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Meet Jason Roy - Price Check on Gay Glue! #BB17

Jason Roy was the first BB17 house guest interviewed live by Jeff Schroeder to kick off the exclusive CBS All Access BB coverage.  He lives in Fall River, Massachusetts, a town famous for the Lizzie Borden murders.

1.  Well, we're all going to hear Jason enter a room long before we see him. And as someone who recaps the live feeds, I love a house guest like Jason.  No need for me to struggle to figure out who's talking on the live feeds....I will always know when Jason is speaking.  I normally love a Boston accent, but this is a different type of sound.  Must be a Falls River thing.   You'll have to hear it for yourself to understand what I mean.

2.  Jason is a BB superfan who watches the live feeds and says he has watched all of the international versions of the show.  He calls himself a "Big Brother Historian".

3.  He works in a grocery store stocking the shelves overnight.  I've actually been in the stores while that is happening, and it's an interesting bunch of people.  Big companies like Pepsi, Coke and Frito Lay hire their own employees to restock and merchandise the shelves throughout the day, so if Jason actually is paid by the grocery chain he must be working on the spice or cake mix aisles.  Just a guess.

4.  Big Jeff struggles with Jason's description of his job, and his life.

Jeff:  So whadda you do, watch the live feeds while you stock the shelves?

Jason:  No!  You gotta pay attention while your putting the paper towels away!

( So...the paper goods aisle....)

5.  Jeff notices Jason's accent and asks him where he's from.  He tells Jeff that his Massachusetts town is close to Rhode Island.  I have to say that if I was not informed that Jason is 25, I would think he is closer to 18 or 19.  He has a slight build and seems very young. to me.  Probably lacking in life experiences, too, if that makes sense.

6.  When asked what he'll leave behind, he says "everything", and elaborates by saying he will probably lose his job if he stays there for awhile--they will fire him.

Jeff:  That job stocking paper towels?

Jason:  Yes!

Jeff:  You might have a new job after this!

Jason:  I know...I might be rich!  Damn!  This could be the best scratch ticket out there!

Jeff cracks up at Jason's accent when he says that.  It was really funny, so seeing Jeff crack up made Jason laugh, too.

7.  He say he will miss "all of his girls" while he's in the BB house. (Even Jeff seems to know what this means.)  Jason says he plans to bond with "all his girls" in the house, too.  He'll miss his family but doesn't have any pets.  Jeff tells him that this is his big dream come true.

Jeff:  You're here've landed!  This is your house now,...I'm just a visitor!

Jason is delighted with this and says he's so excited to be there.  He thinks his downfall might be that he can be annoying and grate on people's nerves.  He'll try to be aware of it but agrees with Jeff that the real Jason will come out while he's in the house.  He'll try to tone it down at first.

8.  If Jason wins BB17, he'd like to start his own business or buy part of a business so he can stop stocking shelves and be the one writing the paychecks.

9.  Jason plans to work with the girls in the house, claiming that he will be the "gay glue" to hold the girls together.

Jason:  The girls' alliance only works if there is gay glue to keep it together, just long enough for it to self-implode and then I'll still be there when the dust settles.

Jeff wonders if Jason will be ready to stab his girls in the back.  Jason says "if you put my mama in there, she's going home...I'm here for the check!" They can be his best friend, he says, but they're going home when it's time to go. He's only going to be loyal to his girls back home.

10.  Jeff wonders if Jason would rather win and be hated, or lose and be loved.

Jason:  Oh!  Sorry America!  There have been plenty of people that I've said, oh, I can't stand that house guest, but I don't care if America hates me, while I'm sitting on a throne of money.  But as a live feeder, I think people will like me, because they can identify with me.  I'm not one of those people who say, I've never seen this show before!

11.  Jason knows that he can't predict what the twists will be, but he's as prepared as he can be, with all of his international BB watching and all.  Jeff wonders what the Zingbot will say about Jason.

Jason:  Oh, I love the Zingbot!  He's got so much ammo with me!  I mean, just look at me! I weigh like 40 pounds!  He can just go off on me!

12.  Jeff wonders what Jason's guilty pleasures are.

Jason:  Well, probably Big Brother, but I don't know if I feel guilty about it.  I think I wear my obsession proudly.  My obsessions are probably Big Brother, Nicky Manaj, and fashion!

Jeff:  I think people are gonna love you!

Jason thinks he's probably the lowest rated house guest on Jokers right now, and that people are typing "I can't stand that guy".  Jeff points out that he's the first to be interviewed, so he's number one right now.

Jason:  I'm number one now!  Everyone else is a question mark face!


Well, there isn't much to see on social media about Jason.  Either he posts under a different name, or he closed everything down for the summer.  It might be the latter, since he's a live feeder and knows what kind of crap people get directed at their family and friends.

I can't find any info about college, so I have to assume that he didn't go, which would explain his career choices at 25. He does seem really quick with a good vocabulary, so I don't thing intelligence will be a problem this summer.  But he's so goofy.....if the other house guests are paranoid about twists, they might assume that Jason is playing some sort of role, or is famous in real life.

You know, like thinking Donny Thompson was a Harvard professor or nuclear physicist.

In fact, that might just the box they're trying to check off for casting profiles----the oddball Super Fan that might be an outsider in the house, but might really connect with certain viewers.

I can say that I think it will be a blast to cover Jason on the live feeds.  I certainly don't think he'll be boring, and he will probably talk to the cameras when he's alone, since he knows the BB community loves that.  I have to say that even though he's a big fan of the show, it doesn't sound like he's going to fanboy out and gush about Will Kirby all summer. Or try to play like Dan Gheesling or something.  I think he'll just be himself, and that should make for a good show.

I heard a rumor that someone will be evicted on the second night of the premiere.  I hope it's not Jason, but it might be if everyone is just going on first impressions.  They might think he is play-acting, because his voice and mannerisms are so exaggerated (as mentioned above), or they might assume he's like an Ian Terry type whose knowledge of the game will burn them in the end.

If Jason can quickly make some good eye contact with the girls, and start spreading that gay glue around, he can have enough numbers to float by for a few weeks.  I think there will be a lot of strong personalities in the cast this year, so someone else will surely step forward to assert themselves a little too strongly.  Someone's going to be The Jackass....but will it be Jason?

I'm not sure if he has the people skills to blend in---I don't know enough about him yet.  I wish Jeff had asked him what he does during the day, since he works overnight.  Does he sit alone at home?  Sleep the day away?  Watch the live feeds?  I'm not sure these sorts of activities would be well suited for someone who needs to fit in and blend in as quickly as possible.

So I'll put it this way:  I would not be shocked if Jason is the first evictee of BB17, whenever that may happen, but I would certainly feel a loss at what could have been on the live feeds.  If the eviction isn't an immediate one, his personality could really help him.  I have heard house guests say many times that they had to pick someone to vote out that first week, so they picked the person who they hadn't spoken with much at all. (See:  David Girton)

Can't imagine that will be the case with Jason....

***FUN FACT***

As you can see above, the CBS website lists Jason's occupation as "supermarket cashier".  I saw that and had an image of Jason chatting with hundreds of people a day, scanning their groceries.  Some of you readers know I love to talk about food on the live feeds, so I was hoping to hear Jason's comments on what people buy and some good stories.  You just know those cashiers see it all.

But of course we heard with our own ears that Jason told Jeff that he stocks the shelves at night.  And working overnight in a closed grocery store is NOTHING like being a cashier.  Trust me.  I have collaborated in the grocery world and the people who work at night frequently have earbuds in, doing the same repetitive thing over and over and over again.

They may have some laughs with the other stockers, but many of them are likely to be stoned and are otherwise unable to find work in the industry.  It can be a very tough industry and in the Northeast there may or may not be a few Christopher Multisanti types "working" in the warehouse.  They like to have someone on the inside.

There's a fun fact for you.

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