure didn't look over at Jace ...not once!

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