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Meet Steve Moses - He Won't Drink, Smoke, and Yell at Other House Guests Like Ian Did #BB17

1.  Meet Steve Moses, a 22 year old college student from Governeur NY.  He is currently studying audio engineering and music at Fredonia State (a SUNY school). Before he went to Fredonia he went to Cornell for two years to study mechanical engineering, but he realized he needed to get back into music so he switched careers and schools.

Jeff points out that before they started just now, Steve was "very technical" in the DR looking at all of the sound and recording equipment.

2.  Steve describes himself as the epitome of a Big Brother SuperFan.  He watches the show, the live feeds, reads the blogs, YouTube shows... you name it, he does it.

Steve:  Every season, back to back. Just about anything you can do as a SuperFan, I've done it.

3.  Jeff, to us:  Because guys, he was very excited about going live in here, wanting to know when we went live.

Steve:  Yes.  Yes.  It is absolutely crazy that I'm here.  I never in a million years thought that I would have actually gotten cast.  But I'm here...

Jeff:  You're here!  You're home now!

Steve:  Yes!  I'm home now.  I'm in the Diary Room!  I've seen this chair so many times before.

4.  Jeff: Is it blowing your mind right now?

Steve:  Yes, a little bit.

Jeff:  Do you wanna say something to the live feeders?

Steve:  Hi Mom!

5.  Jeff is ready to get down to business and wants to know what Steve's strategy is.

Steve:  I think in life I've always been the cute little kid...the geek, the nerd....

Jeff:  You're right about being cute!

Steve, laughing:  Thank you.  I'm almost as cute as Jordan.

Jeff:  Oh, there you go!

(And that's how you do BB name drops, Jace Agoli!)

Steve:  So I think what I'm gonna do is play the innocent card, because it's not hard to do, it's already who I am.  I can fend off any intimidation and no one will find me a threat.  I think people will think I'm easy to manipulate, because I'll be super excited about everything that's going on. Someone can bring me into their alliance because they think I'll be super loyal and super loyal to the alliance.  Then I can ride that alliance and stick the knife in at the end.

Jeff:  Wow.

6.  Jeff: OK.  Since you're a SuperFan, I can touch on this....Ian?  You kind of resemble Ian and he won the whole show.  Do you think other people may have watched the show and get that idea about you?

7.  Steve, obviously prepared for the question:  I think the big difference between myself and Ian is that he was constantly trying to prove how cool he was.  I mean, he smoked some cigarettes, he drank a lot and yelled at people...

Jeff, shocked:  He did?

(ha ha ha ha ha)

Steve:  You will never see me yell at anyone.  I don't drink at all.  I won't touch cigarettes.  Ian tried to play up how he was a grown up adult.  I'm not going to do that at all.  I'm going to do it the complete opposite way.

8.  He knows the game will change, with crazy twists so he will have to be adaptable.

Steve:  I know that is Big Brother, and something crazy will happen the first night in there.

(No!  Please don't let Steve get Jodi'd, Alison Grodner!)

9.  Steve knows he will miss his family because he's never been away from them for so long.  He's already having problems with it, and things are just getting started.

Steve is single, but will not get into a showmance because it would complicate his game.  Emotions start getting involved and people see you as a threat.

Steve:  Well, you know, you experienced that and were on the block next to Jordan.

Jeff:  Yeah.  I thought you were gonna say I was in the Jury House, because I was. (twice)

Steve:  It just puts a huge target on your back and I don't want the emotional involvement.

10. Jeff asked Steve what the Zingbot would say to him, and specified that he had to do it in the Zingbot voice.

Steve, mortified: I have to do his voice?  And come up with the Zing?

Jeff:  Zing can just zing me.

Steve, immediately:  Hey Jeff!  I hear this house is equipped with some good technotronics!  ZING!

Jeff loved it.

11.  Jeff asks the dreaded Zoo Question.

Steve:  I think I'd be a monkey!  Because I would enjoy climbing around on things and swinging from trees.  That would be fun!

Jeff:  Since you're a SuperFan, you probably already know the next question I'm going to ask.  Would rather win and be hated by America, or

Steve, not even letting him finish:  Yes. I'm here to win the game.  I'm here to win the game, period.  And that's all there is to it.

12.  Steve's biggest accomplishment to date was probably getting into Cornell, an Ivy League school.  He adds that being a TA for a physics class as a sophomore was also a big achievement.

Jeff stumbles with the word "physics" but laughs about it and ask him how getting on Big Brother would compare to his other accomplishments.

Steve: Well, you really can't compare them because one is a professional achievement and the other is a personal one..

Jeff:  Well, duh!

Steve admits getting on the show is a huge deal, and winning it would be the best of all.

13.  Jeff invited Steve to address the live feeders, and tell them anything he wants them to know.

Steve: Thank you for your support. I'm so thrilled to be here. I never thought I'd be here.  I know exactly how you feel because I'm the one who is always sitting there waiting for the cast reveal.  It's so weird being on the other side of this..thank you, thank you for your support.  I really appreciate it and I hope I can do you proud this summer.

Jeff: Oh!  I love the energy buddy.  Good luck! I hope I don't see you again until the end of the summer.

14.  Steve:  And good luck to you on your engagement!

Jeff, surprised:  Oh, thank you.

Steve:  Congratulations on finally going through with it!

Jeff:  What a cutie!

15.  For the record, I don't think Steve meant to be shady with that last comment there.  But it was kinda shady anyway.


Well, I don't need to tell you that Steve Moses is a breath of fresh air.  Jeff felt that way, too.  I think he was almost tearing up when Steve was describing his life as a SuperFan and how truly excited he was to be there.  After all, Jeff hears so much fake bullshit every year from people who just want to be on TeeVee.

I'm glad there are people like Steve out there who are ambitious, well-spoken, thoughtful, and not afraid to be themselves, even though it's probably not the easiest thing to do sometimes.

From his CBS bio:

I'm not surprised by the genius part, nor the virgin part.  Steve has plenty of time in life to get laid.  I like how self-aware he seems to be, and I think his overall strategy is solid, particularly since it's not too specific.  He's not quantifying alliances or talking about throwing challenges, he's just settling on an everyday persona that will be easy to execute, and then he'll be patient and wait.  I'm sure he'll be geeking out over all of the cameras and rigged equipment, which will add another layer of credibility to his plan to just be there for the experience.

Sounds good to me.  But I hope he doesn't get totally screwed in the beginning of the game by the first eviction.  He comes off as mature and genuine, which should help him make those all-important first connections with people.  He's young, but so is everybody else in there this year.

I feel like Steve is one of our own, and we need to pull it together and root for him, as well as trying to help him out whenever America has a voice in the game.  But Steve needs to follow-up, of course, and do some great SuperFan things for us like talking out loud when he can and describing what happened in the house after live feed blackouts.


Here are some great moments of Ian Terry drinking and/or or yelling at people.

1.  After BB14 ended, Real Networks (remember them?) flew Ian, Frank and Dan out to Seattle to film some post-season segments.  After the first day, Frank and Ian went out to dinner, and Ian got so sick the next day that he missed most of the live event.  In this recap of the event, this issue is discussed, and then Ian shows up in person near the end, but I just laughed out loud at least 4 times when I re-read some of the things that Frank said when he was being interviewed.  I just love Frank and when I read his quotes, in my head I still hear them in his accent.

2.  This live feed recap made me laugh too, but for different reasons.  During BB14, in the days after Dan's famous "funeral", Jenn City won the PoV and took Dan off the block, and Frank told Britney Haynes to take a seat in Dan's place.  Ian was livid because he thought he was best friends with Britney and felt just as blindsided as she did.  During the previous week, Ian and  Frank, who was dressed as a giant carrot at the time, had stashed away beers every day and after the PoV ceremony they planned to get Day Drunk together.  But as you might guess, Ian ended up drinking alone in an angry fashion.

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  1. Love this guy. I just hope he doesn't spend the summer rocking in the hammock like Ian.


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