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Meet Austin Matelson - Judas Will Cut a Promo on You #BB17

OK..first of all, before you ask:

1.  Well, Austin is a big guy.  With a full left sleeve of tats.  If you saw Austin in line at Subway, or in the popcorn line at the theater, you'd look at him.  You might stare.  But if he caught you, I bet he'd just wink at you, and wouldn't care.

2.  Austin tells Jeff that he used to be a wrestler with WXWE (?) and is now a "post rehab specialist".  Jeff didn't ask a follow-up question about that....maybe like me he thought Austin was alluding to an addiction rehab program, and didn't know what to say.  But I think Austin was referring to wrestling injury rehab....that is one tough sport.

3.  Austin says he hasn't missed one Big Brother episode since season #1, and considers himself a big fan.

Jeff:  So, you must know that a wrestler has been on the show before..

Austin:  You mean Jessie?  Oh, I don't really consider Jessie to be a wrestler...I think he got into it because of certain things, but I don't want to dis Jessie...I'm sure he's a nice guy.  We don't run in the same circles...

Jeff:  I gotcha...two different arenas, you could say.

4.  Austin says he's been a wrestler "at heart" since he was seven, but he doesn't know if he can say the same about Jessie.

Austin:  But's a passion thing, so we'll see if we ever get in the ring together...I'd take him on.

(I'm no wrestling expert, but a match up like that might be a tremendous boost to Austin's career, right?  Because isn't Jessie blowing up on TV right now?)

5.  Austin has been seriously injured with the WWE.  He's had two surgeries and a herniated disc in his back.  (Ouch.)  After two years of rehab for those injuries, Austin "parted ways with them", and it was a "big, dramatic deal", because the WWE doctors said he would never wrestle again.  But Austin did his own research and worked with his own specialist who was able to "treat what Austin had" and he was able to get back in the ring this year as an independent and it was a huge accomplishment for him.

6.  Now he also works with children to "help them get out of snares".  I think that means that he coaches them about fighting bullies, maybe?  He also helps people with their own rehabs after they have finished physical therapy.  (I guess that explains the "post rehab specialist" title.)

7.  Jeff tells Austin that he'll have plenty of time to rehab this summer, because there's not much to do in there.  Austin agrees and says that not only will he be working out, he will be coaching other people out and trying to build alliances as well.  He knows that he is big and intimidating-looking, so he needs to find ways to attract people and build relationships beyond the way he looks.

8. Austin loves fitness, and is a "gymnast at heart".  He's going to have a hard time not doing backflips and handsprings in the backyard, but he doesn't want everyone to know all of his capabilities.

9.  One secret that Austin plans to keep in the BB house is his wrestling is Judas Devlin, and when he puts on his top hat, he becomes Judas.  He does it for Jeff, and is clearly a showman. Jeff is loving this and probably can't believe he's getting paid right now.

Austin:  You guys will know this, but the house guests won't.

Jeff, so excited he's stuttering:  So, that's da switch? Puttin' on da hat?

Austin:  Yep, Austin's a big teddy bear, but when the hat comes out, it's lie, Judas lie.

Jeff:  Oh, you're scarin' me right now!

10.  That top hat is really cool, and could be the next Bear Shirt as far as house guest clothing trends go...everyone will want to wear it for the live shows, veto meetings, etc.   Austin says he has morals and integrity, but Judas is the "other side of the coin", and is willing to do whatever it takes to advance his personal game.  If that means to lie to someone's face, or to lie behind their back, he's willing to do it.

11.  If Judas was an animal at the zoo, he would be a snake!  But if Austin was an animal at the zoo, he'd probably be a "pretty little parrot", "flappin' his wings". (This was the best answer I've heard so far to Jeff's banal question.)

12.  Austin thinks the Zingbot will poke fun at his top hat, but says the Zingbot "can't out Judas", so he's not worried about that.  (For the same reason the Zingbot couldn't mention Derrick was a cop last year....)  He has no problem making a fool of himself, and can laugh about it all.  Jeff thinks this will help him in the game, of course.  He's ready for some good zings.

13. If he wins the big prize this summer, he says that Judas would probably take it to Vegas and gamble it away, but says that as Austin, he would spend the money on anti-bullying charities.  He says he was bullied as a child, and also bullied in the wrestling ring, and "it was actually a big human resources issue".  Austin says he stood up for a lot of other people who were being bullied, and wants to continue that campaign.

Austin:  Silence makes losers of us all, so you've got to be willing to speak up about things.

Jeff:  Quote that.

Jeff had to pretty much force Austin to do that fist bump with him you see above.  Austin seemed to have never heard of a fist bump, but I guess Big Jeff is gonna do what Big Jeff is gonna do.


OK. First things first.  Just what is this WWE "big human resources issue that Austin mentions in the interview?  Well, don't worry, I found out.  According to Austin blew the lid off a lot of controversy about Bill DeMott, formerly WWE head coach.  You can read their full article here.

This news broke just last March, so I'm guessing this brought Austin to the BB casting team's attention.  Just a guess.  I think he is a real fan of the show, but I think he was recruited.  And I'm guessing he may or may not have retained an attorney over this whole business, particularly if he feels he was injured as a result of it.

Now that is juicy.  Apparently once Austin spoke up, everyone else came out of the woodwork to throw in their two cents as well.  Bill DeMott was also involved with MTV's Tough Enough, which was a reality competition where the winner received a WWE contract.  If you watched that show (I admit I did.) then you know that wrestling may be a show on TV, but the reality is that it is a brutal business for your body, and few human beings can withstand the physical rigor of the training, much less the day-to-day road show.

And let's see a few of Austin's wrestling portraits, while we're at it.

As far as the game goes, I think Austin is a great casting choice.  It is likely that some of the casual viewers of the CBS show will judge him on sight as a sort of Evel Dick character, but nothing is farther from the truth.

I haven't watched BB8 since the end of that season, but this week I watched an episode featured on the CBS All Access platform.  I forgot what an evil dick Evel Dick was---he constantly berated the other cast members for their appearance, religion, or perceived quality of their parenting.  (That's rich, right?)  Austin seems like a kind, gentle soul who would never intentionally hurt someone with his words.  I don't think Judas would do that, either, but he might throw your ass out of the house.

Austin will probably intimidate others with his physical prowess, but if there is a "team" element in the beginning of this season (?) his team will surely want to keep him around to kick some ass in the competitions, too.

I'm guessing he will admit he's a pro wrestler, but maybe he'll say it was all in his past, and he's injured and washed up now.  I mean, it's not like they can You Tube him while they're in there.  I think he will have a hard time making it to the jury, but hopefully he can make it through the first few weeks and make some friends.

And the two "secret" house guests?  I would love to see Frank Eudy in the house with Austin for some tag team action, but of course I'm a total mark for Frank Eudy.

Hey girl, hey.

***FUN FACT***

And now, from the FeedWatcher archives, enjoy this memory of Old Jerry calling Dan Gheesling "Judas" during BB10, which may have been a thousand years ago, for everything that has changed in the world since then....

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  1. He's my favorite so far. I hope the second night eviction doesn't take him out. I can imagine people would be intimidated by him. His Fated to Pretend tat might cause people not to trust him. Long live the top hat.


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