Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Meet Meg Maley - Haters Are Gonna Love Her #BB17

1.  Right off the bat, we know that Meg is a chatty, bubbly person with a delightful laugh.  She just fills that DR with energy and you can tell it gives Jeff a jolt as well.  Meg is a 25 year-old waitress in New York City right now (originally a Jersey Girl though).  Jeff asks her if she's a people person and that was a real Captain Obvious moment for me.

2.  Meg tells us that when BB kidnaps you, they really do it!  Jeff says he knows about the kidnapping, and it's unclear to me if Meg knows that Jeff was on BB or not.  She was shocked when they told her "it's really time now" and took her cell phone away.

3.  She is going to miss her family and friends and hopes she's not bored stuck in the BB house all summer.  NYC is such a bustling place with so much to do, she's worried about just having to sit around and chill in the backyard.  Jeff confirms that there is a lot of downtime.  Meg expects to get sunburned in the backyard and points out her current pale face --- "i'll look like a lobster," she says.

4.  Meg thinks she will be a different sort of person than the other female cast members, based on who she expects to see in the house this summer.. She thinks she's sort of a goofy girl, but she also said she's a girl who is really ready to play the game, and we don't see that very often on the show.

Meg:  I'm a girl who's really hungry to get in there and play, and yeah, I'm a girl who likes to have a really good time.  But I'm not in there to have a good time.

Jeff, just taking it all in: So you're here to win.

Meg:  Yeah!  I'm here for the money, honey!

Jeff, not falling for it:  So even if there's backstabbing in're ready to do that?  Because you seem pretty innocent to me!

Meg:  Ha ha ha!  That seems like a good strategy to me!

Jeff:  Here I was thinking you would be a good girl, and I'd fall right into your trap!

Meg:  Ha ha ha!  I hope so!

5.  Meg says she will do ANYTHING to win.  She wants to play a loyal game, but she will do anything to win.  Jeff asks her if she'd rather win and be hated, or lose and be loved.  Meg didn't hesitate to answer.


6.  Meg says she's just "gotta do me".  Jeff asked her when the last time she cried was.  Meg says she cried this morning and they had a good laugh at that.  At the moment she feels a lot of emotion but is trying to get it all out now.  She didn't get to say goodbye to everyone that she wanted to----they took her phone and she still doesn't seem over that trauma.

 She thinks the only time she will get really emotional will be thinking about her family and friends, and trying to make them proud this summer---not emotional about the game.

7.  Meg thinks next to family, she will really miss the city life.  She's used to being on-the-go and being busy all the time, so she's worried about being bored, just chillin' in the Big Brother house. Jeff confirms that there will be A LOT of downtime.

8.  If Meg were an animal at the zoo, she would be a goose, because that is what her friends compare her to to, due to the typical goose energy and jerky head motions.  She acknowledges that this can certainly be annoying, so she plans to "play low" when she first gets in the house to not be that girl who is always terrorizing everyone about having fun.

9.  Jeff wonders if she knows what's coming up in the game.   Meg says she's been thinking about what the twists may be, and you can see the electric jolt that ran through her when she said she couldn't wait to find out.  Jeff doesn't know, either, he says.

10.  Meg hopes that the twists involve America, because she really liked that feature last year. (So smart of her to bring that up in this live format)   Jeff asks her if she has anything to say to America, since she wants to involve them.

(I hope Meg didn't like America's Team last year during BB16.  Because ugh.)

11.   Meg, to us:  I hope you guys are on my side!  And...let's win this game and KILL IT!

Jeff:  Well.  I think that's it from Meg.  A perfect ending right there.

Meg: Yeah!


Well, this Meg is a real firecracker.  And she's not just a waitress, as you might expect. She is also an aspiring actress and has a web series called Fruitflies.  In the following You Tube video, Meg is the guest on this little talk show to talk about her webseries.  She tells the hosts that the series is about gay men giving advice to women.  She says she lives with three gay guys and spends her Friday nights in the gay bars, so they call her a Fruitfly.

You have to watch a little commercial during this video before you get to see her, but it's worth it to get to know Meg.  She does girl-on-the-street type interviews with gay men and it looks hysterical.  Meg says she's "single in the city, always", and that "it's a jungle out there".

She's friends with Andrea Boehlke from Survivor, and current Miss Survivor as elected by the Rob Has a Podcast fans.  That's fun, right?

I'm sure Meg and Andrea have a grand old time when they go out and tear up Manhattan.  Meg is a real live wire and I think she'd be a blast to play Big Brother with.  Now, she can't be honking like a goose when people are trying to sleep, and she needs to learn to lower her voice so everybody won't hear every word she says to anyone.

Unless she is the victim of some sort of cruel twist during the rumored night #2 eviction, I can't see Meg going home first.  Or even fourth.  I think there are going to be too many other big personalities in that house who are negative, rather than positive, keeping someone else in the cross hairs instead of her.

I can't imagine anybody not wanting to be her friend in there.  So she can keep good relationships with everyone, and particularly her alliance, which has to include Jason Roy, the "gay glue", right?

But I'm going off on a tangent.  Obviously I think Meg will make the jury and has potential to go much deeper in the game than that.  She just doesn't seem like the backstabbing type---she seems like such harmless fun.

Expect the unexpected, house guests.  Meg might even surprise Dexter Morgan with her ability and willingness to cut throats this year.

Love, love Meg Maley.  Great casting choice.

(And how great would it be if Frank Eudy is in the house, maybe as a coach or something?  Meg would totally get with him, and if she can talk food with Frank she could lead him around by a string and benefit from his strength at competitions.)

(I'm totally dreaming up the Frank Eudy scenario, but it's fun to think about...)

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