Monday, June 29, 2015

Morning Chatter - Guy Talk #BB17

The house guests are slowly waking up after being prodded by Production.

Jason tells John about his elderly grandma.  She gets a ride in some sort of shuttle to take her to medical appointments.

Jason:  But the people driving the bus are some of the craziest motherfuckas out there.  They drive crazy...there are air tanks flying everywhere.

Jason talks about his friend---I think she gives him his haircuts.  She is an artist, and was a Suicide Girl for a while.  (Jana Costa, maybe?)

John:  Hmmm.  I'm into that.

Jason:  When they played Missy Elliot this morning I said, "that's for me!" and bounced right out of bed.

John:  Big Brother's Missy Elliot!

They think it would be cool if celebrities come in to take over.  (But Phil didn't even come in the house...he just stood outside with Julie Chen.)

Clay came out and is having neck pain today.  It hurts when he turns his head to the right side.  He's hoping Austin can help him with that later.

Jason thinks that some of the take over twists could emulate twists from other BB seasons.

Jason:  Like Rachel Reilly can come in here with the golden key.

He explains that during BB13, if a team was on the block, one person went home and the other got a golden key to stay in the house until the Finals.  They were all surprised at that.

(He doesn't know how close he is....Porsche Briggs got that Golden Key, and she's the one who met Liz "on a boat" and recommended her to casting.  And of course the twin twist may be like BB5, but of course we don't know because BB didn't even mention that on last night's CBS episode.)

James came out and sat in this weird direction, turning away totally from Austin.  James went back inside, and they started discussing Vanessa.  Is she barely playing the game, or is she some sort of mastermind?  They think watching her compete next week will tell them a lot about her.  Jason went into the house, leaving Clay and Austin alone together.

Clay warned him to never talk in the kitchen, because "they" are always watching the kitchen on the Spy Screen to see who's talking.

Austin:  Kitchen is food only.

Austin also had to run his mouth about Vanessa, saying that "she's always been honest and open with him".

Clay tells Austin how to talk to Vanessa, and to try and find out where she stands with Johnny Mac, but to phrase it in a way like he's all alone, with no one to work with.  Clay doesn't think Steve is going to tell anyone whose side he's on, so you have to approach him one-on-one and try to get that information over time.

Clay:  He doesn't like to talk game, and I'm kind of scared to bring it up because I don't know who he's with.

Austin:  I heard he offered Day an alliance....or to be her eavesdropper.

Clay heard that, too.

Austin:  Then I kept catching him snooping, but he's calmed down a lot in the last few days.

Clay doesn't think Day would tell them that if she was working with Steve.  He tells Austin that Day is working with James and Vanessa.

Later it was just Jason and Clay, and they discussed Steve.  Jason said late last night Steve came out to the hot tub, and it thought it was a great time to approach him to talk about the game, but then Becky came out and that ruined that conversation.

Clay told a story about just sitting around somewhere, and hearing Steve say "Hey Clay" and he kind of jumped and didn't even know Steve was there.

Clay:  But then Becky came over there.....that Becky....she kind of sticks her nose in places.

Clay thinks the BoBs are going to be "his" comps, because they're more physical.  He wouldn't even try to backdoor someone he respects, because that's just not the right thing to do.

Austin:  Except Day...

Clay:  Yeah, she'd be the perfect person to do that to.

Austin thinks they can work together in some of these comps, or help each other.  Jason came back out and said that if the rules don't prevent it, then you can try it.  He mentions the BBCAN competition where they had to hang on to a tree.  The girls were wearing lumberjack shirts and they tied them to the trees because the rules didn't say they couldn't do that.

Austin thinks they could have hid the PoV letters under their shirts, but Jason says no.  They saw Jackie hide letters in the mud, but Becky found the pile of letters and put a stop to that.

Clay:  You can't hide anything from Becky.

Austin:  Becky started  cleaning out there....picking up all of the letters.

Jason says James wanted to spell the word "lifeguard".

Clay:  How's he gonna do that?

Jason:  C'mon.  That word is printed all over the place out here..

(ha ha ha)

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