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Meet Jace Agoli - Down For Some Tasty Waves, Just Learning About #BB17 and Having Some Food

1.  Jeff sat down with Jace Agoli in the DR to meet him and get the scoop for us.  I have to say I'm not digging Jace's look here.  What is with the heavy leather jacket and the weird hat?  It's late June in California--- he knows he's doing a media junket today, right?  And will be photographed and videotaped all day long?  And that when you Google his name to look for images, pictures from today may be the first ones you see for many, many years.

2.  But only 10 seconds into the interview, I forgive Jace already.  Because Jace is a cool, cool cat.  And I love that he's born and raised right here in the ATL but does not have one of those southern accents that make us all sound uneducated and stupid.  You know, with the poor grammar and all.  So, if you're keeping score at home (or where ever you may be), we're three for three on the Georgia BB17 house guests being articulate and intelligent.  Jace grew up from Dunwoody, which is a suburb just north of the city on the east side.  I'll just go ahead and call it upscale. I mean, it's certainly not downscale, by any means.

3.  Jace moved out to California in the last few months and is working as a professional trainer.  (So....why the heavy leather jacket, Jace?  Why not let us sneak a little peek-a-loo at your arms?  Let us see the goods, Jace.)

(You get 10 points if you know that "peek-a-loo" is from Raising Arizona.)

Jase describes himself as an "adrenaline junkie" and will do anything to get that fix.  He says he surfs, he skateboards, he "obviously" snowboards, he's jumped out of planes...whatever..  Once Jace "went down 16 stairs on his skateboard".  Or something like that.

Jace also says he "makes music".  (I've already heard that Jace "raps".  I guess that's the same thing.)

4.  It looks like Big Jace is going to embrace Big Jeff in this next picture, And it looks like he might go in for a kiss, too.  And Jeff looks kind of into it, doesn't he?

Nah....Jace is just a talker who waves his arms around a lot. Which I appreciate, because it's hard to get a good variety of pictures when they both have to sit on their marks in there.

5.  Jace says he's a big fan of Big Brother.  Do you think that's true?  He twice mentioned Jeff "being a legend", and then asked where Jordan was, grinning like he was proud of himself for knowing her name.  A little too proud.  I think he even asked us, the camera, if we knew what a legend Jeff was.  (Bitch please.  Who do you think you're talking to?)

Using the word "legend" sets off my bullshit meter, because another house guest who has apparently never watched the show also described Jeff as a legend. (See:  James Huling)  Me thinks the P.A. who mics them before coming into the DR tells them that they are about to meet a Big Brother legend.

6.  When asked what he is leaving behind to be on the show (really, "da show"), Jace said he's giving up living in a house a block away from Venice Beach.

Jace:  It was a tough was gonna be my first summer living a block from the beach, too.  But I think I'm coming into something much greater.

Jeff:  Oh man!  Well, there's a pool out there!  (i.e. in the BB backyard)

Jace:  I know!  I'm stoked!

Jeff:  Who knows, we might get some crazy weather and you could catch a wave back there.

(I make fun, but I do love Jeff and his random Chicago moments.)

7.  Jace tells Jeff that he never gives up, and then proceeds to name a list of bones that he's broken, including his jaw, BOTH shoulders and BOTH feet, which have been broken FOUR times.  In fact, he says that when he broke his jaw (right side) while skateboarding, it was apparently hanging in a couple of pieces.

Jace:  My retainer fell out, but I got up and finished the trick.

(I'm going to need to see those X-rays, Jace, before I believe all of that. But how fun would it be if Jace was a male Danielle Murphree, telling lies and tall tales all summer.)

Jeff:  What if you get thrown out of the house, would you give me your pinky finger if it meant you could go back in there?

Jace:  I'd probably give you my pinky and my index finger.

8.  Jace says he's very confident, and is bringing a lot of courage and strength into the house.  He's also "super personable" and has determination, which is going to be a deciding factor in winning this game, he thinks.

Jace:  The power to push through when everything else is coming down on you...well, you know, you've been in here three times?  Is it two or three times?

Jeff:  Counting today, it's three.

Jace:  It's going to be a struggle, but I think I can make it to the end.

Jeff sees the "game time" Jace come out just now, and says it was like a switch that went off.

Jace: On and off, all day long.  It's game time baby.

9.  My Jace, what big hands you have.

10. Jeff:  You're obviously an outdoorsy guy, and you can talk to different people.  What's your strategy going into the house?

Jace:  To be honest Jeff, I don't think there's any one aspect to winning this game.  I think it's a social game, it's a competitive game, and it's also interactive between you and the other players.  So I think if you can combine all three and make sure you're not just playing one aspect, you can win.

Jeff:  I should of talked to you before I went in there.

Jace:  Ha ha ha.  We'll see!  We'll see how it plays out.

11.  Jeff wonder if Jace has any downfalls.

Jace:  Well, the downfall is really an upfall, because you have to expect the unexpected.  You can't go into this game with an attitude that something can't can be backdoored...anything can happen so you just have to be mindful that this is a game.

Jeff:  You're very one with yourself.

Jace:  Yes, I am.

(Uh....I listened to this part twice, and Jeff was too dazzled and confused by what Jace said to realize that Jace didn't bother to answer the question.  But I think that was definitely a prepared answer.)

12.  Jeff:  What would you rather be, a loser who is loved, or a winner that everyone hates?

Jace:  I'd rather be an evil dick, and win the game!

Jeff:  Oh, you're dropping all of the names!

(A true SuperFan would never do it like that.  This isn't Big Brother Canada, Jace.)

13.  Jeff asked Jace the stupid question about being a zoo animal.  By now, even Jeff seems tired of this question, and has been apologizing in advance to the house guests before he asks it, saying it's a "silly question".

Jace:  Well, I think most people would know from looking at my mane that I'm a lion.  I'm king of the jungle, man!

Jeff bro'ed out with Jace over that and I think they even high-fived or something,

14.  Jace addressed us as the interview came to a close.  He told us that without us, the show wouldn't be a reality.  He knows we believe in the show, he'd like us to believe in him too, and together we'll all make a good show.

To be honest, Jace said a lot of stuff, but I think that basically captured it.  He also found an opportunity to drop Derrick's name, and told us that Derrick "played an incredible game".

Jace would also like to let us know that the ocean is wet.  Just kidding about that part.


Well, I like Jace.  How can you not like Jace?

I think he'll be a lot of fun to watch on the live feeds.  But partially because I'm not sure he will know much about the live feeds.  He may be that guy who thinks he can change clothes with his back to the camera and get away with it.

I wondered how someone as young as Jace can be so confident and glib.  You can hear self-help phrases in just about every little speech he made just now.  Well, I think I found his dad---who is a doctor specializing in holistic medicine who also hosts a radio show.  Jace is probably a chip off the old block there.  I also found his little sister, who seems like a sweet kid.  They lead a nice life.

Yes, Jace has a mugshot, for two counts of disorderly conduct.  That could happen to anyone.  I'll bet he was skateboarding in the SunTrust parking lot or something.  Shit happens,  All the time.

And here's a few pictures of Jace that showcase a younger, presumably less-disorderly Jace.

So Jace really does skateboard.  Here is a video of a young Jace doing his thing. I think Jace was around 16 at the time.

And here's a video that features Jace's rapping.  He comes in just after the two minute mark, so you'll need to hang in there and keep listening to hear him spit some rhymes.  Or whatever the kids are calling it now.  

OK.  So about Big Brother...

Jace is going to be easy to live with.  He's not going to be "the problem".  But this season looks a little different from the last few seasons, because the buff, bro dudes are in the minority.  I have heard several of the house guests say that the big strong physical threats needed to be voted out first.  The fact that guys like Jace will probably be outnumbered from the start might actually spare them from an early eviction.

I have  a feeling there might be teams this year at some point....I would think you'd want to keep some muscle on your team.  Right?

And Jace is obviously a bull shitter.  He hasn't learned to be a really smooth bull shitter yet, though.  That takes time and practice.  So it is kind of obvious when he's laying it on thick, spouting some really corny lines.  That might get him in trouble.  Because I think there are some really smart people in there this year.  (And one or two imbeciles, of course.)

Jace will get some showmance action, of course.  Maybe he'll even have a few bitches fighting over him, due to the relative scarcity of desirable targets.  That would be fun, too.  I don't think we've seen something like that since BB5, when two of the Four Horseman had some strong words over Holly the blonde bimbo.

I'd like to see what Jace can do in there.  And speaking of BB5,  I'm thrilled that at the very least that we might be able to get the taste of that "other" Big Brother Jase out of our mouths and memories.

***FUN FACT***

BB5 Jase Wirey used to be a total fanboy over Brad Pitt.  I actually heard him with my own ears say on the live feeds that he knows Brad and Jennifer Anniston (married at the time) were big Survivor fans.  So if they're Survivor fans, they must be Big Brother fans.  And that means they probably watch the live feeds.  And if they see Jase on the live feeds, maybe Brad would cast him in a movie as his double or something.

Ha ha ha.  And when he came back for All Stars BB7, he even had an alliance with Diane Henry called "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", after the Brad Pitt movie with Angelina Jolie.

Look at poor Jase Wirey, already getting hit with Jace Agoli's shrapnel.  It might be a long summer for him, too.

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