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Meet John McGuire - When Johnny Mac Tells You "This Won't Hurt a Bit", Would You Believe Him? $BB17

1.  Jeff greets John McGuire,who says he's the Rock 'n' Roll Dentist.  He works as a dentist by day and then plays music all night.  His nickname is Johnny Mac---that is what John's friends call him so that is what Jeff starts calling him.  Clearly John is going to be this year's DR screamer.  In fact, Jeff asks him now why he's yelling.

Jeff:  Maybe too many metal shows?  I dunno..Maybe listening to drills and stuff all day?

2.  Jeff asks if he's going to be cleaning teeth in the Big Brother house this summer.

John:  I that legal?

(Like Big Jeff would know...)

John says he is only licensed in Pennsylvania, so maybe if they flew some patients in he could work on their teeth.

3.  Jeff wonders who's taking care of the business while he's gone.  John says he's just an employee at the dental clinic where he works---they have other people to cover the day-to-day stuff.  Jeff wonders what that really means, as far as work goes.

John:  I can do a filling.  I can pull a tooth, if you have an old rotten tooth in there.

Jeff: Me? No...

John:  Well maybe some veneers, some Invisalign, I can do it all!

4. Jeff asked John about the last time he cried.

John:  Me?  Cry? was probably about a year the hospital...there were some medical type things going on in there and I got emotional...


Jeff:  Do you think you'll be emotional in there?  (really, "in dere")

John:  I don't know....if I do I might not  be able to help that okay?

Jeff:  Yeah, yeah.  I'm just askin'.

5.  If John wins the show, most of that money will go to pay his debt.  (I'm assuming he has student loan debt for dental school.  Also, he might have had to borrow to buy dental equipment, even though he works for a dental practice.)

John:  I owe about $250,000, and the interest rate is unbelievable.

Jeff:  Well, then we know where that money's going.

(I used to have a friend who was a dentist with his own practice.  He used to tell me that as soon as he paid off his equipment loans, he wanted to close his practice to be a musician.  He was really into the B52's.  And he said, "I love to do surgery, because I make so much money from it!"  Food for thought, for the next time you're In The Chair.)

(FYI  I just googled my old friend out of curiosity, and he's still in the dentist business, but in a different office in a different town.  And he looks just the same.)

6.  John says he is actually a very physical guy, even though he looks so skinny and small.

John:  I do all kinds of mud runs and things, so that's going to surprise people.  But I think that the big huge guys are going to be seen as targets, so they'll be the ones going out first.  I really won't have to do much as long as that's happening.

Jeff:  That's smart, I like that.  So you're here to win.  And you'll do anything to win.

John:  Yep. Anything. I don't care if I'm hated.  I'm used to being hated.

Jeff:  Why?  Really?

John:  Because I'm a dentist! People hate dentists!

7.  Jeff asks about John's downside.  He says he knows he can annoy some people, but he hopes people just think he's stupid.  That's fine with him because they won't know he's smart until it's too late.

John:  And another thing.  I don't understand those people who go in there and say they're a SuperFan and they talk all the time about knowing everything about the game.  No way I'm gonna do that.

Jeff:  So you'll just say that you watch the show here and there?

John:  Yeah.  I'll say I'm a dentist and I work all day and that I've seen the show and it looked like fun, so I tried out for it.

(Johhny Mac is a BB SuperFan!)

8.  John is going to be open and honest in the house about being a dentist.  He says that people love to talk about their teeth, whether they know it or not, so that will be a good thing for him.

Jeff:  Talk about their teeth...really?

John:  Yeah!  They're always saying something like they got a filling one time that they're not sure about...stuff like that.

9.  Jeff asks John about the Zingbot, and John says he's pretty sure that the Zingbot will talk about how skinny he is.  John starts looking around for the Zingbot, asking if coming in now.

10.  Jeff:  Yeah, he'll be here.  But not now...if we stay in here long enough, he'll be here, but that's a long time.

John wasn't sure he could do a Zingbot impression, and didn't even try.  He is so wacky---why wouldn't he give it a try?  Surely he knows who the Zingbot is, right?  He says he needs more time to think about his impression but Jeff tells him not to worry.

11.  If John was a zoo animal, he'd be a badger, because "they don't care and they fight lions".  Jeff thinks that's a pretty good analogy, and it makes sense to him.

12.  John wants to win for the glory of it all.  If he has to evict people that are his friends in the house and they don't understand, then they're not his friends anyway.  He'll do anything.  He just wants to win it.


Yet another interesting house guest, a real Piece of Work, you might say.  I read the CBS bio for Johnny Mac, and it contained some interesting information.

Apparently he can just turn on and off his geeky persona....I was assuming that what we just saw in his interview with Jeff was him just being himself.  So if he tries to be annoying and geeky, I can't even imagine what that might be like.

I actually agree with John's point about being able to coast and letting the "meat shields" make themselves huge targets.  But unfortunately I haven't seen too many of those guys in the list of house guests.  So I hope he has an alternate plan of action, just in case his early plan doesn't work. I don't think it's going to be a big Bro Fest this year, but I still have a few house guests to review.

And I like him planning to lay low about being a SuperFan.  But I think the risk for him might be the first impressions he makes, particularly if that rumored night #2 eviction is true.  I think he really needs to tone down The Crazy until he has some solid relationships, because he may cause the paranoid people to think he's acting or putting on a show.

I'm a little concerned about his ability to fly by the seat of his pants.  You need that skill in Big Brother, to not only expect the unexpected, but to manage other people in the house without them realizing it.  At least twice during the interview with Jeff, he couldn't come up with something on the fly and admitted to it.  He didn't even play it off.  So that may be a problem.   To win Big Brother you need to be a good Bullshit Artist.

I do think John will make for interesting live feeds, and I'll certainly be able to pick his voice out of the crowd.  There is definitely a Pennsylvania edge to it, but it is high and sharp and kind of piercing.

But they better add some extra sound-proofing that Diary Room this year. Just in case.

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