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Meet Becky Burgess - Will She Remind the Kids to Clock-Out on Their Way Out of the #BB17 House?

***WAIT*** Are you looking for information about Becky's train wreck?  You can find that here.

1.  Jeff welcomes Becky Burgess to the BB17 Diary Room and the energy crackles in the room.  It's clear that Becky is poised, and was prepared to introduce herself in a clear and concise manner.  Right after she finishes, Jeff notes that she's "done a lot of interviews".

Becky:  I have! And I'm loving every minute of it!

 2.  Becky tells us that she is a retail manager, and works for a very large chain.  She's had to opportunity to work overseas to open a new store location, and thinks this experience will help her in the BB house.  I worked in retail while I was in college (who didn't, I guess) so immediately I had to figure out what store she worked for, because that makes a difference to me.

Turns out Becky has worked for several internationally-recognized brands, but the store she opened in Munich, Germany was Hollister, which is a clothing chain owned by Abercrombie & Fitch.  She lived there for two years and made a big success of it, from all accounts.

(Or, at least according to her own Linked In account...)

3.  Becky says she's a huge fan of Big Brother, and calls out Derrick's game from BB16, saying there is a certain value in being able to play a low key game and flying under the radar.

Becky:  I'm a very exciting person, and I like to be kind of silly and talk a lot.  I know that in the BB house it's good to lay low, and not be noticed so much.  I'm hoping that doesn't play against me.

4.  Becky is a natural leader and a very positive person, and from what she knows of the Big Brother game, an important part of success is just managing people.

Becky:  And that's what I do at work......manage people and high schoolers..

Jeff:  Oh, that's good.  Because there won't be any high schoolers in that house, but a lot of the people will act like it, including me.

5.  Becky isn't just some random mall worker (my words, not her's), because she also has a double major in finance and economics.

Jeff:  So you know the numbers.....

Becky:  Yes, but I don't plan to let anyone know that.  I just want them to think that I'm a simple retail manager.  I'm a well-rounded person...I'm athletic and like people so my social game is good.  But I just don't want others to realize all of that and think I'm a threat.

6.  Jeff thinks she seems really sweet to him.

Becky:  Well, thanks.  Jordan is one of my favorites, but I'm not saying that just because you're here.

Jeff:  I'll be sure to pass that along!

(Isn't it funny how people's minds work?  Jeff said she seemed sweet and Becky blurted out that she liked Jordan.  I guess because Jordan is sweet, too.  Or did Becky realize that Jeff likes his girls on the sweet side, and wanted to remind him that she knows he's hooked up?  I'm sure I'm thinking too much, but I watched this interview when it aired in real time live and I remember thinking the same thoughts.)

(FYI, When I was watching Jeff's live DR interviews on Tuesday, I saw something really bad happen out of the window of my house.  Let's just call it a "neighborhood crisis".  I was the only homeowner to see it, so I quickly became the person who had to alert everyone about it, and from there I was contacted by various authorities to tell my side of the story on three different conference calls.  Then I had to go stand outside in 97 degree heat to tell the story a few more times while people took pictures, surveyed the scene, and took notes.  I got a bad sunburn on my upper body with some unfortunate tan lines. Then for the next two days a bunch of my neighbors wanted to call me or stop me on the street to thank me for getting involved, blah blah blah. )

(I'm just telling you this so you don't think I delayed my Becky Introduction because I don't like her.  One minute I was enjoying the Cast Reveal Day and then the next thing I knew, the day was toast.  It was just a really stressful week and the events that unfolded ruined my Jeff Live Stream experience.  I'm looking at the notes I was taking while I watched Becky talk to Jeff and I'm having flashbacks.  And apparently my scribbled shorthand is only understandable for about 24 hours.)

OK.  Enough about me.  Sorry!

7.  Becky is cool as a cucumber in there, and isn't phased at all when Jeff tells her that she's home now, and all of the live feeders are watching her, and forming opinions about her.

Becky:  Well, good. I  hope they're good opinions, guys.

8.  Jeff wonders if Becky will be ready to get her hands dirty, playing the game this year.

Becky knows that to win Big Brother, she's going to have to do some lying.  But she differentiates between playing the game and lying, and making personal attacks.  She's a morally sound person so she's going to be genuine and kind, but if she has to lie, she's gonna do it.

Jeff:  What about if you make a good friend in here...are you going to throw them under the bus or stab them in the back to get that money?

Becky, slightly hesitating:  Yes...but there's a tasteful way to do that..

Jeff:  You're already lying!  You just got in the Big Brother house and you're already lying!

Big Jeff cracks Becky up.  She's giggling like a high schooler who works the second shift at Hollister.

9.  Jeff asks Becky what the Zingbot might say to her.

Becky:  Oh heavens!  I don't know!

Jeff:  Well, maybe the "oh heavens" will do it, but it's gonna be a long season so maybe we'll find something.  But you seem perfect right now to me.

Becky:  Maybe I'm too smiley or something.

10.  Jeff asks her if she'd rather win and be hated, or lose and be loved.  Becky immediately erupts into nervous giggling--she didn't expect this, apparently.

Jeff:  I know....MY HEAVENS, right?  I think you ought to go for the loved by America one...

Becky:  giggle giggle giggle

She ends up combining both choices, saying she wants to be loved by America and win.

11.  Jeff:  Well, I'm looking forward to seeing you in there.  I think you crushed it.  I'm hoping to see you maybe stumble in there, because you can't be this perfect.

Becky:  Well, I'm not graceful so maybe you will see me stumble!

Becky knows that this sounds crazy, but if she wins the money she'd love to "run a property management company for low income families", because it "balances what she does."

12.  Jeff thinks she looks too good to be true.   Becky can't wait to be a part of this game, she says, and it's a real dream come true.

Becky blows us a little kiss, thanking us in advance for our support this summer.

13.  Jeff tells Becky that it's official, she's part of the Big Brother family now and he looks forward to watching her all summer.


I think it's going to be easy for the both the fans and the house guests to sleep on Becky.  She's such a solid person and I think her behavior will be somewhat predictable in the house, so it might be easy to kind of forget about her.  And I think that will be a mistake.

This Becky is smart, and observant, and will be able to automatically re-phrase her thoughts into words that are perfectly designed to deliver her message.  She's a communicator, and that is a necessity for somebody in Becky's line of work.  The HR department isn't going to send some loose cannon to manage all of those teenagers.  Oh hell no.

Because Becky is the real deal, work-wise.  This is her Linked In summary.  Note the relatively low level of me, this shows that Becky has a solid work background and is not trying to be a Linked In Contact Whore to make herself look desirable as an employee.

She reminds me of Rachel from BB6 - Howie's partner in the game.  Rachel was kind of easy to forget about too, playing the game with the likes of Janelle, Kaysar, and James Rhine.  She was part of their alliance, but it still felt like she was under the radar with both the fans and the players.  I think Rachel was from Colorado, too.  So maybe I'm onto something there.

Here is her CBS bio.

I don't think Becky will do anything to embarrass herself this summer.  Not because she'll be trying not to make mistakes, but because I don't think Becky Burgess makes too many mistakes.  She does seem perfect, as Jeff noted several times during their interview.

Here are my concerns with Becky:

*  She seems like the oldest person in the house, even though she's still in her 20's and is in the middle of the pack, age-wise.  She really has an incredible level of poise, self-confidence, and intelligence for someone her age.  And let's not forget her getting sent to Germany to open the Hollister store, where she managed 9 store managers and over 125 employees.  My concern here is that Becky will start coming off as the boss in the house.

* I hope that Becky has watched the live feeds before, in addition to watching the CBS show.  Or at least read recaps on websites like this one. Because she needs to know that the house is going to be FILTHY and the majority of the kids will not be able to pick up after themselves.  They will leave wet towels on the floor.  They will get really drunk every night and not even think about cleaning up the stove or all of the dirty dishes they left behind.  And those dirty dishes will have chunks of dried food on them.  Even after multiple ant infestations, there will be house guests who will leave a bag of Doritos open on the countertop overnight (oh the humanity).  All of this happens every year.  Without fail.  But Becky CAN NOT be the one to bitch about it, and to start bossing people.

*  Becky can't be the GM of the Big Brother house.  Not if she wants to win the game.

I'll just say it.  I think Becky Burgess is going to be a powerhouse in there.  She can win competitions if she wants to, and will be able to carry on conversations with everyone.  Becky is going to keep her stumbling to a minimum, and will make the Jury, and beyond.

As long as she's not a nag.

I know that Shelli Poole will be bringing some of her own jewelry creations into the house this summer.  With Becky's retail connections, maybe Shelli and Becky can team up to get some good retail distribution.....maybe do some business together after the summer is over.

You're welcome for the free business advice, ladies.


Please enjoy these moments featuring the filthy Big Brother kitchen, and of course the army of ants who are waiting in the wings right now to take over.

*  From BB16 - Ants in the cereal box!  Cody's Raid massacre!  And talk of farting disgusts Brittany!

*  From BB14 - Ants all over! Britney Haynes is a slob! Daniele looks like an Oompa Loompa!

*  Also from BB14 - Mike Boogie has had it with the ants!  He's going to call some slobs out!

ALSO - I can't find the post where I discussed it, but last year I heard the girls say that there were ants crawling all over the platter of food that had been laid out for them to eat when they all came into the house.  And it had been covered with Saran Wrap!  Those BB ants are a pesky bunch!


  1. I'm so thrilled you'll be blogging and recapping again this year! You are my go-to site. While I'm on the same page as far as Becky, I'll admit, I really want to know what happened outside your window.

    Here's to a great summer of BB!


  2. Thank you! Becky is not as exciting as she thinks she is, but I think she will be overlooked...

    As far as my "Terrible Tuesday" last week, it is much easier to "See Something and Say Nothing", especially in the middle of the long-awaited cast reveal event, but that is not who I am....


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