Friday, June 26, 2015

My 1st Trip Around the #BB17 Live Feeds

I watched a little bit of the first episode of Big Brother After Dark last night, but it was so late for me here on the East Coast that I couldn't stay awake.  But now here I am on the live feeds for the first time.  I can't believe it's Big Brother time again....the year just flew by.

Everyone is sleeping now, so I'm skipping back in time to get up to speed on what's going on, and what has happened in the house since the end of the 2nd HoH competition that we saw on TV last night.

OK.  Here's Jason Roy, sitting in the HoH room speculating about what the PoV competition will entail.  They are talking about the "Frat Party" series of competitions last year.  I think he's talking to Meg, but I'm not sure.

I think James' nominations won the Battle of the Block, which has already occurred.  (We'll see it on TV on Sunday.)

In the bedroom, Jackie is talking to Da'Vonne and Audtry, telling them about The Amazing Race.  She's on the block now....but I don't think she or Steve Moses (the other nominee) are the actual targets.  But more on that later.

Steve is having a serious conversation with Jace in the lounge.  Note that Production abandoned that whole hammock thing in there in favor of some bench-type seating, with pillows.  Steve is talking about the things that bother him.  It sounds like people talking to him like he doesn't matter bothers him, but not much else.

Jace:  Being told what to do doesn't bother you?

Steve:  No.

Jace goes off on a speech about how Steve should always remember that NO ONE is better than him, only "one man".

Steve:  God.

Jace repeats his whole speech.  Like, over and over, while Steve says "that's a good theory" or something like that.  Sounds like Jace is having some BIG PROBLEMS with someone in the house and doesn't know how he should handle it.

GUESS WHAT?  It's Becky Burgess, bitches.  And apparently she's been bossing him.  Or at least that's how he sees it.  (What did I tell you about that Becky?  Don't boss me, Becky!)

Meanwhile there is a nail polish party in the living room.  I think they are painting James' toes.  Winning HoH the first week was really good for James, I think. Because otherwise I don't see how he would fit in with this group. 

Is that Liz?  Or Julia?  Whoever it is is enjoying the nail party.

There's Meg, painting some guy's fingernails.  They must have gotten those flower headbands in the BoB competition.

Bossy Becky, hard at work.

But I have to say, Becky might win this first battle with Jace.  Because apparently the plan is to backdoor Jace Agoli this week after the PoV competition and ceremony.  I think he's probably irritating everyone, not just Becky.  But Becky should tone it down anyway.  No one should be anybody's "problem" this early in the game.  If you want to win, that is.

Austin is in for a big surprise, if Jace is nominated after the PoV.  Because I think they are aligned, maybe with Liz.  Big mistake for Austin, because I think Jace has been blabbing about their alliance, and I think we could see on the CBS shows that he was already irritating everyone.

You know, with that "Rado" comment to Becky.

Meanwhile in the bedroom Jackie is saying that TAR is a 28-day shoot.  Audrey was asking her questions about the process, like do the cameras film you on the plane?  (No, they don/t, Jackie says.)

Jackie told them how sweaty and dirty you are the whole time on TAR.  I think she said they were on the show for 12 filming days....two legs in Japan, two in Thailand, one in Germany.  Or something like that.  She said she'd do it again in a heartbeat, and mentions TAR All Stars.

Da'Vonne is worried about how she may look on TV.  Jackie tells her not to worry....she wondered the same thing, but says CBS made them look good on TAR, even when they were all dirty and gross.

Audrey has her flower headband, too.  I think Jace has been telling people that he doesn't trust her, so if that is true, then Audrey ain't going to stand for that.

Becky is painting Clay's nails. She did some sort of pattern on there and Clay apparently really liked it.  Clay also painted something on James' nails.

That's not the woodwork.  That's just Jeff, blending right in.

There is an obvious bond between these two, as expected.  The vibe in the living room is friendly and cheerful.

Jace isn't there.  I think he's by himself in the lounge.  RED FLAG, dude.


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