Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Alliances, New Threats - Stuff You May Have Missed Overnight #BB17

Vanessa put a face mask on, while the other girls got kind of gussied up to go outside.

Audrey admitted she drank too much too fast, and felt the effects as soon as she sat in the Have Not room dental chair.  She want in there with Vanessa for an important one-on-one chat.  They were interrupted a few times and both of them covered up perfectly.

Audrey started the conversation by asking Vanessa what she thinks is happening in the house, which is kind of an aggressive way to start an alliance conversation, but Vanessa handled it well.  She said that someone is being targeted and it is starting to cause problems for them with the people they are working with.


Vanessa:  It's not you..

Audrey is glad about that, but Vanessa is careful not to mention any names.  She tells Audrey that she has been watching her, and thinks she is a strong player, with a great social game, and does a good job talking to everyone.

Vanessa:  I'd like to work with you...and if I offer you my's good.  I'm really competitive and I'm ready to compete, and when you tell me something, I'm a vault.  Really, you need to know that...I'm a vault.

Vanessa said she also trusts Clay, and also Shelli (clearly knowing that Audrey is working with them).  They both agreed that they could be a strong female pair and Vanessa said the game hasn't really had that in a long time...they could do a lot of damage.  You could kind of feel the energy flowing.....I think they both sensed the big opportunities here.

Audrey told her that she definitely feels that someone in the house is a threat to her.  Vanessa tried to guess but was surprised when Audrey told her it was Da'Vonne.  Audrey mentioned a situation where Da'Vonne flat out lied right to someone's face and didn't even flinch, so this worries Audrey. Vanessa said she was surprised to hear it.

(I think Vanessa has heard Austin say he thinks Da'Vonne is a poker dealer, so maybe she wouldn't mind someone like Audrey giving Da'Vonne the boot.)

(Also, Vanessa is good at getting info out of Audrey....can't say that about too many other house guests.)

They discussed Becky, and the fact that they don't really know what she's up to.  Becky's said and done some weird things, but Vanessa says some of that might just be her personality quirks.  But Audrey gave an example of how Becky created a reason why she needed Jace to leave the room and then once Jace left Becky let her know that it was a lie, so Audrey knows Becky can be sneaky.

Vanessa says that if they don't talk much the next few days, not to worry about it...they're still good.  And Audrey did seem into it.

***GET THIS***

Audrey, to Vanessa:  And it freaks me out the way you were casted!

FISH.  For about a minute.

(I think Vanessa saw today how Audrey handles situations where she feels she's being threatened, so she's forming this deal with Audrey so that Audrey won't make her an immediate target.  After what Vanessa said after her crying jag, I think she knows what Audrey's devious game involves...maybe she's ready to "be a horrible human being and win" now...or maybe she's making a defensive move and will let the growing Anti-Audrey crowd in the house take care of that little piece of business.  You can learn about that here.)

Later on, there were a lot of house guests exercising in the backyard.  Clay put Shelli to work doing some plank lifts and other evil exercises that we all know look easy until you get down there and do them.  That is Clay's rear on the left.

Shelli kept working out, even when Clay had his back turned.  So that's dedication for you.

Jason and Meg were laying in the hammock, calmly talking, And then I think Becky walked over there and James came over and jumped on top of everybody.


I guess it's humid out there, because Austin's hair is very curly.  Liz likes it and keeps talking about the new look.

This is Jason and Liz on the hammock.  He plans to really rock his crazy shirts and pins on the live shows, so we can all look forward to that.  Austin had him do some glute exercises in the last few days, and Jason says he saw his butt n the shower and can't believe it's his!

Later, Audrey sat with Shelli and told her about her conversation with Vanessa.  She made it sound like Vanessa could work with them (and Clay) and did not talk about any potential final two deals.  (I don't think Vanessa nor Audrey actually said "Final Two", but it was strongly implied.)

Shelli does a good job listening, but not having a motor mouth.  She reflects and you get the idea that she's thinking before speaking, which doesn't always happen in that house.  Shelli says she does trust Vanessa, and feels she's genuine.  She said she never trusted Da'Vonne and mentioned that first night when the three of them made a sort of deal in the bedroom.

Audrey and Shelli worked on making up a little story to someone who would ask what they were talking about.  Audrey wanted to say that they were talking about Shelli's ex but Shelli doesn't want to do that...they're still friends and he might be watching the feeds.

And get this....Jace virtually chased Steve into the Storage Room and was so aggressive and mean to him.  He kept asking Steve what he was up to, and if he had anything to tell him.

Jace: Who's been protecting you and not making fun of you?  I thought we were BOYS!

Steve:  We are!  What did you hear?  Who's been telling you things?

Honestly, this was painful to watch.  It was like Jace was acting in a bad after school special.  I expected him to steal Steve's lunch money at any second.

Steve  Where is this coming from?  I promise that anything I know, I'm going to tell you!

Jace:  I hope so....I hope so.

This little clip (around 3:37 am this morning) would be a great anti-bullying public service campaign.  I've heard the house guests "joke" about how Jace may be bi-polar, but I just thought he was a huge douche until I saw I'm not so sure.

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